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Blue State Balls

June 25, 2009

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Can’t we have an honest discussion about Mark Sanford?  Jon Stewart is way off base.  There are also Red State balls.    Totally unfair, biased, mainstream media, weiner analysis.  Red State Balls are even more liberal than Blue State Balls and are hot for all things across the sexual spectrum of testicular color.  Ask Larry Craig.  Or Mark Foley.  Or Red State.

On the bright side of things, at least Republicans finally scored with Hispanic females.

Cons Lift Eddie Murphy’s Ice Cream Argument

June 21, 2009

President Obama ate some ice cream with his daughter.  It should come as no surprise The Right contends the Earth might stop spinning on its axis and foreign policy decisions made while eating said cream will cast us all to Hades.

Look at this tasty TWEET!

@Moe Lane (retard) says, “New blog post: :Looking at the ice cream story”  Awwwww Shit!  Moe’s gonna go all “Ice Cream” on President Obama.  He’s like a modern day Saint Thomas Aquinas.  Solidarity Ho!


“Unusable Signal” Tonight 11:00 PM EST

June 20, 2009

unusable signal

UPDATE: Moe Lane of Red Planet (shocker) has a knee jerk reaction.  Not an update:  Moe Lane is a fucking jerkoff.

Tonight we explore conflation and hyperventilation on Twitter. I dare not explain satire, because everyone has a perfect working knowledge of it. Do you have a green Iranian protest supporter visor? What have you done with it? Twitter has an odd effect on the id, ego, and superfriggging big ego. When it comes to Twitter, the tweeps who want heat need “followers.” Why? It’s sweet. How can you really help Iran? What can you do? Maybe bash The President during this show of solidarity? Hmmmmmmmmm?

I’m taking some heat for the tweet beat by your feet.  Sweet.  I’ll try to sum that up for you.  In response to sekanblogger , I wrote: