Telling Mom About Tommy Christopher And Playboy


So, I was talking with Mrs. Rawls,  my mommy, and she asked me how things were going with the internet.

“It’s great Mom.  Like, I’m learning a lot and meeting all of these interesting people.  It’s better than real work.  Finally, I think that philosophy and political science degree is really coming in handy.  I mean the fine edcuation, coupled with the whole law school thing you and Daddy paid for, is really allowing me to make some inroads out there.  In cyberspace.”

“That’s nice Cubey.”

“And guess what Mom?”

“What’s that my little alta kaka?”

“My friend Tommy Christopher got fired by AOL for calling out some conservative hate fucking rapist who also thinks about chemically castrating his own testicles and burns swastikas on puppy dog tushies while wearing a Klan Hood and masturbating with a cheesgrater.  But, no midgets were hurt.”

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100 Responses to “Telling Mom About Tommy Christopher And Playboy”

  1. PCL Says:

    I posted this on one of Melinda’s articles at PD (Sorry, Cube, no satire or even lame ‘attempt’ at humor):

    6:04PM Jun 6th 2009

    Okay, I have read all the protests here (and on other blog articles as well) about Tommy Christopher’s recent termination by Political Daily’s Melinda Henneberger–and I am now ready to chime in.

    First off, let me say that I am not only a fan of Tommy’s, I am also the now ‘former’ President of his Fan Club. It would be easy for me to jump on the bandwagon of decrying his termination, as well as that of other former Political Machine writers, but that is not my MO. I have yet to hear or read the actual reason from Ms. Henneberger as to why Tommy, and the others, were let go. To say that Tommy’s termination is due to his article about the garbage that was written on the Playboy blog, is pure speculation at this point in time. It is suspect, but still speculation nonetheless.

    However, I will say this: since the changeover from Political Machine to Political Daily, there has been quite a few of us ‘regulars’ from the old Political Machine that are, disgruntled. Some of our complaints have been heard and we have been accommodated, so thank you PD for that. But what made Political Machine so popular and, quite frankly, stimulating–is gone. Political Daily infuses itself with so many articles and so many authors, that it is, at many times, overwhelming. Gone are the epic battles that took place on Political Machine. Gone are the interaction between authors and those of us who post on these blogs. All of which helped to make Political Machine what it was. That many of the writers on PM were bloggers, and not Journalists, made no difference. In fact, that was what made it so special. Now in its place, we have the coldness of reading a newspaper–ever notice how well that’s working these days?

    But I digress. I read the Playboy piece that Tommy referenced and wrote about. Yes, it is vile–nothing I don’t expect from Playboy. That I am not in an outrage over such an article is due to the fact that it’s Playboy for crissakes–I consider the source. There are bigger battles to wage when it comes to equal rights for women, not that I am condoning the actions of the jerk who wrote that article, I’m sure his mother is proud.

    But, for the sake of argument, let’s just say that Tommy’s article in reaction to that piece from Playboy, IS the reason for his termination. Then we need to look at the ripple effect of that move. Here is a Liberal responding in defense to crap aimed at Conservative Women. Tommy, in essence ignored the word ‘Conservative’. If in fact, PD, AOL, and/or Melinda issued the order for his dismissal because of his article–then it becomes obvious that they did NOT ignore the word Conservative, and made this a political issue as opposed to a gender issue. In doing that, would they not be giving credence to exactly what the Conservatives and ALL their pundits have been saying about a Liberal press all along? That a Liberal press is only Liberal when it suits their purpose?

    As I said, all of this is speculation. But unanswered speculation, particularly about the press, has a way of rolling over facts. Now, I don’t affiliate myself with any political party or movement–but if I was, I would be hard pressed not to be speculating big time over the ‘whys’ of this mess.

    Tommy will go on, he will be picked up by some other outlet, as will the others–it will be more interesting to see what becomes of Political Daily. I just have a bad feeling that PD’s days are numbered as well.

    • Peggy Says:

      Hi, PCL, saw your post and also sent one on the blog (not nearly as well worded as yours but we do what we can). Thank you for trying to insert some common sense into what turned into a brouhaha.

      Now, for a little of what we follow Cube for.

      Cube, I hope you’re mom was relieved that no midgets were harmed. Sure made me feel better about the whole mess.

      Is your show really on earlier tonite? Since I’m a West (or left) Coaster, it means I have to let my regular dinner partners know I can’t make it. How do I reconcile the fact that I, the living proof that you’re never too old to live a totally hedonistic life style, can’t go for good food and drink because I want to listen to a radio program? A little help here, please.

      • PCL Says:

        Thank you Peggy, and I love and share your hedonistic lifestyle–you are also living proof that it’s not about age, it’s about attitude.

        Tough call on the radio vs. good food/drink thingy. CUBE!!!!!! Or even, MAMA CUBE!!!!

  2. Michelle Says:


    Im proud that you call me friend.

    Well said ladybug, well said.

  3. Michelle Says:

    Even at an earlier time, having trouble tuning into the show…

    archives again for me….

