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The Right Goes Back To The Future And Targets Unnamed Obama Nominations

May 23, 2009

When the Right hits 88 miles per hour, you’re gonna see some serious shit.

Watch this!  Watch this!


While right-wing groups attempt to wrinkle time and foil this triple-dimension alternative universe of communist justices from Hades, Marty and Doc are all over it at The ABA Journal: Law News Now:

Some conservative groups aren’t waiting for President Obama to announce his choice to fill the seat of retiring Justice David H. Souter. They are taking aim at three potential Supreme Court nominees in attack ads posted on YouTube. …

Supreme Court practitioner Thomas Goldstein, who created SCOTUSblog, told the Tribune that the Internet and blogs have helped distribute information about the possible nominees. “The downside is that there is an equal leveling effect in which totally idiotic wing nuts can go off—that’s true on both the far left and far right.”  (emphasis added)

Wait a second!  That lazy block quote is from “Law News Now.”  How about, law news later?  Such is the tripe of blowhard lawyers easily debunked when the right has attorney-bots designed by Stephen Hawking.

Information procured by time traveling conservatives explicitly state in the above video Judge “Wood ruled that peaceful abortion demonstrators should be punished under the same law that applies to mob bosses.”

What?  Some really activist judge is a covert mob boss who wantonly throws abortions and fetal tissue at unsuspecting litigants?  I sure do hope Doc or Marty can answer this question!  I care not to hear some alta kaka rant about certain consequences the likes of which the Earth has never seen.  I mean, what do we become?  Assholes?

SCOTUSblog reports that Wood’s RICO ruling “was a judgment primarily about injunctive relief and the breadth of the racketeering statute, not on the right to provide an abortion or to protest.”

Well  I never!  Such is far too sober analysis from Marty and Doc over at the American Bar Association for me to take seriously.   Simply, this “objective” legal punditry (the ABA is known for outrageous claims and sharp wit) has not yet proven to have set things in their proper order in the Cosmos.  A hole exists in the space-time continuum.

Clearly, the Right has done their homework and has brought us the future.  Now, if only they could go back in time to a moonlit manger in Kenya.


Pat Buchanan Does Not Care For Gay, Time-Traveling, Black Men

April 18, 2009


Thank God he still loves God

At Loyola of Chicago that week, the Student Diversity and Cultural Affairs Office presented “Brother to Brother,” a film the Newman Society reports, about “a homosexual African-American who is transported in time to cavort with the allegedly homosexual Langston Hughes.”

The movie is said to be part of “a semester-long ‘Color of Queer Film Series,’ sponsored by the university.”

At Catholic Seattle University, that first week of Lent was “Transgender Awareness Week,” featuring a “session on allegedly transgender Bible heroes and heroines and ‘Criss-Cross Day’ where students are encouraged to ‘come dressed for the day in your best gender-bending outfit.”

This is surely anecdotal evidence to confirm Newsweek in the conclusion reached in its cover story of Holy Week, “The End of Christian America.”

Go to Pat’s blog to help him raise funds for a flux capacitor and save Christianity as we know it.  (h/t Gamecock, but not Spurrier)

UPDATE:  What did I tell you Buchanan???  88 MILES PER HOUR!