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Fire Olbermann!

April 17, 2009

Matt Lewis asks us about Garofolo and whether she embodies “liberalism.”  No.  But, let’s not forget about the Sportscenter anchor turned faux intellectual — Keith Olbermann.  Noted Feminine Hygiene Product (immorally called a “douche” at times).

Garofolo flies in the face of liberalism. Actually, she flies in the face of sanity for purposes of advancing a cause. No, she’s just insane. It’s all in the eyes. Look at her eyes. They’re wild. Vacant almost. They are only potential harm to the Democratic Party.

Objectively, Olbermann has become an extremist and the antithesis of that which he accuses his counterparts to be. Don’t you remember this guy from Sportscenter? He was always trying to one-up whomever was next to him. The worst person in the world segment is in and of itself contrary to not only liberalism, but moderate and conservative ideologies. C’mon. How in the world EVER can Bill O’Reilly be the worst person. That horse is so dead and beaten it’s been to the glue factory and back for recycling. It’s kind of not right to single someone out and call him or her the worst person in the world. I know it’s shtick. But, I personally know someone he branded and he couldn’t have gotten it more wrong.

Fire Olbermann. He caused harm at the DNC. I won’t forget that. It’s not like people have it in for say… Anderson Cooper. However, FOX is essentially the flip side of the coin of MSNBC. I just hate Olbermann’s fat head. Why Garofolo is relevant at all is beyond me. Really. Run.

At least Drescher is doing something. I want her and Franken debating in the Senate P.S.  So the argument goes now that I’m a hypocrite.  No.  Olbermann tolerates and does not question her position even once.  I’ve had it with him.  And, for the Blue-Ray DVD recording device, I’ve been against Olbermann since before the DNC.