Conservatives Empathize With Plight Of Conservative Women In Playboy

playboyHow do you begin an article about “hate-fucking” famous conservative women?

A first sentence ought aspire to reach out and grab the reader’s larynx, but, the thinking dude’s writer I am does not want to employ some tawdry ploy such as that.  Further, I just can’t think of a hook to really encapsulate the gravamen of the forthcoming.   At the moment, I think it better merely to set out and calmly explain the issue.  It has to do with doing it.

Some Guy (link removal explained in the previous article I shall not link to) from Playboy ran a column of the top 10 conservative women he would like to “hate-fuck.”  Guy deftly entitles his article, “So Right, It’s Wrong.”  Personally, I had never thought of this play on words.  Hmph.  Better press on.

In a spirit of love, peace, and harmony (values all Americans share) the author elucidates a novel theory of working across party lines.  A way to reach out and touch:

Michele Bachmann

Who: Bachmann is a lusty congresswoman from the Twin Cities who’s got some great twins of her own. She’s rumored to have a Clinton-level libido, and with that batshit-crazy look in her eyes you just know she’s a screamer.

How Could You? She’s called for McCarthy-esque investigations into the patriotism of her fellow congressmen, encouraged armed revolution against the White House-backed cap-and-trade proposal to reduce carbon emissions and suggested an AmeriCorps bill would lead to re-education camps. We could go on.

The Hate Fuck Rating: Chemical castration has begun to look appealing.

Abashedly I admit, I read Playboy almost exclusively for the content.  “For the articles:”

The magazine’s roster of contributors was as distinguished as any in English-language journalism. Vladimir Nabokov, John Cheever, John Updike, Irwin Shaw, William Styron, Gabriel Garcia Marquez and such cartoonists as Dedini, Barsotti, Kliban: they could be the front table at a New Yorker banquet. Skeptics suspected that Hefner got the second-best from the best, or work the New Yorker had rejected, and that Playboy settled for B material from the A team in order to appropriate their literary celebrity. Some folks in publishing had a dismissive term for Playboy fiction: “shit from names.”

But that depends on your definition of shit. In the 60s and 70s, much New Yorker fiction had a sere, affectless style — embodied (or disembodied) by the stories of Donald Barthelme — that spoke to a narrow band of Manhattan intelligentsia. Playboy spread its net to include all forms of fiction, from Styron and Ken Kesey to the science fiction of Ray Bradbury and Philip K. Dick. Further, The New Yorker could intimidate readers into accepting its crabby tone, because the magazine knew best; it really was written for a certain kind of New Yorker. Playboy had to sell each story to consumers from every level of sophistication. They bought the magazine to look; often they stayed to read.

Yes.   Something Wicked This Way Comes.  Something for the wise fool apparently.

After hearing some of the outcry from the left and right, I must confess, I’ve never seen such division and inconsistency on the blogosphere.  Certainly, Playboy’s (now defunct) policy of boning the likes of Michelle Malkin and Michelle Bachmann is something we can all get behind eh fellas?

Not so fast.  Tommy Christopher, guardian of liberal values and gatekeeper of Conservative chastity-belts nationwide, trumpets a call to boycott Playboy and rightfully exposes Playboy’s surreptitious hatred of all women.

Over the years, “tasteful” porn dinosaur Playboy Magazine has been the subject of pop cultural debate for decades. Is the nudity exploitation, or

empowerment? Does the magazine celebrate women, or degrade them? If so, are the articles really worth all of that?

