Why I Love Hating Letterman’s Apology


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HBN: 7 Hypocritical Moments in Fox’s Letterman/Palin Report (VIDEO: OR GET THE CLAP)

How do I love/hate theeLet me count the ways

1)  Gladstone, a brilliant satirist and humorist from Cracked.com, tells it like it is (from Ali’s perspective) on the whole Letterman/Palin faux debacle.  A “debacle” undeserving of a French adjective or, in Palin’s case, a word with more than one syllable — like, “debacle.”

2)  Remember kids, this blog is about me.  Gladstone is a friend of “Unsuable Signal” and one of the funniest guests we’ve ever had.  So, check out the episode where we had callers from Ireland and attempted calls from Australia.  Since Australians are well known Commies — not a total loss.  I mean, they do control Blog Talk Radio.  We also have the beginnings of my radio career where my well timed Tourette’s Syndrome with coprophiliac features came in quite handy.

3)  Dennis DiClaudio wrote a piece about myself and Gladstone on Comedy Central’s Indecision.  This of course, induced a massive nerdgasm catapulting me into a month-long state of euphobia.

4)  Sweet Irony:  As you may or may not know, Tommy Christopher landed a gig at Asylum today.  Totally Awesome!  Even Awesomer?  On the front page today I noticed Gladstone’s Hate By Numbers series along with Tommy’s first article.  What I’m certain neither of them know, until perhaps now, is they have polar opposite views on Letterman’s “apology.”  To sum up Tommy’s position (with a bit of conflation): Dave’s a statutory rapist:

Letterman’s attacks were made in an exponentially larger, broader forum, and included the statutory rape of a minor child.  They cannot be taken down or redacted.

Tommy knows my position.  It’s complex.  Dave’s not a rapist.   He’s a Meth addict.

6:  Gladstone and Tommy need to hook up.  They can give each other cyber-Chlamydia.  Or genital warts.  Two hysterical STD’s.

That’s loving hate by numbers.  And that’s all.

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45 Responses to “Why I Love Hating Letterman’s Apology”

  1. Louis IX KingofFrawnce Says:

    Edited by Cube. 😦

    Hello. I had to take that down. I never do this, but, please keep that commentary for the open threads.

    This is a story about Gladstone and Tommy. Click on the HBN link.

    Kindly, do not comment here on this comment. That’s why I have open threads. Pet Peeve of Cube: Comments not topical to the post.

  2. Cube Says:

    Huh? Objection. Relevancy. Click on the Link for HBN and try again. Watch the video. It’s a riot.

  3. PCL Says:

    Thank yew Gladstone!!!! I thought I was the only one out here who was disgusted by Letterman’s apology just for the sake of him apologizing. That was the biggest clusterfuck of all time–goddamn women are making it hard to be a woman! (I said hard) I am so fucking sick of it.

    I wish to hell Palin and all her other phony ass feminist womens’ groups (PUMA) would take a different tack instead of whining at every off-color joke out there–better yet, just listen to the joke and try to even understand it instead of using it to fucking further your lame causes. I’m all for equal rights, except I would never join any military (you men start the wars, you can damn well fight the wars too), but you don’t have to become Botoxed, talking mannequins for Fox News who come off as a bunch of whiney bitches with no fucking sense of humor what’s so ever, who, therefore want to deprive all comedians of free speech, as well as deprive those of us (even some of us women) to hear and appreciate those comedians’ humor. And let me just say this–I thought Letterman’s non-apology apology was masterful. That was comedy at its best–making fun of the absurdity of some of you fucking lame tight ass women (and men) who need to learn how to handle men without giving up that little something that makes a woman a woman.

    Whew!! I feel better. Thanks, Cube. I think I need a cigarette after that rant–and I don’t even smoke.

    Disclaimer: the previous rant was in no ways endorsed by or cajoled by any one living or dead, this includes the author of the above article. It is intended for the eyes of open-minded people with half a brain who realize that IT (Letterman’s Palin remark) WAS A JOKE FOR FUCK’S SAKE! It was in no way meant to offend anyone who realized that IT WAS A JOKE! For those who didn’t know it was a joke–bite me.

    • Michelle Says:


      Tell it sisterfriend….

    • Splash Says:

      Holy shit, Bebe! Don’t hold back now. Love that disclaimer!! You ought to copyright it.

      Letterman is comedy, true, but if everyone knew that they could say whatever they want, then every politician would claim to be the comic that Franken isn’t. It would be just another excuse to abuse the responsibility that comes with free speech. And, although most politicians are a joke, very few are [good] comics (see: John Kerry or Joe Biden for good examples).

      But this IS Letterman and THAT is Palin so I am sure it is different.

      Hi Michelle!

      PS – Poor Louie, yet another victim goes down.

      • PCL Says:

        Oh don’t give me that ‘free speech’ shit, honey–it was a fucking joke, and his non-apology was fucking brilliant. Period.

        Yes, there is a responsibility that goes with that ‘freedom of speech’, and that responsibility falls to ALL of us–the responsibility to defend it when it becomes the latest tool in an attempt by a bunch of bitchy little girls and a dying political party (and their pundits) to hold themselves above water by trying to stifle that which for some of us is the only relief from the ridiculousness of American politics and American stupidity–late night comedians.

