Eat Me!


So I landed a gig writing for National Lampoon.  I must say, it’s surreal working for them and I feel somewhat out of place considering I’m not even close to being in the league of John Belushi.  That being said, I do have one thing going for me…  I’m not dead.

Hope to see you folks over there and at some random point, I’ll be revamping the show entirely.

6 Responses to “Eat Me!”

  1. Michelle Says:

    Congrats! Bro!

    From your Number One Fan

    I promise, no feddering.

    I always knew you had it in ya.

    So, do you plan to do any stories on Beck like you did with the animation? LOL

  2. Cube Says:

    That’s a good idea! It takes a while. I should fuck around here a bit too, but, you guys should come on Lampoon and check out some of the stuff. Zaz interviewed Jon Cusack and is a riot. He also gets Matt Damon and Meghan Fox. Go to YouTube and type in like “Zaz and Meghan Fox.” See if it pops up.

    Also, my pieces don’t suck. There are different sections I write in and it is a busy site with videos and all kinds of shirts I’m gonna buy.

    I’m naked right now.

    • Michelle Says:


      As you should be (naked)

      Miss you bunches, Im so happy for you…I always knew, you were gonna do something with that quick wit of yours. I still say….we’ll be seeing you on Comedy Central someday. Mark my words…a president of a fan club knows these things you know.

  3. PCL Says:

    Is that what you meant by revamping the show? You’re gonna do it naked?? I popped over to NL and read your article on Horse Meat–I commented. LOL!
    Ahhhh, Cube, I always knew you would go further than just the law–“you remember the law, don’t you?”

    And I agree with Michelle, someday–The Daily Show!

    Now hurry up and get back on the air–dammit we miss you!!!

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