Are You There God? It’s Me. Cube.


Talk to God!

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27 Responses to “Are You There God? It’s Me. Cube.”

  1. PCL Says:

    I think Satan should get equal time on your blog. Just trying to be fair.

    Oh and did you notice the lovely ‘background’ for God’s twitter page? No bare walls there. I’m just sayin…..

  2. Louis IX KingofFrawnce Says:

    I like the minimalism of this page design.
    the absence of decoration is the decoration itself.

  3. Cube Says:

    This God is such a prick. First, he won’t hook me up with Ms. November, and now the jaggoff won’t answer my tweets. He may be up to snuff with technology, but, he’s still an angry, mean, God. @God: Eat me.

    • PCL Says:

      Aren’t they all? Maybe you need to sacrifice a pig or something to get your request granted.

      • Michelle Says:


        you kill me….really…I laugh my ass off with every post read…

        I know where we can find the pig, Cube….

  4. Pundit Says:

    If I pray to the AOL God will my reply supporting PCL re Splash’s posted offer to torture me be posted?

    The AOL Moderator must be real gem today…
    I’d like to post my comments agreeing with PCL but AOL has repeatedly disagreed.

    The headline one day may read; Sp’s? Homicide Unpunished but hey anything internationally banned by the everyone including US

    Thank you as always Cube for a fair & ballanced place to post!

    • PCL Says:


      Try posting it again, several people have had problems at one time or another–I don’t think it’s the Moderator, or did they actually say something to you? Anything is possible these days.

  5. Cube Says:

    You’re welcome. I’ll check the spam box. It does it automatically. God is following me now BTW. God is a stalker.

  6. The American Idol Dude Is Gay? And From Iran? And A Terrorist? « Cube Says:

    […] God smites me.  I rooted for that blind kid to fall into the orchestra pit after he made it to the final nine on American Idol.  Why me God? […]

  7. Splash Says:

    Pundit –

    My offer still stands.

  8. Michelle Says:

    that could explain where he got his moniker,


    prolly has to do with waterboarding…

  9. Splash Says:

    PCL Says:
    May 6, 2009 at 10:31 pm | Reply

    On the nosey!


  10. Splash Says:

    Michelle Says:
    May 6, 2009 at 10:20 pm | Reply

    that could explain where he got his moniker,


    prolly has to do with waterboarding…

    Michelle –

    That was a very educated guess … but no cigar.

  11. Splash Says:

    Louis IX KingofFrawnce Says:
    May 6, 2009 at 10:38 pm

    what story y’all talkin’ about.
    I need some rootin’ tootin’ gunslingin’ political postin’ controversy for my personal abusement.

    The “Close Guantanamo funding pulled from bill” story. Now go torture someone over there.

  12. Splash Says:

    Louis IX KingofFrawnce Says:
    May 6, 2009 at 10:42 pm | Reply

    splish splash I was takin’ a bath..
    waterboardin’ saturday night…

    Oooo, a theme song! I like it!

  13. RyboSlybo Says:

    Well if God Created Marijuana, How bad can he be?

    Seems cool to me…

    And Jesus is still all right with me!


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