Hang Up The Chick Habit? Just Say No Edwards!

I don’t know about anyone else, but, when a chick’s cancer goes into remission, that’s a green light to bang every babe in sight and bribe them with hush money.  I think Socrates said that.

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4 Responses to “Hang Up The Chick Habit? Just Say No Edwards!”

  1. Cube Says:

    It’s sooooo much easier to take a pro-cheating on wife with cancer in remission stance and put it to a great song and movie to prove a point. Maybe the point I only get, but, that’s ok.

    • Louis IX KingofFrawnce Says:

      I think I heard socrates said that, too.
      maybe while he was at the fillin’ station across from the casino in biloxi the night of a bachelor party.
      ……can’t remember the whole story.

  2. G. Xavier Robillard Says:

    The pro-banging stance is very unpopular, but mostly because nobody has an easy way to rally around it
    -pro cancerous wife hussy bang?
    -pro extra(cancerous)marital bang?

    Much easier to say you’re pro gun. Typical liberals with their nuance.

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