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6 Green Avatars You Need To Destroy Iran

June 20, 2009


With everyone all up on the twitter tip when it comes to their green tinted avatars, we here at Cube have some items you should totally consider in our revolution to overthrow Iran.  This show of solidarity is far more important than utilizing twitter as some technological means to advance a just cause.  In fact, I loathe the argument that going green for freedom somehow makes the twitterer in question an easier mark for Iranian agents waiting in the bushes to slit your throat and pull your tounge down through your neck and use it as a falafel.  They call that, an “Iranian Necktie.”  Keeping the possibility of your assassination at bay for a moment, because that threat is imminent and real, here are some items for your consideration:

6. Vibratex Koi Vibrator



twitter TRACKER

June 19, 2009

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Open thread toe hold.  Check out the TWEETS WITH HEAT!

Gang Green: Twitterers Who Support Iranian Protest With Green Paint Jobs

June 18, 2009

If  you interact with the terrorists in Iran on twitter like I do,  you may “encounter” these pesky demonstrators who support the protest by dying their avatars green in some kind of twisted message of solidarity.   I claim not to be an expert in foreign policy.   That, I am not.  However, when it comes to green pictures from the beak of twitter and creating some fucking list, I rock.

Tommy Christopher

twitprofgreenLou Ferrigno as Incredible HulkDon’t get cocky Christopher.  I have pics of the rest of your body.  Just look at the face folks.  Dead ringer.*


“twitter TRACKER” Causes Bloody Revolution, Tweet Uproar

June 3, 2009

Vodpod videos no longer available.

How dare Conan make fun of the “most reliable name in news?”  This is no way to begin Co Co.

I say we form a #hashtag prayer circle and not resort to some bloody coup of The Tonight Show.

Limericks For Obama

June 2, 2009


Just when you were ready to mop up that pool of urine by your leg from laughing at comedy from the right, here comes their hysterical efforts at writing limericks:

Submitted by HenriettaHughes
There once was a man named Obama
Who climbed out the vagine of his Mama
Hawaii or Kenya?
We’ll n’er know cuz Whenya
Ask all about it, there’s drama!

Submitted by Eddie Po’
If Biden was from Nantucket
He’d carry his hair in a bucket
He’d trap in his pail
Each strand that did fail
Instead he got plugs and said ‘what the hay!’

Via Twitter Feed Of Caleb Howe

These are only two of my favs from the “Top Ten Obama Limericks.”  I’m hoping the English Department at Liberty University submits more excellence.


Tony Clifton Lives!

May 1, 2009

I knew it.  I knew it.  I knew it.

Tony Clifton, a completely different person clearly not Andy Kaufman, is alive and well… on Twitter.

Be sure to say hello to my hooker who works hard for the money, “Rawls The Whore.”