Lessons From Michael Jackson: Loving O.J. Simpson

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Do you remember the time?  Conjuring up images of O.J. Simpson today come easy and always, at least for me, has beautiful, almost God like, mythological and legendary Greek music accompanying his grace.  A magnificence we were all truly blessed to witness.  Fondly, I think back to speed and moves never before seen in entertainment and yearn for the carefree days of O.J’s youth.  Please.  I beg of you.  This is what we should focus on:

[O.J. is an] American collegiate and professional gridiron football player who was a premier running back known for his speed and elusiveness. …

Simpson, who was often called “Juice” because of his energetic runs and because his initials could stand for “orange juice.”

He’s the “Juice.” O.J. Simpson will always be known as the “Juice.”

O.J. has now retired to a small efficiency unbecoming of a king and legend.  What’s important for all of us to remember is the glow he filled all of our hearts with.   Of equal value — we should praise O.J. at this moment in time, you know, while he’s living.  Why can’t there be more tributes to the truly great soles of the world while they walk the earth?

“I really don’t want to discuss the negatives” about O.J. Simpson, said a childhood friend of someone else having nothing to do with O.J.  I’ll take the high road too and here’s why:

O.J. was not guilty.  That’s the truth and the law.  Yet sometimes, the law makes mistakes.  Which explains his second trial.  Furthermore, by taking the “high road,” I mean high roads with some unnecessary pit stops.

Personally, I’m tired of being drenched with the verbal sewage spewing from all these naysayers and immoral people on MSM.   O.J.’s entire family stood by his side and that’s good enough for me.  Think about Sydney.  Think about Justin.

Those who pilfer in spreading these disgusting, untrue, and vicious lies about O.J. should be dunked headfirst by the ankles into the river Styx.

O.J. was a “good boy.”  Every mother who has and cares for her son understands this.  Love.  That first feeling of love you have when you embrace a newborn — that’s O.J.!  That’s how we should remember him — with the love and adoration God shines down upon each one of His miracles.  Even ones not quite dead yet.  Love is all you need.

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31 Responses to “Lessons From Michael Jackson: Loving O.J. Simpson”

  1. Louis IX KingofFrawnce Says:

    that was a funny article.

  2. Cube Says:

    Thanks King!

  3. Splash Says:


    [sniff] [wiping powdery substance from nose] … that was beautiful … [sniff, sniff] … will you write my pre-mortem eulogy?

    That was a good one, Cube! …

    HEY – Cube! Come back here!! That’s my Splash memorabilia! Give it back!!

  4. Michelle Says:

    Sorry, Cube….but I just puked all over the place…

    Yeah, OJ was found innocent…..and I suppose Im first in line at the river, but my gut tells me…he is not innocent.

    And I do not think Michael was innocent of the charges that were put on him.

    I base both assessments on their own words, things that each have said, that just did not ring well with me.

    There is more there than meets the eye. This could be one of the reasons, Im never chosen for jury duty.


    • Cube Says:

      What do you mean Michelle? O.J. will forever be known as the “Juice.” Just look at him as a youth. Or even skipping daintily over luggage going to get his rental car. Effortless grace. I refuse to listen to anything else. I will only focus on his entertainment quality. What’s wrong with that? I love O.J. and so should you.

      I am sorry that you puked from this article. I’m just being honest. We should all celebrate the life of OJ while he’s alive.

      Splash, I don’t understand your comment. You must agree that OJ only be remembered for the joy he brought us on the football field. That’s the only thing we should examine. He has a family you know.

      • PCL Says:

        I thought he was just fantastic in Towering Inferno, Cube–he carried that cat with such grace and dignity.

        He was absolutely phenomenal on the football field–and I heard he wasn’t so bad off the field, either. I’m sure that comes in handy when he runs here and there looking for Nicole’s killer–it is probably just sheer fate that he hasn’t caught up to the perp yet, eh?

  5. Louis IX KingofFrawnce Says:

    well hmmph!
    I guess you think the same about robert blake,
    even though the court agreed with blake that after he went to the car to get his gun so he could shoot his girlfriend,
    he returned to find that someone else had already shot her with the same kind of gun he was planning to use.

  6. Splash Says:

    Cube – Sure you do. No I don’t. No it isn’t. Yes he does.

    I still enjoyed the article and did not puke.

    Michelle – Innocent until someone on the jury has a hunch or a feeling? It’s guilty beyond reasonable doubt; lots of innocent people might land in jail with your approach. Kinda like dropping bombs on lives; not that there is anything wrong with that.

    The real issue to examine in why someone with no money accused of the same crime with the same evidence would be convicted within a week and sit for 10-12 years in anticipation of their own BBQ. The inequity of the scales of justice tip towards the bucks. Either we strip the rich of their resources or we gift the same resources to the poor.

    But, if he was guilty (and I’m actually with you on that gut feeling) then the karma he received from his narssasitic pursuit of his own memoribilia is killer irony!

  7. Cube Says:

    I’m thinking of starting a boys camp named after O.J. I think I’ll announce the grand opening outside his home so as not to detract from the importance of his whereabouts.

  8. Michael Jackson Dead Jokes Says:

    Here you have, another couple of good ole MJ jokes. Click on my name for more jokes like this!

