Going Rouge – The Sarah Palin Rogue Coloring and Activity Book


(Me find this from a link on Indecision about another Sarah Palin book.)

Finally, a political novel bold with (seventies-ish) color.  A masterpiece, with penetrating insight into the inner workings of the Sarah Palin thinking machine.  A veritable triumph and metaphor for a world, no, an America where you can crayon everywhere.

C’mon, you don’t want to create the appearance that you condone or support Sarah Palin by purchasing crap you KNOW will be piled high in the $3 book bin in a few months, do you? Instead, order a classic, collectible Palin book – one that hasn’t even been colored in yet – one that’s not just a buncha words, it’s got pictures!

And, it has neato cut-outs for the little ones…

Trig Approved!

Trig Approved!

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6 Responses to “Going Rouge – The Sarah Palin Rogue Coloring and Activity Book”

  1. PCL Says:

    I WANT ONE! I WANT ONE! (Just imagine it, Cube–those suckers will be worth a shitload on Ebay!) 😉

  2. LouisIX KingofFrawnce Says:

    her book is now selling for $10.

  3. Cube Says:

    Big Announcement Coming!!!

    Someone just landed a pretty cool comedy gig!

    Go to twitter to figure it out! Hopefully a show on Saturday night!

    • PCL Says:

      CUBE! I don’t twitter!! It’s gotta be you or Tommy, am I warm?

      Post over at our blog if you decide to have a show–and just when in the hell are you going to get back to doing a regular show?? We miss you, dude. But, I for one, will understand if you have been busy.

      Oh and by the way, I thought about you when I saw the move ‘Law Abiding Citizen’ the other day–hope you never have a run-in with a guy like the Gerard Butler character in that movie.

  4. Cube Says:

    I now write for National Lampoon! At some point, I’ll post an article but I’m tooooooo laaaaaaaaazy. I’ve written a few articles. Come by!

    • PCL Says:

      Way to go Cube!!!! Seee? Now who was it back in the Political Machine days who said that you reminded her of Jon Stewart?? Hmmmm, who could it be.

      I’ll check out National Lampoon–and really, congratulations, Cubie! 😉

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