        Insert disclaimer here. (I said insert)

      • Splash Says:

        Now holllllld on thar, Bobolouie!

        I did not say that Letterman was wrong, per se. In fact, I believe I extended him an exception to the rule. However, I wonder just how apologetic the left would have been if say, Drew Carrey made a similar joke about one of The Big O’s daughters? But there is without a doubt a two faced side to this discussion for most people on both sides. There is a tendency to want to crucify the opposition for their “free speech” and to grant a pass when made by allies.

        But were you not offended by the jokes some comedienne made about Trig Palin a while back? I believe you were, as was I.

        Were you not offended by that comic that started the Bristol Palin Abortion Fund? I believe you were, as was I.

        BUT THIS IS LETTERMAN!! ……… so. Since when does the quality of your career or the amount of money in your bank account excuse anything that would not be tolerated from the less famous or less rich. How many famous people skate because of their level of fame or their pool of financial resources. OJ comes to mind. So does Robert Blake. How about Michael Jackson. Many others have been convicted, sentenced and imprisoned in less than a week for the same offenses just because they didn’t have the ability to fight the system.

        But that is crime. How about just simple speach. Limbaugh, whom everyone refers to as an entertainer, gets attacked and for far less. The letter requesting his reprimand for the phrase “phoney soldiers” was demanded by our US senators (signed by 40), whom I would guess had better things to do before Limbaugh turned the letter into $4.2 million for military families and children of fallen soldiers. Bebe, I can’t remember if you defended Rush or if you supported him in his right to ‘offend’ even though his words were only made offensive by his opposition’s misrepresentation.

        I know none of these examples were comedians, but that is besides the point. I am merely pointing out the double standard that both sides play when it comes to what we say about those we don’t like, disagree with or wish would simply disappear.

        Letterman said it himself [and I am paraphrasing here]: We have a responsibility to watch what we say.

        I’m glad Dave humbled himself and apologized even if it wasn’t warranted; weven if he didn’t have to. It was a fine example from a figure that is, IMHO, larger than life, that we should sometimes give the momentum of attacks a pause and be just a little more civil to one another; even, and maybe even especially, those charged with making us laugh.

        However … I have still extended an exception to Dave. He is da man, even moreso that Jon. Sorry.

      • PCL Says:

        Well, I can pretty well figure out where you are right now (lol).

        True there are some sick ass jokes (sorry, Cube, but the aristocrats is one of them)–but I am sick of these ‘jokes’ being used (by both sides and anyone else, as well) to try and rake in political points.

        I may not always like the humor I hear, but does that mean that I want them to always come out and apologize for it? Hell no–if I don’t like a comedian I’m either hearing or watching on TV, that’s what that little on/off switch is for–and I exercise my freedom to use it, as should everyone. I’m not gonna go calling for the firing of that comedian because I was offended by what he/she said.

        As for the Trig humor, yeah I didn’t like it. So I didn’t listen to anymore of it. Big whoop. Same for that disgusting Bristol Abortion fund shit.

        Limpbaugh? Don’t care for him, so I don’t listen to him. See how easy that is? Have I called for his firing? Nope. Have I called for any lame pundit on either side to be fired? Nope.

        I figure my power to listen or not listen is greater than any other power out there. I limit the power of what I feel is negative speech on me and me alone. I don’t go trying to limit it for others who feel differently about it than I do.

        True, we do have a certain responsibility to watch what we say, and we don’t always do that. But really, who fucks it up more–comedians or politicians? And whose remarks impact other people more, if at all, comedians or politicians? Newsflash: personally, for me, neither. You know who impacts me the most when they don’t watch what they’re saying? Moi. And that is enough for me to monitor without worrying about what some late-night comedian or some moose-hunting, over compensating, gotta stay in the limelight, politician from the frozen tundra says.

        Dave and Jon both rule–one rules at 11 and one rules at 11:30, although Dave’s rule is threatened by Conan.

  4. Peggy Says:

    I never watched Letterman since I always thought Leno (and now Conan) were wittier and much more relevent. However, since I like to come into the middle of conversations, just wanted to add something. I didn’t hear the joke or any of the several apologies or any Palin comments or interviews. However, I am deeply offended by how offended everyone else is by how offended those who agree with Palin are by Letterman and how offended those who agree with Letterman are by Palin. In other words, I find the whole thing offensive. So there. (I am now sticking my tongue out and singing “na na na na na na”.)

    • PCL Says:

      I’m soooo confussssedddd!! LOLOL! (Psst, I’m really sick of the whole damn thing)

      Isn’t there something out there that is about the absurdity of all men who–oh that’s right, some men were offended by all those who offended and were offended in this entire absurd situation.

      PS: Nobody beats Jon and Stephen for late night comedy. They offend all, equally.

    • Peggy Says:

      I believe that being both offended and offensive should be equal opportunity rights. You’re right, PCL. Only Jon and Stephen have it right.

    • Splash Says:

      I am offended by people who are offended by people being offended by those who are offensive …

      … present company excepted, of course.

