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Open thread toe hold.  Check out the TWEETS WITH HEAT!

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31 Responses to “twitter TRACKER”

  1. PCL Says:

    LOLOLOLOL!!! Conan is the man!! Too funny. That was so cleverly done.

    However, they should be careful about that ‘running the little birdie through the meat slicer’ kind of comedy–next thing ya know, John Ziegler will be working with PETA to get Conan fired.

  2. Cube Says:

    Here is a tweet I just sent to the editor in chief of TMR: @stevenfoley I know you have this serious show and all, but, there was discussion of poop and Star Trek playing. That means: Anything Goes.

    • PCL Says:

      Let me guess: Tommy and Caleb were on Foley’s show? Those little Trekkies! I’ll bet they both have flip-up phones–why they look just like Star Trek communicators from the original show! Proving once again, that no man is too old for The Peter Pan Syndrome.

      • PCL Says:

        Sorry to Tommy and Caleb–but they do love their Star Trek. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

  3. Cube Says:

    The condensed version is this: Bob had his show and Steve and that fucking retard Ms. M. get on. The next thing you know it’s comedy hour for them. So, of course, they suck ass. But, they start making jokes about the fly and Obama. Specifically, the knee slapper that Obama’s a piece of shit and that’s why the fly was attracted to him. I mean, brilliant comedy. So, I got on and decided to hijack the show for a bit and see if they could handle it. They could not. They said Obama’s a piece of shit. “Ok” I said. “Hey, unlike McCain, you know, at least Obama can friggin’ raise his arms to swat the fly.” I mean, if Obama is truly a piece of shit, he couldn’t raise his arms. BUT, he did raise his arms. Making him, not a piece of shit. Therefore, making them wrong and me right.

  4. PCL Says:

    Ms M? Say no more, Cube.

  5. Cube Says:

    # Splash Says:
    June 24, 2009 at 1:05 am | Reply edit

    Cube –

    It is easy to understand that, as a lawyer by day, you get caught up in that world of relevance, and can bring it home from the office every now and again. It is your blog, but it is also fun and I know it is your pet peeve, but Louie is a great contribution even when he is irrelevant (not that any of us know exactly what he wrote).

    No offense intended, Louie.

    I really appreciate your blog, Cube, precisely because you keep it fun with a hands off approach (usually).

    * Cube Says:
    June 24, 2009 at 1:12 am | Reply edit

    Let me ask you a question. Is this your blog? No. Now, I dig all you guys, but, I put a helluva lot of work into this. There are open threads for a reason Splash. Despite a kind request to put this into a spot I designate specifically for matters you raise you choose not to.

    This isn’t PM. PD. Or anything else. So. Let me explain emapthy. Imagine spending four hours working on an article, writing a kind request to stay on topic here and pull up one of the open threads, and have (despit the “kind request”) someone fly in the face of it when he (you Splash) just choose to do that. Like, I demand too much?

    Basically, no offense intended, ok. But what do you intend by flying in the face of a kind request. Thanks for screwing up a good conversation about letterman. This isn’t Pd. This is a comedy blog based largely on comedy. Pd is where you can go talk about matters that have nothing to do with the post. Like yours. So, I’m moving it (like I intended to do with Louis) to the most recent open thread. I am saying this kindly and respectfully.

    Louis is a great contributor, but, being topical has nothing to do with law. It has to do with context and dealing with the topic of the post. You want chaos? There are sites like that. This shit. This specific conversation. I wanted to avoid. C’mon. I like everyone’s comments. All I request is that you try to stay on Topic. Not hard. Open threads — talk about work or Iran or my mom. That’s why they are there. It can’t be any clearer. C’mon. I put a shitload of work into it. I would listen to the requests in your home.

    Forgot who wrote this: See?? Now I really REALLY want to know what Louie said. Put it back cube!

    I think it made Louie go away. That is what censor/edit does to some.

    It makes your readers disappear. Isn’t the object to get readers/posters???

  6. Cube Says:

    SPASH SAID: If you think I flew in the face on your ‘kind request’ then you are mistaken; I was equally as kind. LIKE I SAID it is your blog. I ALSO SAID I appreciate your blog. The fact is, you only drew people more into the irrelevance by making an issue of it in the first place.

