Five Star Dining At Politics Daily


Over at Politics Daily, often I sit in bewilderment at the fine prose and iambic pentameter of the bloggers who comment there.  Very cognizant am I that most who produce bile in the area which ought be renamed the “intellectual loftiness box,” are in the fringe.  The taint of the fringe.  I must take care not insult “taint” or “fringe.”

Columnist Jill Lawrence wrote a piece today detailing Jeb Bush’s effort to unify the G.O.P.  She meticulously outlines his call to welcome moderates to the party.  However, she bemoans the not-so-warm and fuzzy name-recognition Jeb “Bush” receives these days.

“Bush?”  I don’t get it.  How can that name possibly be considered the darkest stain on humanity?

“The guy was a very popular governor of a very big, important state. He could win that state right now,” Bruce Buchanan, a University of Texas historian and Bush family observer, said of Jeb. “He’s got practical experience and he’s more of a centrist” than his brother was as president.

Bush also has a gravitas that other GOP figures – Limbaugh, party chairman Michael Steele, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin – do not. “He is smart. He knows a lot about policy. He’s got a broad reach. He comes across in a way which is unthreatening,” Renshon said.
Politics Daily recently appeared on ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Blog Edition.  One of the added features, is the ability of commenters to rate the Dickensesque muses of other commenters.  It’s as if TPTB at Politics Daily were some psychic cross between Larry David and Fagin when they added this painful button.  Pehaps AOL wants to see the dingbat chart rise.  They must derive some twisted, voyeuristic, coprophiliac-like pleasure by doing this.  I would.

The following comment received a Five Star Rating:

9:26AM May 5th 2009
the republicans have to be extremist because what the dems are doing!!!As we all seen it in television what is controlled by extremist dems who don’t care to give us the news only to give they own opinion!!!Complete control over the media and only short minded people who can not see that!

Ahhhh…  The Michelle Bachmann wing of the G.O.P.  Why is this at all relevant?  I’ll tell you.  This comment received Five Stars by the brain trust of commenters at Politics Daily. I’ve noticed, the dumber the comments, the higher the rating.  I also recall the commenters picking McCain in a landslide for the election, as well as “people” grading out Obama to an “F” until the paint job.

Realize, the comment made by nagy22 (not to be confused with nagy21 or nagy3.14) flies in the face of what Jeb Bush was trying to say — make the tent bigger.  He has an appeal to far more voters than, Newt Gingrich, Michael Steele, Rush Limbaugh, and yes, Michelle Bachmann.  Not that nagy22 is some guru.  Far from it.  However, this blogger represents, by its’ own admission, the “extreme.”  Further, the number commenters who agree with it, think being “extreme” is either good for the party, or they have watched too many Mountain Dew ads.   Regardless, it shows the commenters at Politics Daily contravene mainstream thinking.  As such, these commenters besmirch the reputation of AOL.

Ask Alec Baldwin.  While he spoke of the former “Front Page” of AOL, certainly, comments like the ones quoted here, like it or not, paint AOL with the same brush.  The toleration of inane comments, while there may be no other choice, detracts from the excellent writing on all sides AOL is blessed to have.  Further, those “comments” are the rule, not the exception.  Perception is reality.

Here’s another brilliant gem:


7:47AM May 5th 2009
How very imature and childish and just plain simple minded – If we are going to take peoples names into account when judging their qualifications then let’s take a long hard look at the name “Obama” and “Hussein” – do you really want to know what is wrong with this country? the American people have gone “stupid”

It’s going to be fun kicking their asses again.  Without question, the above quoted “material,” is wholly consistent and worthy of trumpeting this unique argument.  “Obama’s a Muslim.”  Yes.  We are indeed, “stupid.”

nagy22 asks people to follow a game plan asking one to joust with a windmill.  It makes Quixote look reasonable.  The G.O.P., with blatant division as proof in the Politics Daily, is done for.  Or at least, Politics Daily is inhabited by a group of low-grade morons.   Many on this blog agree with nagy22.  Good.  They will wind up like Herm Edwards, former Jets and Chiefs coach, who could not follow his own advice and has been fired repeatedly:  “You play to win the game.”

This is Five Star Material?  Ergot, the more number of stars a comment receives at Politics Daily, the greater chance the person who wrote it is either inbred or an insult to inbreeding and Sister-Wife filled polygamist colonies.   Please, keep it up.  I’m due back on the Planet Earth.

Check Please!

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60 Responses to “Five Star Dining At Politics Daily”

  1. PCL Says:

    “Ergot, the more number of stars a comment receives at Politics Daily, the greater chance the person who wrote it is either inbred or an insult to inbreeding and Sister-Wife filled polygamist colonies.”