I received several of the answers via my Twitter feed this morning. Washington Times columnist Amanda Carpenter sent this jawdropper about the magazine’s latest feature:

“I’m in Playboy for GOP women they’d like to “hate f***” They didn’t even get my employer right. What should I do? Mon 01 Jun 11:51 via web

I’m steamed. That list is vile, insulting and WRONG on factual matters. Mon 01 Jun 11:54 via web”  …

I outgrew my fascination for Playboy magazine the very instant I was able to purchase one for myself. Hopefully, any other men who claim to love women will kick the habit, too

What’s this?  Empathy?  Empathy for the plight of a woman?  All women?  Conservative women?  By a man?  Impossible.  How dare Mr. Christopher step in the the pumps of even his most ardent rivals and try to imagine how it must feel to be objectified?  What a jerk.  And just what does Mr. Christopher mean by “‘Tasteful’ porn dinosaur?” I have often found porn dinosaurs to be a bit large a course for my dainty appetite.

Folks, I must be honest, I intend to follow Mr. Christopher’s advice about kicking the Playboy habit despite not having one.  While I might have a different view on empathy, the argument concerning imminent destruction of my Playboy collection in the ol’ shoebox beneath the bed must go.  For, in order to love women, I must never read Playboy again.  Thus, I propose a bonfire of the maladies.  Burn them.   Burn them all.

Later, I hope to find a categorical policy on matters such as this like Mr. Christopher.

Suffice it to say, Mr. Christopher must not be swayed by The Right’s reaction at Hot Air and their “two Wrongs make a Right” theory on metaphysics and epistomology.  (See the boldface?  I can make that joke too!  Maybe I’m Playboy’s next Ray Bradbury)

As Ed Morrissey reported, Playboy is now doing a feature called “Top 10 conservative women we’d love to hate f***.”

Playboy writes about conservative women in a way that would have the angry hags from the NOW picketing outside their bunny-clad doors if they did anything remotely similar about liberal women — though I don’t know whey they’d be so ticked off — it’s not like anybody from NOW would be on the list.

Figuring that one good spurn deserves another (after all, what liberal doesn’t like “fairness”?), I thought I’d return the favor.

Oh sweet vengeanceBlow that Hot Air baby.  Show me the money shot…


Surely this must be a piece of humor.  Satire.  I happened to have spoken with several satirists (all of whom have their degree in satirology) and they aptly point out how the author explicitly states his motive — payback.  Also, the writing from Hot Air couldn’t be considered humorous ever since the release of Harvard’s study which empirically proved comedy and conservatism to be mutually exclusive.  For the record, one satirist of prominent fame deduced no satire existed primarily because “it sucked.”

The picture originated as a direct assault on women, liberal and conservative women, and objectified them.   No argument can bring this back from the dead under any alleged literary device as a pretext.  The view articulated is an objectivist jab for for an objectivist jab.

And so I read on.

Egats!  I found the polar opposite view on Hot Air.  But this article was on the front-page and is  morally distinguishable. Therefore, it is imperative that no vicarious liability be attached to Ed Morrissey, a front-pager with a frightfully empathetic take on the situation:

Let’s be clear about terms here.  A “hate f**k” sounds like something perhaps just short of rape, but degrading enough to entertain the perverted twerps at Playboy.  The fact that the magazine published this piece of effluvium should be enough to show that everyone in the editorial process, from the writer to Hef himself, don’t want women empowered.  They want silent sex objects, and when confronted with women whose opinions differ from theirs, want them humiliated.

This one on Megyn Kelly is too pricelessly ironic:

“The Hate F**k Rating: You need to flagellate your genitals for wanting to f**k this woman.”

Isn’t the entire Playboy empire based on self-flagellation of genitals?

Aside from the whole fallacious cock-punching concept, Ed makes some great points.   He also displays great empathy.   Certianly he draws a sharp contrast to the other author at Hot Air —  one Mr. Powers: noted plebe and back-pager. Should the fact that Hot Air “published this piece of effluvium .. be enough to show that everyone in the editorial process, from the writer to [the Hef functional equivalent at Hot Air — the one with the castle I guess], don’t want women empowered?”  I leave that to the editors at Hot Air.

Now, unlike Tommy and Ed,  Politico takes a far different stance on this sordid tale.  Anne Schroeder Mullins (soon to be a noted target of the shy-womyn-myn  hater’s club) doesn’t let a little “rape” or “mysogeny” enter her vocabulary.  She classifies Playboy’s piece as “antics” and “shenanigans from the lighter side of politics.”