    “TMZ reports former pet Bubbles the Chimp was shocked upon hearing the news of his former owner. Bubbles stated: “Although I am saddened during this difficult time, I take relief in knowing Michael is finally off my back”. ”

    Top 10 Ideas for Michael Jackson Memorial Meal
    10) The Way You Make Me Veal
    9) Break of Prawn
    8) Want to Be Starchin’ Somethin’
    7) Rock Shrimp with You
    6) Heel the World
    5) Smooth Crimini
    4) Pretty Young Wing
    3) Billy Jean Almondine
    2) Remember the Thyme Roast Chicken
    1) Black or White Cookies


  9. Michelle Says:

    Like I said, Splash, prolly why I don’t get picked for jury duty…I go on guts too often, even though my gut is damn near 100% correct all the time…its never let me down…

  10. Cube Says:

    Um, like this article is about OJ and is mucho serious (non satire). See tags. OJ FOR PRESIDENT.

    Michael Jackson jokes? I don’t get it. What’s funny?

    • PCL Says:

      I just want to know that I got goddamn points, Cube, for sticking to the seriousness of this article. Did you people not see The Towering Inferno? Better yet, this one with Bewitch? The man was a ‘contender’!!

  11. Cube Says:

    For everyone: What do you think the point of the article is? Does it really have anything to do with O.J. or is it a commentary on something else? Even aside from Michael.

  12. Cube Says:

    Not a test. King gets it. There are a gazillion ways to interpret this. Primarily, it has nothing to do with OJ. Or Michael. It is a commentary on how sad society is for worshiping people who do not deserve it and varying levels of hypocrisy. Oj is an example of the hypocrisy. Drawing lines in sand for the types of crimes is a red herring. They are both wackos deserving no respect. Maybe.

    • PCL Says:


      I have long thought that society’s worship of all things celebrity was whacked.

      I am always amazed at people who are so upset over the antics of celebrities, sports figures, and politicians–because they are ROLE MODELS. Please. Role Models for who? Those who allow their kids to worship those types without making it clear that they are humans first, filled with all the human garbage that the rest of us possess, deserve the disappointment they feel.

      I truly admire the calm, cool, collectiveness of the likes of Obama, Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Joe Montana–but I would never, ever want my kids to use them as a role model, especially when they have a grandfather who puts those admirable men to shame.

      So have no fear, Cube, some of us got it–actually, we all get it. Maybe.

      • PCL Says:

        Do I get an ‘A’, now?

      • Louis IX KingofFrawnce Says:

        it’s a very old custom in western civilization that if the husband is more popular than his wife, then he gets to kill her.

      • PCL Says:

        And vice versa, eh Louis? Or is that a more modern custom? I believe it is called The Black Widow Syndrome. Heheheh!

        Sorry Cube, didn’t mean to get off track there. But, did both OJ and Blake get off because they were more popular, or because they were the source of the money? I mean neither Nicole nor Bonnie brought a substantial dollar to the table, right?

        Could Splash be right about it all has to do with the ability of the wealthy perps to ‘buy’ their freedom? Or, in OJ’s case, was it simply due to the fact that there was an unwise change of venue in the case? And in Blake’s, the victim was painted as a freeloading unintelligent gold-digger?

        Either way, both were disgusting cases, and a huge mark against American society as a whole–as you ‘kind of’ said so yourself.

        As for MJ (Not Jordan), I hold him in somewhat suspicion when it comes to the charges of child molestation, I know it was settled, but was there ever any proof of what the charges alleged? (This is how much I kept up with that shit.) I am not naive, just open-minded. And I don’t always trust the claims of parents who knowingly set their kids up to frolic with a rich celebrity who clearly suffers from the Peter Pan Syndrome.

      • Louis IX KingofFrawnce Says:

        that’s the first thing I thought when the allegations first surfaced.
        like I said before, one of the best mardi gras floats was a mobile king kong bubble machine playing “billie jean”, that was called “I’m Always Blowing Bubbles.”

  13. Cube Says:

    You all get A’s for providing, actually, great discussion and jokes on what is really a perplexing issue. Why is MJ different than OJ? Really. I don’t say roll out the red carpet for OJ (after you read in between the lines), but, why is cheering Michael that much different? Some would argue child molestation is worse than murder. Just sayin’ the media and people want us to suck Jacko off. He was great. Not that great.

    • PCL Says:

      Child molestation is the crime that just keeps on giving, afflicting the victim and their family long after the deed is done, whereas murder is final for the victim–it just keeps going on for the family left behind. Just my opinion.

      As for Jacko’s greatness–I couldn’t agree with you more, Cube.

  14. G. Xavier Robillard Says:

    it makes me rethink the lyrics of Billy Jean. Mostly because I’m an ex-Catholic. Oh, the kid is not my son. Which is why it’s totally OK that I fondled him.

    • Louis IX KingofFrawnce Says:

      touche’ monsieur robillard.
      remember in the book, when scarlett says that it’s okay to use a rouge pot because she saw a portrait of her grandmere robillard wearing make-up, and mammy replies, ” yes child, but them was scandalous times!”

  15. Michelle Says:

    He was always, “on”.

    Michael Jackson, that is…every pose, stance, gesture…calculated to amuse and make people wanna spend money…and allow your children to sleep in a grown mans bed, with him still in it.

    “It’s innocent, it’s innocent.”

    • PCL Says:

      Yeah, but would you let your kids go to a slumber party with a grown man? I know I would have never allowed it–I don’t give a shit who he is.

      Well, unless it’s George Clooney–and it’s really for us ‘grown’ kids. Heheheheh!

  16. Before And After: Peter King Of Pop « Cube Says:

    […] King pontificated a  cryptic and vague message on the psychology society and why it reveres Michael Jackson.  King was soft.  Like a […]

  17. Louis IX KingofFrawnce Says:

    well if there’s pontification going on, then he who pontificates the most is the pontifex maximus.

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