    Now Cube, I have to object to the above paragraph. By your reasoning, the less stars one gets on their comments must mean that either the comment, or the commentator who made the comment, is brilliant, or intellectual, or just a fucking phenomenal brainiac, right? Well, I got five stars on a comment on the “Rush Limbaugh on Arlen Specter: take John and Meghan McCain with you.” article–and I certainly don’t represent the fringe of either side as I don’t wear either side’s label. However, I must have redeemed myself with the comment I made on the “The Real Housewives of New York” article. An article about a nonsensical TV reality show–and I got one star. I must be brilliant, right?

    Now excuse me, I’m due back to my banjo lesson.

    • Cube Says:

      Look PCL, this is science. Don’t argue.

      Also, Deliverance gave a bad name to banjos. Most inbreeds can’t play banjo. In fact, in Deliverance, someone had to go behind the inbreed kid and use his own arms to play the banjo. Little known piece of movie magic that has forever fucked over the banjo loving population.

      As a general rule, the higher the star rating, the dumber the person. The study at Cal Tech produced a 98.6 percent accuracy finding. Obviously, you fall into that weird 1.4 percentile.

      • PCL Says:

        LMAO! Science?? But I love to argue Science–especially of the pseudo variety.

        Cube, only you would know that kind of stuff about a movie. So how do you know so much about inbreeds? Nope, don’t answer that. I know.

        Well, at least I know I’m a weird underachiever now–thank you, Cal Tech.

        Now excuse me, I’m due back at the Behavioral Science Department at Stanford University–we’re doing a study on lawyers, we’ve got Len Tillem for a test subject.;-)

      • PCL Says:

        Cube, I take back all my little jabs at you on this one–you must be on to something here. I was noticing one of the articles on PD, the one about cutting the funding to Gitmo or something like that, anyway I started noticing the stars. LOL! By god, you are right. The people with the most stars are clearly anti-Obama on everything and are right-wingers, and poor Pundit has negative stars–and you know his shit is good.

        Those stars and your article give even more weight to the following:,0,5982337.story?coll=la-home-center

      • PCL Says:

        Now look at this article–look at all the stars and who they are for! LMAO!

  2. Peggy Says:

    This could be a problem. I noticed the stars last week but they don’t seem to make much sense. There’ll be one star with a (0) beside it. What the hell!!

    I don’t tend to return to the same blogs after I comment unless someone I enjoy is on there and we have a short conversation. Or I forget to uncheck that stupid “send me an e-mail” box. I get an e-mail and think it’s important (how silly is that). I much prefer the “hit and run” approach.

    So, now what. Do I have to backtrack and see if I have some stars? Can I get rid of them somehow or do I have to accept that my IQ is sinking? At my age, it coud be dementia or early onset Alzheimers. Should I see my doctor if I have more than one or two stars somewhere? Don’t tell my kids. They already think I’ve gone stupid on occasion. OMG, I think I’m having a panic attack. I’ve got to find some Paxil. PCL, could I have some of your wine and Advil? Cube, would you or Ryan mind sharing some of that stuff you smoke? My God, what to do, what to do.

    • PCL Says:

      LMAO! Peggy, you are a gem. I would gladly share my Advil and wine with you any time. I’m not sure it works, but one sure sleeps good on it.

      I like to mess with other people’s stars. The ones that have a lot, I vote down. The ones that have 1 or none, I vote up. I don’t even read the comments they make. It’s called breaking up the work day while wrecking someone else’s day–someone who really gets off on how many stars they get on a political blog. Poor saps.

      I like the hit and run approach as well; obviously, I make some exceptions. Some battles turn into ‘epics’. LOL

      • Louis IX KingofFrawnce Says:

        it’s true. the more stars you get the more of an old wives tale you told that neoclowns agree with other wise, they’d subtract a star.
        you may have gotten those five stars due to the timing of your post coinciding with a sale on Deliverance at the video store.

    • Louis IX KingofFrawnce Says:

      paxil makes you pay no attention to numbers.

  3. Peggy Says:

    Hi, Louis,

    I’m staying with my paxil. Who cares about numbers. I’m counting stars, baby.

  4. Pundit Says:

    Life is good…great to see the great gang’s here!

    These PD star ratings are like the Russ Meyer “R” movies I snuck into, back in the day..

    The racier the rant, the lower the rating i.e.

    Condi’s Authorized Torture does not work!

    Just ask Haliburton Cheney, who could not even get anyone to falsely implicate Saddam in 911.

    KSM’s 189 waterboarding episodes yielded? 0 Actionable Intel
    Gitmo Convictions? 1 confession withdrawn, 0 convictions

    Following over 50 ignored warnings bush/Cheney leveraged the desperation of the outlawed Spanish inquisition Torture rituals for their personal satanic satisfaction, as a proven breeder of new terror against the US & killer of the now proven innocent via heart attacks from the torture sessions.