  4. PCL Says:

    Here’s an interesting angle on perhaps why Melinda and/or AOL hasn’t said why TC was fired. I don’t know the laws in whatever state PD is originating out of, but out here in California, as an employer, I can’t say why I fired a former employee should someone ask–it is a privacy matter, and if I did reveal that, I would be wide open for a law suit brought by that former employee. Just a thought.

    • Peggy Says:

      PCL, interesting thought. I did background investigations all over the country until I retired. I know more and more states were passing similar laws regarding former employees’ rights. In a lot of other places, many large companies simply made it policy. Even with the force of the government behind me and a signed release from my subject in hand, companies still only gave me dates of employment, position and/or job title and, in some cases they would also add beginning and ending salaries. Also noticed Tommy has mentioned on several occasions that he couldn’t discuss some conversations and information he received from other editors, etc. Could be a real legal or policy issue there.

      • PCL Says:

        The only thing I have been able to say to those who are inquiring about a past employee, is whether or not I would hire said employee again or not. It is a real tightrope when you can’t say that, for example, “hell no, I wouldn’t hire the creep again, fool was stealing from me!”

        I would speculate that there are legal ramifications should Melinda say anything–and I’m sure AOL/TW has quite an impressive roster of lawyers advising her on this. The sad part is, there might be a possibility that Melinda has to be the fall person for this matter, and she can’t say anything due to legal restraints. Just another thought.

  5. Splash Says:

    PCL – Good form. Good form indeed.

  6. Michelle Says:

    Hi ya PCL…thank you, and yes, Im fine, rough day, but we did it, and sent lovely things for her service.

    there is a youtube video of her from her friends, she was a special little lady.

    I just had an email returned from AOL for David Knowles…hope his neck isn’t the latest one to feel the cut….

    • PCL Says:

      What a beautiful tribute, such a pretty girl–it’s just not right.

      Hope David (my cake eating buddy) is okay.

  7. Louis IX KingofFrawnce Says:

    is playboy and AOL &/or PD owned by the same parent company?

  8. Cube Says:

    Great letter PCL. And everyone. I know Tommy is really appreciative of everyone’s support.


    That was excellent.

  9. Peggy Says:

    This was posted with the following link on one of Melinda’s articles at PD:
    ORE UPDATES: Melinda Henneberger, at last, responds:

    Does it make a lick of sense to you that I would fire anyone for standing up for women, or for taking on that disgusting story in Playboy? [ED. NOTE: Uhm…no, Melinda, it doesn’t, which is sort of why I asked the question!] The bloggers for the old AOL site, Political Machine, weren’t retained for the new site, Politics Daily, which has only been in existence for the last five weeks, and which we’re just staffing up. Sorry so dull, but there’s nothing more to it than that.

    Not sure about anyone else but this makes me almost as angry as the thought that Tommy was fired for his defense of women vis a vis the Playboy story. Seems to me they used the PM followers to build an audience and record hits and now they’ve literally kicked the folks we follow to the curb. If this is the case, David Knowles also has a very short shelf life. If he stays, this is a cover up of a cover up. Either way, on a very personal level, I feel somewhat used and abused.

    OK. I’m all better now. Just had to pass the link along and vent.

  10. Cube Says:

    So, in light of her comment, how does everyone feel now? Think it’s a fig leaf? A pretext maybe? Or, is that what you think really happened.

    Also, I was very curious to hear what people thought of Sarah Silverman being “raped.” Watch the video.

    • PCL Says:

      I just read Ms. Henneberger’s response on PD to this whole situation. Bottom line: unless anyone can ‘prove’ differently, I gotta take her at her word. Moreover, IMHO, she makes a helluva case for herself.

      Another thought of mine (cause this is just how my brain works), I found so much irony in the fact that people were quick to attack a ‘woman’ for not responding to an article about ‘women’. Go figure.

      Do I really think that’s what happened? Well, I am no journalist, but I am a corporate executive. As such, I have had to make decisions that, at times, did not please my employees, vendors, and even my customers. But my job isn’t to always please those people–sometimes I have to make decisions, for whatever reasons, that insure that my company stays on its game, as well as ahead of the game. It is a seemingly ruthless part of business, but one necessary for any business, including journalism, to survive.

      I am comfortable in the fact that I did not jump to conclusions, and that Ms. Henneberger made a ‘corporate’ decision for ‘artistic’ reasons–nothing more and nothing less. It is just too bad that Tommy and the others were on the receiving end of that decision; however, this ends any speculation for me on this matter.

      Now about that Silverman video, Cube . . . .

  11. Splash Says:

    Cube –

    Was there anything Melinda could have said to satisfy Tommy’s fans? I believe it was a simple business decision. I’ve seen a lot of comments on how overwhelming the number of writers was on the new ‘format’. Regardless of the confusion, it is easy to guesstimate that PD was top heavy on the staffing side. And so, some have to go.

    I once worked for a company that sold tv ads for small cable systems owned by CVI in a sea of territory that was covered by Time Warner (now BrightHouse Networks). In New York the exact opposite was true (TW small & CVI big). Overnight the two companies switched small systems in an almost sports team like trade. Suddenly the systems I found myself officially working for Time Warner. However, the accounts I had sold for CVI already had acct reps at Time Warner. None of the CVI employees were retained.