    Need I point out that no one can fly in somebody’s face like you can? No … I don’t think I will.

    And I don’t need to watch; I know how easy it is. I know you put a lot of work into your posts, and although we are but mere commenters … aren’t we what a blogger wants? That any blogger would ban (or even edit) a comment except for extreme cases flies in the face of why you blog in the first place – to attract commenters.

    Did I mention that it is, however, your blog? I think we all did.

  7. Splash Says:

    I stand by my statements, Cube especially the last one you pasted here, which incidentally fit right into the joking everyone else was doing. I am of the humble opinion that you are hurting yourself and your blog by being such a stickler … but from here on out I will honor your request.

    And yes you were very respectful to me as I believe I was to you.


  8. Louis IX KingofFrawnce Says:

    the relevance of the gorgeous girl who got shot in iran was that she got shot in iran, and was truly gorgeous in an old 60’s bond flick type of gorgeous,
    whereas everybody in the USA is all entralled with the letterman assassination of palin, when she’s still alive and isn’t as beautiful.
    the concept is like putting a birdie thru a meatgrinder.
    you can track both stories on twitter.

    • Cube Says:

      I hope you realize I tried to move that comment over here. Especially since you make some really funny remarks here, it just seemed out of place without explaining as you did now. Thank you. I appreciate, more than you might realize, explaining how it tied into Letterman, as before it did not read that way. As I recall, there was nothing about Letterman in the original post. So, it had no context for someone reading it. If you had written that same thing with the words Letterman and what you meant (and if I hadn’t have hit the wrong button while trying to transfer it here, it would still be here and I could have moved it back there. I wish you had written that in full as you did here.

      Before it was a post about Letterman, a friend of Unusable Signal and mine (Gladstone from Cracked), his video, and Tommy’s thoughts. You had a comment about the deceased Iranian girl.

      What I do appreciate very much is your explanation. Thanks. I also thank you for showing respect to a very simple request. I actually think you should write an article about that and I’d be happy to post it as a guest author. I think you’ll agree, that without the context you just gave, in a vacuum, it didn’t fit and it just seemed odd to have that subject matter on a light piece. Write an article about the twitter concept if you want, and, I’d love to post it on it’s own as a guest article.

      Sheesh. That’s why I wanted this discussion here.

      Well, I have to go free the bad guys. I take a lot of time, which I don’t tell you guys, after work and past my bedtime (east coast) to bring you stuff that takes… a lot of time and work. So, when that first popped up, and I never had moved anything around before, it got lost. For that, I’m sorry. I wish I could have the original here. And the above comment in the Letterman post now.

      Alone, it just didn’t fit. Hate by numbers attracts thousands of fans of Gladstone. I couldn’t post the video as you saw.

      So, if you write the article, don’t post it here! Save it. I’ll email you and post it as an article.

      De nada Louis. Is that Chinese?

      Most of all, I appreciate you respecting my requests. There’s a reason I’ve give out the comment awards.

      For topical great points that can be considered a “comment” rather than this. Which is a novella.

      @Splash: If you recall, you came over here after getting booted by Caleb and something with Tommy. (Correct me if I’m wrong). I purposefully didn’t look why. I have a feeling it was something far different than this because all I asked is that you comment about side issues (like I asked nicely) over here. Finally, you did. That’s all I wanted. No comments about why I moved things around. I understand why you, in particular, would be sensitive.

      I remember when you got banned from Caleb’s thread at AOL. I remember how you felt. I don’t ban anyone nor censor. I just wanted the comments here. All due respect Splash, I’ve always been cool with you and everyone and never ask for anything. Just that you comment on your feelings on this cyber issue or matters having absolutely no colorable claim to being topica to the post (as Louis just explained how it was) here. Is that too much to ask? I think you would agree it’s not. Maybe you guys didn’t know the definition of “open thread.” If so, ok. I thought that was a common understanding (see thread of Open Thread Ejaculation as a great example of a place where anything goes). A lot of blogs have open threads. But, you didn’t understand that, and, I should probably define “open thread.” I assumed you understood. Iran threads are about Iran. Louis just tied Iran to Letterman. Making it topical.