    An innocent cab driver with 0 Intel was one such Abu Ghraib Torture victim whose cause of Death is listed as; “Homicide”

    Homicide Unpunished

    ONE OF THE most shocking photographs from the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq shows a grinning guard giving a thumbs-up sign over the bruised corpse of an Iraqi detainee. Subsequent investigation showed that the deceased prisoner, an Iraqi named Manadel al-Jamadi, died of asphyxiation on Nov. 4, 2003: He was tortured to death by Navy SEAL and CIA interrogators who took turns punching and kicking him, then handcuffed his arms behind his back and shackled them to a window five feet above the floor. Nine SEALs, a sailor and several CIA personnel were implicated in the killing. As it turned out, the Abu Ghraib guard who posed with the body, former Cpl. Charles A. Graner Jr., was not involved.

    Far more prudent would have been to retain Richard Clarke as terror Czar, maintaining Bin Ladden as the #1 US threat instead of replacing him with Saddam, who never attacked the US & simply acting on, instead of ignoring the 8/01 PDB “Bin Ladden Determined to Strike within the US”.

    w never kept me or my nearly 3000 dead WTC neighbors safe through their Project for a New American Century/Foreign Policy Institute “Stated 1997 Need for a new Pearl Harbor, justifying another faux oilwar” ignorance or from the killer Anthrax attacks…

    • PCL Says:

      I knew you would like this one Pundit. And I couldn’t agree more with you on the point of keeping Richard Clarke as the terror Czar–they really screwed the pooch when they ignored that man.

    • Louis IX KingofFrawnce Says:

      yeah but pundit,
      it was fun for a while then it became an addiction.
      torture is addictive.
      spanish people know these things.
      that’s how they came to tell everybody about it.
      oh waitaminute…..
      …republicans think empathy is communistic….
      Do as they wish and show them no mercy.

      • PCL Says:

        All torture should be tested on the Righties who back it–isn’t that what they do with the police when they are training them in the use of pepper spray and taser guns–they try it on each other first? Let me do! Let me do it! Then will give them all haircuts. Let me do it!

      • Louis IX KingofFrawnce Says:

        if you use any except a bullwhip, custom says that you can’t do it yourself.
        you have to have it done.

      • PCL Says:

        Oh Hell No! I’m not into that S&M stuff Louis.

  5. Michelle Says:

    hahahahahaha PCL

    you remind me of my best friend growing up, she would always get us girls to do some craaaaazy stuff…

    like the eyeball thingy…lol

    best was, tasting the different colors on one of those christmas tree lights from back in the day, you know, the kind that had 4 color panels and a wheel…

    oh the things we did….stupidstupidstupid

    but it was funny yeah?

    Oh and the star and number thingy….I think its WADE, voting up his favs…

    lil’ fucker…

    Implode already!!!

    Christ, how LONG could it take????

    Im about sick of the extremes….give me reasonable people again, please?? where have they all gone? I never remember Republicans behaving as such…they were always the refined folks in the group…lol


    • PCL Says:

      I laughed when I noticed who was getting al the stars–Wade, Truth, bonbon, Liberaldawgsqueeze, and Crystal. Nutcases and Pumas! LOL!

      Hey that eyeball thing is not nutty–you do see stars! You should have seen how we played beauty shop with the neighborhood girls. A couple of them ended up looking like Dennis the Menace. Yeah, that’s right–we REALLY cut their hair. And when it was our turn (my sister and I), well then it was time to go home. LMAO! What a scream that was.

    • Louis IX KingofFrawnce Says:

      stop! yall 2 – stoppit!
      4 color revolving lights…haahah oddly enough= A real xmas!
      are you & peggy takin’ paxil and then messin’ with people’s stars?

      • PCL Says:

        Louis, I would never mess with people’s stars–I’m just showing people how to make their own. LOL!

        And no Paxil for me–Advil/Pinot combo (strained my back a wee bit yesterday).

      • Michelle Says:

        and complete with a tinfoil tree no less…

        but you see, you had to keep your tounge in place on the color you picked…while the light was on, and moving…

        I always said Id go last…soooooo…

        but it was sure funny watching…

        ouch ouch…thats hot!

        well no duh!

  6. Pundit Says:

    Hey PCL Michelle & Louis! It is always great to read your excellent String Theories…

    xmas lights? we used agraeconomics in many successive attempts to further our consciousness implosions!

    PCL growing up was more Bugewa than Lois..perhaps

    Stanford that PCL mentioned is where I lived & grew up as an honorary Lake laginita sunbather… also reminds me of the mushroom hunts following the first Nov rains… And never went to the Tower in the shopping center parking lot where Condi is now ensconced!


  7. Cube Says:

    WADE fucking got five stars. Am I right, or am I right?

