“Unusable Signal” Comedy On Trial: The Defense


Res Ipsa Loquitor Chowderheads. WARNING: THIS SHOW WILL CONTAIN EXPLICIT LANGUAGE ANS VULGAR SEXUAL INNUENDO IS LIKELY (ACTUALLY, IT PROBABLY WON’T BE INNUENDO IF I MAKE IT WITH A POLAR BEAR I’VE TRAINED TO LOVE ME FOR WHO I AM). Toddlers should listen without their parent’s consent. Comedy has been put under a microscope unfairly as of late, and, it’s a good time to mark down DNR on the toe-tag of the P.C. Police. Or, have them do comedy themselves.

Tonight 11:00 PM (EST)

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8 Responses to ““Unusable Signal” Comedy On Trial: The Defense”

  1. Michelle Says:

    Thats a fake birthcertificate, I don’t care what anyone says! Shame on you Obama for trying to pass off someone elses birth certificate as yours!!

    He’s still born in Kenya as far as Im concerned!!


    Im a birfer, you’re a birfer, wouldn’t you like to be a birfer too?


  2. Michelle Says:


  3. Cube Says:

    That’s George Carlin’s police report! It was found in Obama’s vault though.

    • Louis IX KingofFrawnce Says:

      okay it was after happy hour and some art openings last night when I tried to read carlin’s police report the first time and I thought it said sotomaior in the yellow hilighted blank that really said entertainer.
      thanx cube,

  4. sekanblogger Says:

    I got to see Carlin in my hometown, small venue of 1,500 persons.
    It was shortly before his death.
    You can’t believe the number of complete idiots that went there lookin’ for the “hippy-dippy weather man” and got insulted when he told rude jokes.
    Idiots. Nincompoops.

    • Cube Says:

      I was fortunate enough to see Carlin twice. The second time was the same gig as the first. So, I walked out because there wasn’t enough edgy comedy for me. But, I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night and am ready to take over.

  5. Michael Says:

    This is a super Blog. i love coming here.you content is great.

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