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The Glorious Basterd

August 20, 2009


(H/T Diana via Luke Pattan)

I can imagine the pitch:  “It’s like Kill Bill.  But for Jews.  Starring Barney Frank.”


Yakety Sax Versus Everything

May 11, 2009

Dennis DiClaudio, Headmaster At The University Of Indecision, wrote an article falsely criticizing a Sarah Palin ad which criticized Mitt Romney:

Unless I’m just being dense and missing some huge piece of symbolism (Romney = Bear?) here this somewhat inscrutable homemade video — presumably created by a Sarah Palin supporter — doesn’t appear to say very much.

Respectfully, I dissent.  *For the record, I don’t believe I’ve ever disagreed with Indy.

Anything with Yakety Sax works.  Even for discombobulated bear prowling political Mitt Romney/Sarah Palin jogging videos…

How about Yakety Sax and 9/11?  Yuppers.