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Blue Moon! Thank You Wanda

May 12, 2009

Here’s the verdict on Wanda Sykes. I love her.

And for all the reasonable people in cyberspace who respectfully disagree, kiss my ass if you don’t like it!  We won!

Let’s Dance!

We’ll be picking up this feed on Memorex from a bunch of funny fuckers:  CSPAN: (In case you’ve been under a bridge ripping a wonderful woman, here it is.)


Yakety Sax Versus Everything

May 11, 2009

Dennis DiClaudio, Headmaster At The University Of Indecision, wrote an article falsely criticizing a Sarah Palin ad which criticized Mitt Romney:

Unless I’m just being dense and missing some huge piece of symbolism (Romney = Bear?) here this somewhat inscrutable homemade video — presumably created by a Sarah Palin supporter — doesn’t appear to say very much.

Respectfully, I dissent.  *For the record, I don’t believe I’ve ever disagreed with Indy.

Anything with Yakety Sax works.  Even for discombobulated bear prowling political Mitt Romney/Sarah Palin jogging videos…

How about Yakety Sax and 9/11?  Yuppers.


How To Fix A 9/11 Joke

May 11, 2009

Tommy Christopher properly comments on the tragic events of March 23, 2001 today in his criticism of Wanda Sykes at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner.

What Mr. Christopher fails to do is explain how to fix a 9/11 Joke.

Sorry.  I mean a 3/23 Joke.

Thankfully, a libertarian and Glen Beck masturbator, brings us a documentary crystallizing exactly how to turn around a joke about planes smashing into a buildings and killing thousands of people.  Like me, you too can make mass murder with a beard and some box-cutters fun for the whole family.