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Talking Points: Socialist, Racist, Fill in The Blank(ist)

May 29, 2009

We know Judge Sonia Sotomayor is a Socialist.  Proved that right here on Cube.  But, did you know she’s a racist?

Sotomayor’s a card-carrying, cross-burning, tar and feathering,  hooded Hispanic female in the Klu Klux Klan who must be stopped.  Like, the time has come and shit.  Execute Order 66.

It’s filibuster time.



The American Idol Dude Is Gay? And From Iran? And A Terrorist?

May 6, 2009

adamAre you kidding me?  Adam Lambert is gay?  Did not know that.  No clue.  Total curveball.

God smites me.  I rooted for that blind kid to fall into the orchestra pit after he made it to the final nine on American Idol.  Why me God?

Heathen be gone!  While some reporters have just awoken to this Holy Terror upon learning who is in the Final Four, David Knowles, of Paradigms Lost, rightfully questioned whether America (not the real America I know) is ready for a gay American Idol some time ago.

That was the question put to readers in The New York Times’ Sunday Styles section this week. The gay teen idol in question is, of course, Adam Lambert. Pictures of Mr. Lambert—easily the most artistically gifted of all of this season’s performers— “tongue-wrestling” another man have been spread, virus-like, across the internet over the past few weeks. Still, whatever his sexual orientation, Lambert seems poised to run away with this year’s competition.