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Michelle Obama Forces Sasha, Malia, And Grandmother To Eat With Rats

May 14, 2009


That’s right you spoiled, communist, tykes!  Tonight, YOU DINE WITH RATS!

Michelle Obama has said that she and her staff recently snuck out to lunch to a popular burger joint called Five Guys on Connecticut Ave. in Dupont Circle not far from the White House. But INSIDE EDITION’s Rat Patrol found a pack of rats right outside the back door of the restaurant two nights in a row.

At another Five Guy’s location on Wisconsin Ave. in Georgetown, INSIDE EDITION’s Rat Patrol spotted an unwelcome visitor inside the restaurant crawling through sacks of potatoes kept right inside the front window. Rodents were spotted two nights in a row at the location, and are something that the Obamas and any other parent would want to be aware of. One employee told INSIDE EDITION that Sasha and Malia Obama visited, along with their grandmother, in March.

Turns out Michelle Obama may very well become an excellent First Lady after all.  And, First Mommie.

Despite some news outlets who eventually will try to smear her simply because she forced Sasha and Malia to eat rats, really, the discipline for them failing to properly train Bo on a leash was justified.  And besides, Michelle’s Mother In Law is becoming a real stiff.

Whatchoo Talkin’ ‘Bout Michelle Obama Watch!

April 19, 2009

Hey!  Leave Alec Baldwin and I alone.  We never bothered you Michelle Obama Watch!

I always feel like, somebody’s watching me.   Check out Michelle Obama Watch’s, “Michelle Obama Blog Buzz.”   I totally dig voyeurism, but, these KGB agents posing as horologists will never get it.


It ain’t paranoia if someone actually is watching you.  Alec Baldwin, welcome to the club!


Polygamist Sympathizer Michelle Obama To Take Second Husband

April 18, 2009

CB Trinidad Americas Summit

Big Love.