I write this off as bias.  Phraseology used on Politico is a tell-tale sign of a serial rapist.  Such is life Ms. Mullins.  Such is life.

Where does that leave us?  Somewhere between Tommy’s call to boycott Playboy,  Ed’s trumpet to cease the self-mutilation of male bits while reading Hef’s literature, Mr. Power’s retributivist philosophy espousing the concept he’d rather make whoopee with Laura Bush than Helen Thomas, and the rapist/misogynist woman over at Politico.

Everyone wants to be an empathizing cherry-picker.  It’s so easy.

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61 Responses to “Conservatives Empathize With Plight Of Conservative Women In Playboy”

  1. Louis IX KingofFrawnce Says:

    nobokov wrote for playboy?

  2. PCL Says:

    Really? And how does an owner of a company go about finding out if a potential employee is a conservative or not?

  3. PCL Says:

    As a woman, when I want empathy–I’ll get it from another woman.

    You men are good for many, many things, but empathy is not one of them–nor would I want it to be. So quit acting like a bunch of bitchy little girls, grow a pair, and be the charming rogues you were intended to be–you might just be more successful with the ladies. (Cause really guys, we see right through your ’empathy’ bullshit anyway.)

    • Cube Says:

      Woman can sympathize with other women. Men can only empathize.

      Empathy requires one’s best effort at stepping in the shoes of another and imagining how one might act or feel after doing so. Empathy is gender neutral.

      Who exactly is acting like a “bunch of bitchy little girls?” Also, to “grow a pair,” would that not require empathy for a woman (unless you are Jamie Lee Curtis). 🙂

      I couldn’t disagree with you more PCL. Empathy is a skill that can be acquired by anyone and is designed for use in the exact situation you decry with a rather sexist remark that in actuality I will forget soon enough. Why? Because you can go ahead and say that and I kinda think it’s funny.

      However, what do you think the point of empathy is? To try to experience what others experience. So, you’re point is men–fuck off? I don’t get it.

      Also, don’t you find it IRONIC that the ones empathizing over the plight of women are the ones saying a woman (Sotomayor) shouldn’t empathize at all and that it’s wrong. Or that it plays no part in law (which it does). The KEY HERE WAS ALL THE ATTEMPTED EMPATHIZING BEING DONE BY CONSERVATIVES (AND TOMMY) WHO DECRY IT FOR JUDGE SOTOMAYOR.

      I honestly don’t understand your point. You see right through a man’s empathy? Are you implying Tommy’s denouncement of that shit is some insidious plot to seduce women on the right? PLEASE ELABORATE!

      So, a man can’t criticize something he considers “misogyny.” Did you read Tommy’s article? That’s how he couched Playboy’s piece. Or Ed’s at Hot Air? Please, go on and explain the “bullshit” you are referring to. I might actually agree to an extent. Notice words I don’t use. Respectfully though, you’re not really clear.

      You want to speak to women about this? How about a woman named Media Lizzy who said all Obama lovers are “rapists” because of this. Oh, she also called all liberals “rapists.” Yet, I will not say all women think like that.

      Now, I am criticizing the empathy in a satirical way (for a change). Behind satire is usually a point. There are a few I’ve made. I’m not going to give you each one, for, I like readers to really think of all the points being made here. Or, did I intentionally leave some points for the reader to decide on and leave some open questions. (I did).

      What do you think of a drive to boycott Playboy? Knee jerk?

      How about calling liberals “rapists?”

      What does “hate fuck” mean exactly? Does that mean rape?

      What does “misogyny” mean?

      What does “empathy” mean and ought one strive, regardless of gender, to empathize?

      Is it even possible to muster up empathy for the writer at Playboy? It is. First, we need to define empathy. No one will do it because of cowardice. Think he might regret writing that? Think his intent was to be a cruel malicious jerk to women? Do you think, as Tommy said, Playboy hates all women? Think Hef hates women?

      There is one example that distinguishes empathy from sympathy. I can never sympathize with a pregnant woman. I can however, empathize. I can only try my best to imagine what that is like. I can never experience it. All I can do to help the future Mrs. Cube is try my best to understand her, what she would want, and then abide by that. If that means, being quiet, than so be it. But, to reach conclusions, on must empathize.

      I talked about this extensively on the show. Empathy is a skill. Not just some word. It takes practice.

      To this extent PCL I do agree with you, I think no one, including the detractors, have fully empathized with all parties. I mean, really think of what it’s like to be in the actors shoes. What’s funny, is they have all tried and have had different results. Part of my point.

      I would suggest you read some of your female counterparts and see if you agree with their version of “empathy.” Specifically the female who called you a “rapist” today.

      Hee hee.

      • PCL Says:

        Geez, Cube, WTF? Okay, here we go.

        I do know what empathy is, Cube. It’s the one trait I personally feel is imperative to teach one’s children–which I did. The ability to put yourself in another persons place, is a great tool for dealing with the assholes of the world, it keeps you from overreacting to them (what happened or is happening in their world to make them such assholes).

        Women can feel sorry for other women (sympathy) or they can try and see where and why they are reacting to something by putting themselves in their place (empathy)–this all depends on the subject of discussion.

        If the discussion is sexism or feminism, I’m sorry, no man can truly empathize with a woman on that subject. You can be somewhat understanding, but a man cannot stand in a woman’s shoes on that subject. This is, of course, my own opinion.

        And I agree with you, Cube, empathy can and should be taught to all–regardless of gender. By the way, thanks for allowing me to say that remark that you thought was funny–that is how it was intended.

        No, my point is not for men to ‘fuck-off’. My point is that, yes, I see right through ‘some’ mens’ empathy. My other point is that I’m not too offended by such tripe as the Playboy article. I have had to deal with the sexism of men for quite some time–it just doesn’t bother me because for the most part, I can hold my own with it. Big deal, the guy was a dick–but boycotting Playboy is not only a knee-jerk reaction, it’s a pointless reaction.

        As for Sotomayer, I’m all for judges employing a little empathy, and I agree with you on the irony part–that just seems to be how it goes in politics.

        I did not read Tommy’s article–I just read what you got here. Hey, if you guys want to criticize some asshole you think is being misogynous, go for it. But let’s be clear, there are men who like to come across as empathetic to the plight of woman being treated as objects and such–when, in fact they themselves do the same thing. I did not name any names–it was a general remark, one I stand by. And no legal speak will change my mind. I know better.

        I don’t need to speak to other women to form my own opinions, Cube. I’m quite capable at my age of doing that myself. If some woman wants to call all Liberals and Obama lovers ‘rapists’, so be it. These are things that don’t effect me, Cube. That’s why I don’t have health issues. I’m much too French to let such tripe bother me.

        As for your ability to empathize with a pregnant woman–let’s take it a step further, a pregnant woman in labor. Now, Cube, tell me–what do you think it’s like? Go ahead, tell me. Because I know what it’s like. I just want to hear how a man imagines it to be. The being quiet for the future Mrs. Cube, is a good start.

        From my point of view, Cube, this whole ’empathy’ trip is just smoke and mirrors. Some guy was trying to be funny and taking aim at Conservative women to do it. A bunch of Conservatives and a few others jump on this as misogyny and cry foul. Now we bring in the empathy ‘police’ so we can make a comparison to the Conservatives whining about Sotomayer being empathetic. And then it becomes a battle cry for some men to ’empathize’ with the plight of women. Did I miss anything, Brother Cube? What isn’t said is that some men who cry foul and go overboard with the whole ’empathy’ for women thing, are at the least disingenuous, and at the worst, are hypocrites.

        Yes, Cube, empathy takes practice and a great deal of patience–particularly if you are a parent.

