Mr. Rogers’ Internet

Ahhh… dreams of a Utopian internet.

It’s no secret that I like to get to know people — and not just the outside stuff of their lives.  I like to try to understand the meaning of who people are and what they’re saying to me.  — Fred Rogers, The World According To Mr. Rogers, page 135 (2004)

Wouldn’t it be nice?

Then again, this is pretty nice too…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

This however, is the real neighborhood

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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8 Responses to “Mr. Rogers’ Internet”

  1. PCL Says:

    What an empathetic man he was, eh Cube?

    So do you put on your grey cardigan when you do Unusable Signal every Saturday night–I mean obviously Mr. Rodgers is your role model (although I don’t see any blue dixie cups on his set), right? And that’s all good, Cubie.

  2. Cube Says:

    This music soothes me. The sound is nice to listen to. As a matter of fact PCL, Fred Rogers is a philosopher. I didn’t grab his quote from the web (which is why I had to cite it that way) I own his books.

    And yes. Mr. Rogers is a role model of mine. So is Mr. Robinson. I believe Fred Rogers loved Eddie Murphy’s bit.

    From this I hope we try to make the internet a nicer place. That’s what we should all learn from this. And realize, someone is behind the words typed here and there. People were ripping Melinda.


    They tolerate WADE )!(! C’mon. That’s their right, but, I stopped posting there because they do not moderate. And, the people there are……. retarded. See the 5 star article.

    That they allow comments calling for hatred, racism, sexism, homophobia, makes them guilty as hell morally in my mind.

    The people there cannot curb their enthusiasm. Which is why I’ve been posting at HuffPo and the other sites on the Blogroll. Go look at the difference in atmosphere. Choose the ones you like.

    You will notice a drastic difference between AOL and any of the ones I have. Even Red State doesn’t allow for that. They are guilty, morally, for allowing that.

    I’m all about free speech. They own that site. They allow pure disgusting shit up and censor Tommy? And I didn’t wholly agree with him. Which I wrote.

    Let’s listen to Mr. Rogers. My mom would be proud. Let’s listen to Mr. Robinson. And Mr. T.

  3. Cube Says:

    For those who might be reading this for the first time, the point of this article was for people to step into the shoes of others. Like Tommy. If you want to read my full rant, go to the “Telling Mom About Tommy Christopher.”

    Tommy has a family. A young child. He relied on this. I hear his child crying on the phone.

    He has a girlfriend. Her name is Diana.

    Tommy is ou of a job. They all (and he has other children) rely on him. Think of the pressure for a moment. Think of it. Tommy was fired with an email and not a word from Melinda.

    I’ve fired employees before. Two. The hardest thing I’ve ever had to do.

    I looked them both in the eyes. Always. Not even a phone was used by Melinda to call Tommy.

    Now, on Melinda’s side, she states she didn’t read the Playboy article. She says people loved Tommy and they were trying to figure out a way to keep hin on. However, she did not call him.

    Also, people are taking shots at her. As I wrote above. What must that feel like? Horrible. She’s the editor in chief. Bottom line, she can do whatever she likes. However, I wish the two of them go to know one another better.

    There were all of these knee jerk reactions. The piece on Telling Mom, where she calls me an alta kaka for more than one reason, is about use of the word “rape.” Lost in this discussion is the debate.

    That’s not the point.

    I wish Melinda and Tommy would have a phone call. It’s not for me to call for. I don’t amount to hill of beans and I like that. I’m not the moral compass of the web. However, those two, IMHO, could have buit something. Melinda’s probably against this. If I were her I’d say, “who the f*** does he think he is?” She’s not wrong. But, I’ve been an editor. Law Review.

    I know what she deals with. It’s hard. However, I always took the time to speak to my writers. My co-workers and fellow law students. This is over a decade ago and not the same. But, I understand, more than she will ever know because I imagine she’ll never read this, how hard being an editor is.

    As an editor, I would think it best to take a deep breath, wipe the slate clean, and start over. If I were Tommy, I’d have a talk with her, ask exactly what it is he can do to improve. As she said, they were looking for ways to work him in because he is “brilliant” with networking.

    But, all writers, have egos. The ideal world is Mr. Rogers. The antithesis, is the last post. Mr. Rogers accidentally showing hookers to children.

    I say, go for the middle. They won’t. I see no reason why they can’t get back together. Everyone speculated. Including me. I however, said on the radio I am speculating and tried to come up with theories on both sides. None of will ever KNOW what happened.

    However, I can opine that AOL could honestly use Tommy. In 2 years.l Less. He was reporting in the White House. Can you imagine that? That is awesome.

    As an editor myself years ago, I would covet such a commodity. Groom him if she deems fit.

    But, I have no standing here. None. I have no right. So, I’ll stick with my friend. It’s too bad. I loved PD and Political Machine. I was drawn from outside AOL.

    Nevertheless, more outside traffic, as a matter of fact, would increase with tommy.

    Now. It’s my 100th post. My wish is for someone to write in and ask for them to sing kumbaya, smoke a doob, make up, and work together. The fans would want it. Look at his Twiiter followers.

    I’m just a fan. I like that. This is a place for fans. The show is where fans get to hear from people I’ve been lucky enough to meet. Ok. I’m done.

    kumbaya my cube kumbaya

  4. Michelle Says:

    Happy 100 Cube

    couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

  5. Cube Says:

    Thank you. Watch for 101 in about 15 minutes.

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