      The blog reads better when it’s organized this way. Which is all this is.

      So, write whatever you’d like in the open threads, and just try to stay topical. That’s all.

      Without the context Louis provided, it was interesting, but, belonged in Iran posts or here. Now that he has explained himself, I hope he writes an article. But also, maybe take a bit of time to think about all the work I do to give you Peggy, PCL, Louis, Michelle, Ryan, and everyone a place to hang. It’s hard. I don’t tell you guys. Maybe I should. It takes a lot of work balancing this and having death penalty cases to worry about. Ok? Put yourself in my shoes. Then, ask yourself, was it really necessary to get all fired up when all I asked is your comments on comments go in a place designed specifically for that?

      Most authors of blogs do not even take a lick of time to pay attention to their readers. I do. Always. I ask for one little itty bity thing. Which is what my mom said. But anyways, now I’m late for court and know I care more about you folks at this moment than this judge who will break my balls.

      It’s ok. The judge thinks I have a nice ass. I want a Judge Mrs. Robinson experience with her.

      • PCL Says:

        Alrighty then.

      • Louis IX KingofFrawnce Says:

        oh cubeworthy-
        I thought I was posting that comment about the gorgeous girl being shot in iran on a blog about letterman and palin.
        I may have been loaded at the time ’cause it’s been a busy summer already, so such a thing is possible.
        what was that other blog about?

  9. Louis IX KingofFrawnce Says:

    excusez moi.

    • Peggy Says:

      Louis, you’re right about the comparison. The young woman who was killed while simply watching a protest while half the USA is more interested in the Letterman/Palin thing is worth discussion. Mybe Cube could open that up here or possibly Splash and PCL will take it on.

      Meanwhile, you have been properly and soundly spanked by Cube. Glad you took it in the spirit he meant it. We missed you.

    • Cube Says:

      It’s relevant now.

      De nada! 🙂 WRITE THE ARTICLE! Interesting. I’ll post it later

      email me at

      • Louis IX KingofFrawnce Says:

        okay, it may take a few weeks.
        this is time consuming visiting season for every member of every family along the gulf of mexico.
        everyone smells like bayou water, bar B que and whiskey when they enter a room.
        a girl in line at the grocery store even let out the smell of day old crawfish everytime she took a step.

      • Peggy Says:

        Wow, Louis, reminds me of my good old days in Arkansas (except for the bayou water). Sometimes the smell of the moonshine my grandpa made was a little stronger than the whiskey but it’s all the same in the end.

        Figured you enjoyed the spanking you got from Cube. He seems pretty good at it. Think he’s had a lot of practice. I miss the 60’s more than the 70’s. I’m all for flower power, free love and whatever else floats your boat.

      • Splash Says:

        Peggy –

        Someone we know would say “Joie de vivre!!” Whatever makes us happy. There’s a story about this very thing over on our blog:

        Louie … Thanks for the visual … I hope it made you happy!

  10. Michelle Says:

    *sticks head out of flap jacket*

    I just don’t have anything to say at the moment…no good topic as of yet…

    will check back in a few

    don’t wanna talk about the proper room thingy, its too much drama for lil ole me…and I HATE being in trouble…

  11. Cube Says:

    @KingLouis: Yo! True Blood Vampires might getcha! Don’t let the story get stale. You know this nanosecond news cycle.

    Hint: “Brevity is the soul of wit.” So, write it.

    @Michelle: As President, you are impervious to trouble. Like Nixon.

    If you were in trouble, I’d write about spanking you.

    Speaking of Nixon, Go look at Indecision and check out the comment winner and read the Nixon article. It’s on the right where someone you know got the Royal Comment Award (something like that).

    Here’s what’s great…. Someone posting as “truth” was in the comment section acting very much like the same “truth” from PD. In other words, a fucking jagggoff. So, it’s always cool winning that, but, doubly cool was “truth” got smacked down by some posters in there and I won right in his face.