        As for the woman who called me a rapist today–well there’s this man who just might, come March 2010, agree with her. Heheheheh.

  4. Michelle Says:

    They forgot to mention

    Jessica Alba
    Jennifer Garner
    Jennifer Aniston
    Marissa Tomei
    Melonie Griffith

    Sure, just show our old hags…how bout putting some mugs of YOUR old hags up there too…


    what a fuckstick…

  5. Splash Says:

    Cube –

    Actually, I find it refreshing that PCL would let us men of the hook so easily and accept us for what we really are – just a bunch of pigs. Honestly, a lot of guys I know try so hard (I said hard) to empathize with their ladies/wives PRIMARILY because they have to live with them and that’s it; they want their woman to be happy so that they can have peace being what they really are – just a bunch of pigs burping and farting on the couch to the best available sports on TV. They struggle to understand, generally offering unsolicited potential solutions (I’m only trying to help!) when all a woman really wants them to do is STFU and then give them what they really REALLY want from a man: to rock their world!

    C’mon ladies! Back me up here!!

    [ducking, just in case]

  6. Cube Says:

    No, shit PCL, that’s why a man can only empathize by definition. Put themselves in the shoes of another. Sympathy, for certain issues, we cannot do. I care not to get into a semantics gymnastics debate with you, but, your view that men can never truly know certain things is correct. On those issues, as a matter of definitions, all a man can do is empathize … EMP — external. Can never truly know. That would be sympathy.

    So, if you care not to accept the definition, I create for you the word, “beepbopidoowop.” That’s the word I designate for that.

    • Cube Says:

      I will give you credit for an attempt at humor, however, your sarcasm does not dispute my intellectual point. And, while I may give you credit, several other people would call you out for that. Like Tommy. You guys need to read the articles a bit more. You need to click on the links to see the outrage.

      Also, PCL, did you address the article itself? The one from Playboy? Have you read Tommy’s articles? Or Miss Lizzy? Would you consider the author a “rapist?”

      And now, off to see if I pass out or write an article.

      • PCL Says:

        Nice slam, Cube–my ‘attempt’ at humor. If other people want to call me out for what I said, so be it. I’m sure there is genuine outrage, Cube–I just don’t share it. And some of that outrage is horseshit in the worse way.

        Let me see if I can get you to understand where I’m coming from.
        I don’t share the outrage because I refuse to play victim for this kind of shit. And I further refuse to be conned by the half-hearted or no-hearted attempts at empathy for women by men who simply want to paint a pretty picture (albeit phony) of themselves in order to get laid.

        Furthermore, I am not the type of feminist who gets her panties in a twist over the ramblings of some asshole who writes for Playboy. I’m all for equal pay and I am all for a woman’s right to choose. But, I rather enjoy being a woman–I’m comfortable in my own skin, and god help me, I prefer men who appreciate that they are men and also appreciate that I am a woman, as well. So shoot me.

        As to the author being a ‘rapist’–nahhhh. Just an asshole.

    • PCL Says:

      Yeah, no shit, Cube. Take it up with Webster. LOL!

      I’m sure you would win any debate we engaged in, Cubie, simply because I would start laughing as I tend not to take these things as serious as you obviously do. Or maybe it’s just the whole ‘winning’ thing, which with you being a lawyer, I would totally understand–because I’m empathetic. 😉

      Nice word. I’ll take it.

  7. Splash Says:

    PCL Says:
    June 3, 2009 at 1:16 am

    But let’s be clear, there are men who like to come across as empathetic to the plight of woman being treated as objects and such–when, in fact they themselves do the same thing. I did not name any names …

    Oh let me!! Bill Clinton, John Edwards, Mel Reynolds, um, Eliot Spitzer, Brock Adams, Fred Richmond.

    [taking a breath]

    How about Wayne Hays, Daniel Inouye, Gus Savage, or John Young?

    [another breath]

    Of course, there is the one who taught all Democrats how to get away with it, Ted “the murderer’ Kennedy.