      • PCL Says:

        Nice coverage of your ass, honey. Peggy–don’t let him talk to you that way.

      • Peggy Says:

        Splash never hurts my feelings. In fact, he is the only potato h**d (I refuse to say that word) that I agree with a lot of the time. I still reserve my right to be offended and offensive, though.

      • Peggy Says:

        And I am still offended by that fucking blue thing. Is Cube ever going to help me out or do I have to go on strike?

      • PCL Says:

        LOL!!! Peggy I will walk the picket line with you in an effort to get that little blue thingy changed. Actually, I think they are randomly generated and I don’t think Cube has any control over that.

        You know, if you have an account at WordPress.com, you can download any pic you want that is in your computer files.

      • Splash Says:

        Peggy –

        I think it is fucking hilarious that you can say fucking, but won’t say h**d (that was for you). I think it is grand …

        …but Mr Potato Head here is completely offended>>>>>>>>

  5. Peggy Says:

    Don’t edit me, Cube. That was topical.

  6. Peggy Says:

    And I hate that little blue thing that comes up by my name on this blog. Can’t you make me a ladybug?

    P.S. I’ve had a drink or three. I really like you guys.

  7. Peggy Says:

    Actually, I think I’d rather be a butterfly.

  8. Michelle Says:

    Love ya, Vegas!

  9. Peggy Says:

    I could be a pussycat (oops, I said pussy). They have nine lives.

  10. Splash Says:

    Go To Twitter Tracker. Louis wrote sometihing about Iran. I tried before but lost it.

    Not censor… directions to where you may post whatever. I cut and pasted it.

    That’s what open threads are for. Have fun talking about this there.

  11. Michelle Says:

    Goto Twitter Tracker

  12. sekanblogger Says:

    What? Letterman tweeked on meth?
    Hell he’s got friggin cash.
    I’ll bet he gets at least dexedrine 15mg extended release.
    Whatever happened to desoxyn?
    Too easy to soak and inject I guess.

    • Cube Says:

      Not only do folks miss the Meth, but, you love how everyone wrong on this issue (cough, cough, Tommy) falsely uses the phrase “Statutory Rape?” Statutory Rape, for the record (kind of a b.s. colloquialism) is not even applicable here. I mean, if if anyone were right, the joke did not imply A-Rod having consensual sex with a minor. If Letterman were talking about the drunken dwarf from the 80’s flick (Willow) which he wasn’t, it was a forcible rape. Also known as Capital Sexual Battery. So, it doesn’t surprise me those arguing this retarded point fucked that up too. For the record.

      • PCL Says:

        Thank you, Cube. I am so sick of reading and hearing of everyone labeling this subject, and others like it, ‘rape’. Imagine being an actual victim of rape and finding that the only word that truly applies to your life-long trauma is now the ‘catch-all’ word for those on opposite sides of the political arena to label their imaginary ‘slights’ from those they ‘think’ support their opposition. That is just fucked.

        Or is it the wine?

  13. Cube Says:

    I just edited his comment and tried to copy it to the open thread. No one gets banned here! Except, sometimes, I strap a band to my… no. That was David Carradine.

    “Kindly, do not comment here on this comment. That’s why I have open threads. Pet Peeve of Cube: Comments not topical to the post.” Go to the open threads to discuss whatever you’d like.

    Please do not turn this thread into a discussion of this. 🙂 No biggie.

  14. Michelle Says:

    I was just joking…

    not trying to discuss.

    Ok. 🙂 Goto the recent open thread to discuss editorial suggestions or whatever you’d like.

  15. Louis IX KingofFrawnce Says:

    oh hey y’all- busy holiday season,
    lots of summer visiting
    every relative (even 6th degree cousins that I never slept with yet) is burning I-10 and the connecting crumbling interstate system…………errrrr…. to talk or not talk about letterman and palin.
    (I already know that even all the dixiecrats, as well as every republican in the family, wonder how palin isn’t embarressed by herself-
    but they do approve of her dabbling in voodoo)
    and yeah it was annoying to get censored, but it’s cube’s blog, so that’s his business, not mine.
    no sweat.

  16. Splash Says:

    Bebe, I just luv your passion! Letterman is a good guy, both for making the joke and for apologizing. In reality he reached out to all audiences; that’s just good for business (which is what comedy is right? A business?). And his pseudo apology, well that just captured everyone in the middle, now didn’t it.

    Like you said … brilliant.

    • PCL Says:

      Now you know damn well I can’t argue with that–that’s just chicken shit, honey.

      Dave’s REAL apology was just that–a business move, but it’s a real shame he had to do it to shut the whiney Palin lovers the fuck up. The only good thing about it–Ziggy didn’t get enough mileage out of it to offset the cost of his DVD docudrama about Palin. Saweet!!

      Oh and here’s as good a place as any to plug our blog:


  17. Splash Says:

    Copied to twitter tracker

  18. Splash Says:

    Copied To Twitter Tracker Open Thread.

    Please carry on in the Open thread. Make any suggestions you’d like.

  19. Splash Says:

    Sorry, Cube … had I known you were sending my post to twitter tracker, I would have posted it there. I’m done.

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