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Like Ummm… Good Luck To The Bills

September 11, 2009

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Thank God football season is back.

Howard Stern, a benefactor and collector of fine stutterers, kicked off the NFL season by introducing us to Buffalo Bills cornerback, Ellis Lanksder.  I don’t know how to end this paragraph really, but, I can imagine some parallel between Lanksder’s speech and the way the Bills like ummm… su… su…  su… suck my balls.

Go Miami!

Pittsburgh Steelers Linebacker James Harrison Trades Obama For 5th Round Pick And A Psychologist’s Wet Dream

May 18, 2009

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Roll The Tape!

Much like Miami Dolphins superstar linebacker Joey Porter after he nearly snubbed then President Bush when the Steelers won the Title a few years back, James Harrison takes a similar stance.  The only difference being, Harrison decided to skip seeing President Obama’s White House ceremony with The Steelers.  Well that and, Harrison’s a  retard:

“I don’t feel the need to go, actually,” Harrison told Pittsburgh station WTAE-TV. “I don’t feel like it’s that big a deal to me.”

Harrison is known for being an individualist whose on-field sullenness sometimes extends off the field as well.

Harrison, a backup at the time, and quarterback Tommy Maddox were among a handful of players who skipped the traditional White House visit by the Super Bowl champions in 2006. Maddox apparently was unhappy at being released after the season ended, although several other players who also weren’t with the Steelers any longer attended.

Former Steelers linebacker Joey Porter created a stir before that White House visit by saying he intended to tell Bush he didn’t like how the country was being run. Porter chose not to make those comments, but he wore dark sunglasses throughout the ceremony.

After Harrison’s big pay day, he was free to speak his “mind.”  Despite whatever consistencies you might see in his actions from president to president, rumors have surfaced he intends to join The Whig Party.   I mean, it could be argued this is a brilliant P.R. move to rid the country of the horrific two-party system.  It’s a Cube rumor exclusive.

Harrison’s goes by the affectionate nickname, “Deebo” — a Xanax popping loafer in the film, “Friday.”  He also played for the Rhein Fire in the defunct NFL Europa.  Most African-Americans learn valuable life lessons in Germany.