    And there is always Gerry Studds (what a name, eh?) and Barney Frank (sort of).

    Man …

    …was that fun or what??

    [looking for inhaler]

    • Louis IX KingofFrawnce Says:

      mary jo drowned because she was drunk and passed out in the back seat.
      in the 60’s people took responsibility for their own actions.
      if you died from your partying, it was no one’s fault but your own.
      it used to happen all the time.
      re: “Live for today, for tomorrow we die.”

      you might want to take your tired dogma for a walk.

  8. Splash Says:

    Ahhh, so again lame, Louie. Drunk yes. Passed out sure. Even the plunge into the river was not the cause of death, but rather the less than interested in a woman’s right (to fucking live) by a could-give-a-shit piece of crap that still embarrasses the Senate Chamber with his very presence. Your claim is a very weak passing of the buck that only serves to rove my point; for liberals any excuse will do to maintain the altitude of power. The same excuse for anyone else would have never left the runway.

    BTW – the 60’s is where the “it’s all the government’s fault” attitude started and somewhere along the way that morphed into the government dependence that liberals prey on today. Now, as a result, it really IS all the governments fault. To the tune of $1.3 trillion in unconstitutional mandatory spending.

    And none of this has any bearing on “Live for today, for tomorrow we die.” You misinterpret the deeper meaning in the phrase.

    You might want to remember the scoop the poop of your dogma – it’s stinking up everyone else’s yard.

  9. Louis IX KingofFrawnce Says:

    yaddah yaddah yaddah yaddah,
    splash, you are so the neoclown masquerading as independent to distance yourself from your own stupidity.

  10. Louis IX KingofFrawnce Says:

    the correct comment about the whole affair was already done by national lampoon when they ran a satire of the floating volkswagon ad:
    “If Ted Kennedy had driven a volkswagon, he’d be president today.”

  11. Splash Says:

    Louie –

    Spoken like a true liberal. Of course, calling me stupid with little substance to back it up or willingness to make a counterpoint is a pretty good sign that you scooped out your skull at least prior to coming on this page.

    And I have never masqueraded as an independant; I am a Conservative Reagan Democrat, of which I have never been secretive. As a regular poster, you ought to know that by now.

    Re the VW ad, true, but if his drunk ass would have just taken the time to do the right thing and fish Mary Jo out of the river he might have been prez as well (and maybe even a hero) instead of a cowardly, self-centered, womanizing, hypocritical, murdering, still-seated, liberal senator that he is to this day.

    • Louis IX KingofFrawnce Says:

      no, you are stupid. I realized that the first time we co-posted, I just didn’t say anything about it.

      and pcl,
      you are right about men and empathy.
      when confronted in a conversation, I do empathize with some of the plights of the women talkiing,
      but deep down inside, I don’t really care.
      a lot of times I’m just thinking to myself, “wow, every month just like clockwork, and have to shave your legs.”

      • PCL Says:

        LOL! Louis, now you know that the shaving of the legs does not apply to Frenchwomen–thankfully, the other half of me is American.

        And how refreshing both you and Splash are in your acceptance of being good old fashion, rogue-like men. When a man is talking to me about the plights of women, deep down inside, I don’t really care either. LOL!

      • Louis IX KingofFrawnce Says:

        stop it pcl
        stop it!
        I feel better now knowing that as my attention drifts off, that it doesn’t matter.

  12. Louis IX KingofFrawnce Says:

    he was drunk, too.
    no one in those days really cared,
    the general population had been drunk all day long for centuries.
    as grandpa used to say, “there was no machinery to run, and the horse knew its way home.”

  13. Splash Says:

    Think what you want about me, Louie my boy, it only makes you less than you could be. It is nice that you remember our first time. Unfortunately, you must not have been all that worthy of commitment to memory. But don’t worry; that happens to a lot of guys, but not usually a Frenchman.

    I love the French!

