Red Sox Nation Hires The Iron Sheik To Lead PR Team — Challenges A-Rod

Vodpod videos no longer available.

(Sheik starts at the :20 mark)

Have you been wondering what The Iron Sheik is up to aside from the occasional toot of crack and fighting with a stoned midget?   I have.

The Boys Of Summer make their way back to the freshly manicured grass for the second half of the season and The Iron Sheik takes on his new duties as head of PR for Red Sox Nation.  We’d respectfully like to take this time to clearly express The Nation is not homophobic and promotes gay rights.

Therefore, we do encourage Sheiky Baby to “fuck [Alex Rodriguez] in the ass with a beer bottle,” “challenge” George Steinbrener to an arm-wrestling match, and place the entire city of New York in a Camel Clutch to “fuck them in the ass and make them humble.”

Go Red Sox!

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5 Responses to “Red Sox Nation Hires The Iron Sheik To Lead PR Team — Challenges A-Rod”

  1. PCL Says:

    Bite me Cube! Yankees all the way!!! (And I don’t even like baseball!)

    • Cube Says:

      Seriously? Is that the best you can do? Obviously you didn’t watch the video with The Iron Sheik threatening to rape A-Rod. And, you’ don’t like baseball and live somewhere on the West Coast! Hahahahaha… you’re not even a Yankee fan. If anything, you should probably hate on the Yankees b/c of Torre, but, that’s not important right now.

      You can try to break my team’s balls, but, when was the last time the Yankees did dick? It’s been a decade now I think. Why? We kick their ass all day. And, The Iron Sheik will “make you humble.”

      “Bite me.”

      I scoff at thee. I mean, look at that first sentence in this article. Doesn’t get better.

      • PCL Says:

        Seriously?? You are watching too damn much television or youtube, Cubie! You scoff at me???? LOLOLOL!! You know there’s a joke in there–but I’m not gonna touch it.

        And you live in a southern state shaped like a pan on the East Coast and you are a Red Sox fan???? WTF is that about lawyer boy??

        (Ssshhhh, yeah I really lost interest in baseball when my man Tommy Lasorda left the Dodgers)

  2. Cube Says:

    I came out of my mothers vagina in New England originally and went to undergrad there!

    If you were a Dodger fan for Tommy Lasorda, how in the Hell can you root for the mutherfuckin’ Yankees.

    Ok. Go read the Bull Sperm Hair Piece.

    Go Red Sox. (How great is the first sentence up there? C’mon)

    • PCL Says:

      And your point about New England is? Where do you live now, Cubicon?

      I don’t root for the Yankees, unless they are playing the fatherfuckin’ Red Sox. LOLOLOL!!

      I did read your, um, Bull Sperm piece–Cube, you need to get out more. LOL! Someone just recently pointed out to me that ‘facial’ was the number one tag line (I think that was it) on YouPorn. Kinda fits with your story. Oh, and Cube, did you notice how long that gal’s hair was? Do you realize the ‘load’ volume difference in bull sperm and human sperm? Better start ‘loading’ up on the vitamins.

      Go Yankees!!

      And okay, it’s a good sentence. By the way, are you going to book the Iron Sheik for your next party? How about the radio show? LOL! Nice to see that the Red Sox have such a charismatic PR person–what, Ben and Matt out of town?

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