    I try to model this place like theirs and some other comedy sites. PD is fucked up insofar as commentary goes. Bad habits are picked up there. Comments like “truth’s” don’t exist typically. Also, I can tell you I learned about not “sniping” there. Which is why we don’t see it here.

    Also, comments are not manifestos like this. Now, I’m going to figure out some unusual spin on the never discussed topic of adultery probably. Thanks to my President, who is guiding us back on point and objectively is 100% correct.

    • Michelle Says:

      Phew, thanks boss…..

      love ya mean it (pain in the ass) DOH…did I say that???


      you have some windows to repair my friend….

  12. Louis IX KingofFrawnce Says:

    I don’t know how to write for blogs.
    I just know my lines.
    if I did write one, I have to quote someone who just got back from a second tour of Iraq.
    when I asked him what it was like, he made a disparaging comment about how everyone in america complains -all the time, about Nothing That Matters.

    • Michelle Says:

      Louie, just let it freeflow….same as you always would, if you quote someone, then give them props….

      I bet it would be a great article, just do it…

      DO IT!

    • Cube Says:

      First of all Louis, you know how to write and you are an excellent commenter. If you’d rather not, that’s cool, but, I’d like to see some folks try their hand at writing an article. Not one on how comments should be made. Thanks fore understanding the request.

      I am convinced, that staying on topic, is best.

      When you or Michelle or others have won awards, you’ll notice, it was for a topical funny, witty, or insightful comment. If everyone takes a second to just think about one sentence or two to post topical to the point, the conversation gets better.

      Like, here’s why commentary at PD sucks my balls. The commenters have no direction. The issues are all over the place. People get pissed, yadadyayayayadayday. Other blogs, where the commentary is good, people just learn it at some point. A great example is Comedy Central. This bs, doesn’t happen there. Why? It’s a comedy site. Like this one.

      I ask you this? Why did you really, mostly, leave PD to an extent? Because they tolerated shitting on people and hatred. I don’t want that. Won’t have it. You will find an area for most things. Open threads… Iran… green dildos… you know. the usual. Ok. I’m done defending my request.

      @Michelle: Kiddo, I understand “fuck rules.” Maybe you can say a request to put chat room type discussion in the open thread a rule. But, that’s all it is. Is that unreasonable? You know me well enough to know it is most fair and I leave it up to you guys to curb yourselves. However, once I made it clear, look how much better Louis comment is with context.

      If I hadn’t purposefully done that, we would never have seen what Louis really thought. And now, the next time I write an article, if people respect my request, mark my words, your comments, everyone’s will be much better. It stimulates better writing.

      Also, this is the last manifesto I shall write in the “comment” area. I like the funny and topical. Not chaos. Chaos does not work.

      Only so many posts you can write about other posts. Respectfully to Splash and PCL, I love they started a blog. But, they will find when they write about X and people talk about their puppy dog’s dental hygiene, no matter what they might say about not caring… they will. All authors do. I just tell the truth. As a published author in libraries around the world. I just don’t tell you guys who I really am.

  13. Michelle Says:


  14. Michelle Says:

    Cube, I always follow the rules here…fuck rules applies at the other blog, where there are none…as of yet.

    This is getting long in the tooth my friend, you are making more of it than needs to be, just like a good lawyer should.

    My comments have been in jest…and btw…we are breaking that rule right now….

    This isn’t an open thread now, is it?? =)

    Im looking at the framing of this article, no where does it say….open thread….

    (again, Im kidding…lighten up…can’t believe Im telling you that)

  15. Cube Says:

    I’ll be honest. When you spend four hours writing something, and that shit happens, it would irk you. But, there are no rules. For the record. Which is what irked me more. I know you’re kidding, but, are you kidding about the sentence that says open thread? Up top. Beneath the video? The one that says “Open Thread Toe Hold.” Muwahahahahaha dang attorneys.

  16. PCL Says:

    Cube, I can only say that you are 100% right about how long it takes to write these suckers.
    As for caring about people going off topic–it’s gonna happen. For the most part, some will stay on topic–and some threads will grow and morph into other discussions. That’s cool. That’s dialogue. Whatcha gonna do?
    Now about this Twitter crap . . . . never gonna catch me on there.

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