    We are just on the opposite end of the spectrum on a variety of issue (and the same on a couple). That makes niether one of us stupid. The relative ease in which you surrender to your conclusion about me does, however, make you a bonehead.

    In your case, I use the term with a high degree of affection for reasons you apparently would not understand. I’m not sure you can empathize with that, but kudos to you if you can.

  14. Michelle Says:


    talk about a cat fight…shhhheeeesh…

    you girls ok now???


  15. Splash Says:

    LOL! Now, Michelle. I have seen you get catty. It apparently is a gender neutral condition. Us cavemen just call it “Who’s is bigger?”

    As the only living Neanderthal Louie may have me there as evolution was accompanied by [some] size reduction.

  16. Michelle Says:

    Sweetie, Splash….I get WAY more than catty….

    and, that was applying to the whole thread…not jes you and Louie.

  17. Splash Says:

    Sorry. I must be more in touch with my sensitive feminine side than I thought.

    • PCL Says:

      That could be code for you got your monthly visit. Shit, looks like I’m in touch with my masculine side!

  18. Michelle Says:

    lol Splash..don’t be sorry for it, embrace it!!

  19. Splash Says:

    You mean I need not be ashamed?? LOL! I was only apologizing for the cat fight misinterpretation. Tell me, does my sensitive feminine side look fat in this outfit?

    Careful … it’s a trick question [warning from my caveman side].

  20. Michelle Says:

    hahahahaha Splash…

    baby…you look good in anything…

    there how’s that for a pat answer!!


    • PCL Says:

      Oh come on, Michelle–you can do better.

      • Michelle Says:

        yeah, PCL…that was just freeballing…lol

        off the cuff..

        how bout…

        which side am I looking at?

        stand like this….hold your arm out…

        naaaaaaah…looks fine to me…

        All while never even looking…hahahhahahahah

      • PCL Says:

        LOL!!! Much better!!

  21. Michelle Says:

    may I suggest,

    a very quite protest if and when posting on PD


    bring back Tommy Xtopher

    gonna need one for the twins too…lol

    I hate dismanteling…

    • PCL Says:

      I’m withholding comment until I hear Melinda’s side of the story. Until PD releases any comments as to why Tommy and the others were let loose, we are left only to speculate as to the reason. I’m not saying that it’s NOT because of the whole Playboy thing–but I am just one of those people who likes to hear both sides of the situation.

      In any case, I’m sure Tommy will find some other outlet for his talent.

      • Michelle Says:

        I hear ya,

        I read the story from the article that Diana posted…and if thats how its panning out, Im a wee bit astonished over the censorship angle of it…

        Something stinks, there have been several of the old PM writers that are no longer..whats up with that?

  22. Splash Says:

    Ha, Michelle. Sounds like you are fairly in touch with your placating masculine side. My sensitive feminine side thanks you.

  23. Splash Says:

    uh-huh. And there’s that caveman mentality side rearing its ugly head.

  24. Splash Says:

    Peer pressure … thanks, PCL.

  25. Splash Says:

    PCL – as far as Michelle doing better, let me remind you what you said over on the limerick page:

    PCL Says:
    June 2, 2009 at 8:37 pm | Reply

    You mean to tell me, honey, that [you] can’t do better? Come on, man up. LOL! 😉

    LOL! C’mon!! [wo]man up! 😉

  26. Michelle Says:


    you guys are so damned funny….

    sok, Splash, PCL knows when Im off my game….lol

    besides, I was just repeating some of the things Ive heard over all my years of living with a caveman


    godbless the man..he has never said an ugly thing in reguards to my all of my “sides”


  27. Michelle Says:

    time to hit the sheets,

    busy day tomorrow, service pieces for a young girl who was killed in a car accident


    I just made her prom piece 2 weeks ago.

  28. Michelle Says:

    yeah, sux

    sure is a reality check, thankful I still have my kidos, hug yours extra for me, PCL…love our babies!!

  29. htawcommunity Says:

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