    I just remembered the pop out music player on the right. That thing is cool. The Chick Habit video upstairs is great. If you’ve never seen Tarantino’s Death Proof, you”re missing out.

    @PCL: hahahaha. I’m so right. I vote myself down and everyone here.

  8. Pundit Says:

    …If there really is a law of inverse proportional relationships, it would seem to apply to PD!

    Except in Cubes consciousness stream, then the opposite applies!

    • PCL Says:

      So true, Pundit. It’s really a scream over at PD–I especially love reading the rants of a couple of radical PUMAs over there.

  9. Michelle Says:


    Im so getting a bad taste from too much PUMA


    • PCL Says:

      Yes, the Hag Sisters have lost a few of their B.O.B.s–so now they do a lot of tandem hate work.

  10. Michelle Says:


    I swear, I played with you as a child


    there was ALWAYS these 2 sisters, that started all kinds of shit…

    them poof…time to go home,

    one would say, Casey, come on, I hear momma, we could be on the next street, but she could always here her momma calling…just when the shit was about to hit the fan


    oh god, I wanna be a kid again…

    • PCL Says:

      Was that you? LMAO!

      Yes, I was the official ‘shit disturber’ in my neighborhood, and thankfully I could out run and climb just about everyone, including the boys.

    • PCL Says:

      I am a kid again. Woo Hoo! Michelle, want me to cut your hair?

  11. Michelle Says:

    all this rough talk going on…

    I turned in one post, because they said, that they( and others like them) were going to kill the rest of us…


    I mean, when did it become OK to say things like this?

    isn’t there some sort of rule about making threats like that over the internet?

    • PCL Says:

      Which article was that on?

      • Michelle Says:

        oh jeeze,

        I cannot even remember, it was a few days ago, I could probably run it down in my histroy…

        but it made me mad enough to report it…and I never do shit like that…

        there has been several simular posts, in the vein of, just wait, its coming, we are going to take our country back from people like you, and we’ll kill you in the process…

        thats going too far in my opinion.

      • PCL Says:

        Was that the guy who said “you voted him in, now we’ll vote him out.”

  12. Michelle Says:

    I’ll see if I got an email about it….brb

  13. Pundit Says:

    I think so PCL! & Great Michelle I only hit report on that one & Truf’s yea, yea whatever the above said, right below it Just In Case the 2 ID’s may have matched!

  14. Pundit Says:

    PCL how is Stfd these days?

    My Friends & my favorite was the “Magical Mystery Tour “AKA the primate research center surrounded by 10 Foot high walls that we would climb atop with a leg up from below for Gorilla viewing & chest pounding Arrgggggh

    Until the golf cart guys would nicely encourage us back to the rattlesnake rock & cave public area…Never saw any rattlers though, thankfuly!

    • PCL Says:

      Well, it’s still there, Pundit. LOL! Even with the arrival of Dr. Rice, Stanford goes on. But to be clear, that little reference to Stanford’s Behavioral Science Dept. was a joke aimed at Cube. But I too grew up and still live in the Bay Area, not too far from Stanford. It’s just a great area–probably not much different than when you left it. Still beautiful.

  15. Michelle Says:

    What do you guys think about that video on David’s article

    the one about Romney…

    I do not like the implication on that…I do not think she should stand by this..

    if she wants to score points, she needs to denounce it..

  16. Pundit Says:

    Yes Michelle, One great thing that I have noticed is that with more articles posted I encounter far fewer of the cryst, bo bo, truf, etc clone wars… sp & pete still call me bonehead. that’s about it, thankfully

    • Michelle Says:


      now Crystal has started demanding that people STOP replying to her posts, because she does not want their emails…

      shaking head…

      I try, I really do…

      but what is it about gals named Crystal? even if its a fake name….the tinge still is there…

    • Michelle Says:

      yes, they hate the format, but continue to post…lol

      I don’t like it either, but I will not bitch about it, and keep using the service…lol

      that would be insane…

      thats almost as bad as RPerry, saying that Texas should think of going it alone…but a few days later, begging for Tamaflu….lol

  17. Michelle Says:

    time to turn in folks

    busy week…hope I make the show this week, sounds SOOOOO cool…

    you know how I love that subject matter!

  18. Michelle Says:

    I don’t get it PCL….I really don’t

    its like a virus…with no rhyme or reason…

  19. Michelle Says:



    disconnecting from you wonderful souls for a few hours…

    I’ll miss you.

  20. Pundit Says:

    G night Michelle & I Tried to post below you on AOL but … no confirmation, It wasn’t even venomous!

    Be well all!

  21. PCL Says:

    Good night kids!

  22. Pundit Says:

    OMG..blast from my past homeworld
    San Mateo County officials ask Washington for bailout money to recoup Lehman Brothers investment loss

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