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Homo Is The Nigger Of The World

May 21, 2009

When Adam Lambert lost American Idol last night, I couldn’t help but think of John and this famous 1972 performance on The Dick Cavett Show.  Before singing what is still today considered a controversial tune, Lennon explains what he meant when he wrote that song — women are still better than the gays.

Just read up on Brian Epstein and psychological projection.  It’s a salacious rumor which means it probably is true.

I had a conversation with someone on “Unusable Signal” who did not see a parallel (without respect to Idol) between Jim Crow and the treatment of homosexuals today.  Of course I agreed with him.  The very definition of Jim Crow must encompass separate drinking fountains and the like.  Short of that, the analogy holds no water and I cannot think of one recent example of basic rights being denied to gays.

I am certain a statistically significant number of people did not vote for Adam because of his sexual orientation causing him to lose.  Local Fox coverage after the show did not mention this issue once.  Not a word?  The lack of discussion evinces fear of the real discussion.

It’s a mad world.

A Change Is Gonna Come (UPDATE: Unless You’re A Fag)

May 20, 2009

UPDATE:  The queer guy lost.  Satire a jinx.   So is Queen.

Score one for haters of the gay, time-traveling, black dudes demographic.  Don’t forget to cheer them on.

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Cube Tired: Feel Around

May 7, 2009

Just got off with Gladstone!  Saturday night will be excellent.  Scroll down to Unusable Signal to check it out.  If you love, or all things funny as shit, you will be stoked.  He’s a riot.  Whatever ales you, feel around.

The American Idol Dude Is Gay? And From Iran? And A Terrorist?

May 6, 2009

adamAre you kidding me?  Adam Lambert is gay?  Did not know that.  No clue.  Total curveball.

God smites me.  I rooted for that blind kid to fall into the orchestra pit after he made it to the final nine on American Idol.  Why me God?

Heathen be gone!  While some reporters have just awoken to this Holy Terror upon learning who is in the Final Four, David Knowles, of Paradigms Lost, rightfully questioned whether America (not the real America I know) is ready for a gay American Idol some time ago.

That was the question put to readers in The New York Times’ Sunday Styles section this week. The gay teen idol in question is, of course, Adam Lambert. Pictures of Mr. Lambert—easily the most artistically gifted of all of this season’s performers— “tongue-wrestling” another man have been spread, virus-like, across the internet over the past few weeks. Still, whatever his sexual orientation, Lambert seems poised to run away with this year’s competition.


Sunday Funnies: Lisa Lampanelli And Simon Cowell

May 3, 2009

More Lampanelli after the jump.  To cyberspace.