Unusable Signal: The Big, Gay, Terrorist, Socialist, Racist, Gynecologist, Variety Show

From Comedy Central

From Comedy Central

11:00 PM EST

11 Responses to “Unusable Signal: The Big, Gay, Terrorist, Socialist, Racist, Gynecologist, Variety Show”

  1. Michelle Says:


    what DOES he do with that tounge???

    • PCL Says:

      Hey Missy, did you get a note to excuse you from last night’s show?

      • Michelle Says:


        yeah, I got a work slip….I was hanging from chandliers about the time Cube would start taking call ins…lol

        had to break down an event last nite….

        will that do?


      • PCL Says:

        Welllll…..okay, but only because you are my favorite (sshhh, don’t tell the other kids), and I have thing about hanging from chandeliers. 😉

  2. PCL Says:

    Very educational show last night, Cube–sorry I couldn’t stick around this time for the Aftershow. Tell Steve Foley, it wasn’t because of him–I have no problem with the folks at Minority Report; however, he was way off on that argument about comparing the inequality of Prop 8 for the gay community, to the inequality of how single people are treated. Please.

    By the way, I noticed you didn’t get Splash (even though he wasn’t there) his fucking tax cut, WTF is up with that, Cubie? You know, if you would have posted that you were going to do that over at PD, you would have probably had a shit load of new listeners. Do you realize how long he has been asking for that and how many people want to see him get it?

  3. Michelle Says:

    LOL, PCL!!

    it was fun…I’ll say that! These crazy brides, they even want flowers on the chandeliers!

    What could be better than a bridezilla on Sat nite???

    U.S. I did think of you guys!

    • PCL Says:

      Never have understood the whole flowers on the chandeliers thing–what a waste of a perfectly good chandelier, to say nothing of the flowers.

  4. Cube Says:

    Hey guys, thanks for tuning in. I have to write something. I think something dirty.

  5. Splash Says:

    I christen that “oh my”.

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