    You must admit that no matter what the timing of Tommy’s departure, he would most likely be working on a story of controversial substance on which anyone could hang his dismissal as unfair. My opinion is that Melinda was told to draw a line and let those below the line go. Usually, those from the old company are below the line, many times regardless of talent.
    Being empathetical, this should be hard on Tommy because no one likes to lose their job; thus, I can see why his site is plastered with stuff on the topic. However, so much is going on and it is passing your blog by because of your overkill on possibilities that simply cannot be proven and that are most likely mere coincidence. As a lawyer, you should know this and as a writer you should guard against monotony it has caused on your site. You are being a great friend by standing up so strongly for Tommy, but professionally you should let it go and, if Tommy wants you to succeed, as I believe he does, he will understand.

    But you are a good guy, Cube, for having voiced this stand and I’m sure Tommy and Diana both appreciate it – as do I.

  12. Michelle Says:

    Im not buying her explaination, at all…

    So, he was fired for saying fuck…will WADE and others be excused from there as well, after all…there is much behind their profanity, much violence and malintent.

    bottom line, the site is becoming sterile and boring at best


  13. Splash Says:

    LOL! I love it. Good advice. NEXT!!!!

  14. Louis IX KingofFrawnce Says:

    y’all remember when aol used toscroll a live comment section?
    wonder whatever happened to Whoyaddy?
    I think he’s wade’s father.

  15. Louis IX KingofFrawnce Says:

    ” ….. to scroll…”
    excusez moi.

  16. Cube Says:

    So I guess no one bothered to watch Sarah Silverman getting raped…

    Ho hum.

    • PCL Says:

      It’s time to drop the drama of this whole blog battle going on–so, yes Cube, I watched the Sarah Silverman video. First let me say, I sincerely think she is the perfect woman for you. And just think of the kiddies you both could produce–Mama Cube would be so happy.

      However, that video was just not one of my favorites of Sarah’s–but then I have grown rather tiresome of the ‘rape’ word being thrown around in such a willy nilly fashion as of late.

      Here’s a few of my Sarah Silverman favorites:

      • Cube Says:

        That was shot at The Delano in South Beach!

        I may have gotten laid in that room. Or, envisioned it with consent.

      • PCL Says:

        Well, it is a good thing your ‘vision’ came with consent–you might have been nailed for ‘vision rape’. I mean it’s bad enough that I almost feel guilty in enjoying those tawdry romance novels that women love–they almost always include the main male character ravishing the main female character! And she always enjoys it, but never admits it. (She must either be Catholic or Jewish).

  17. Louis IX KingofFrawnce Says:

    she does that all the time.

  18. Splash Says:

    Cube – I have seen a lot of Sarah’s stuff and this is not her best work. It was barely funny and was actually fairly offensive. I think most peple were wondering what your take was and false claims of rape in an attempt at humor related Tommy’s firing. Are you saying/claiming that Playboy was just trying to be funny?

    • Cube Says:

      “Joe Franklin Raped Me.” Last line. Splash is on it. Discuss. Also, don’t forget Mr. Rogers. See if y’all get my point. PCL touched on it here ironically. And PCL, I have been in love with her forever. We’re the same age, Jewish (which is not an issue for me, but helps), and like doody jokes. Hey, if you guys like this place, email the link to friends so we can all battle! I get a lot (I am stunned always) of people who visit. Some comment. Pimp my shit homies.

      • PCL Says:

        Seeee, I knew she would be perfect for you, Cube–Jewish or not.

        Edited for speculation into my thoughts and posting a comment I never made.

        And this is for Michelle:
        C’est la vie is the only French way to put it (referring to your comment on PD). But keep in mind, it may have a pretty sound to it–but I got slapped pretty damn good by my mother when I told her that once (and only once, woman had a mean right, open-handed slap)

      • Michelle Says:

        and Cube….Im on it…

        been pimping you and Tommy on PD

        there are alot of regulars that are bummed, and I know will be looking for a new home…

  19. Splash Says:

    Are we ready to go public with it, Bebe?

  20. Splash Says:


    I’m gunna need a new pic besides Mr Potato Head>>>>>

    And I guess we had better secure that catchy name too, eh?

  21. Peggy Says:

    PCL and Splash,

    If you two decide to do a point/counterpoint type blog, you could call it Bebe and Bobo. My friends and I could provide a huge number of hits with that type of PR.

    • PCL Says:

      LOL!! Peggy–stay tuned. You are on the right track, but as is always the case for Splash and I–things will surely take a wild turn. Best to buckle up. 😉

  22. Splash Says:

    Ohhh yeah. Wild and keraaaazy turns!! Click it or …

  23. Michelle Says:


    yeah baybay!

    strapped down and ready here in Texas, bring it on Cali!!

  24. Cube Says:

    Excuse me. Do not PCL, speculate on what I know or don’t know. A friend of mine lost his job and has no way to care for his family.

    Perhaps you lose sight of this. Maybe that was the reason I put up the fucking Mr. Rogers Piece.

    Did you for example know, Tommy has a little boy to take care of? Hmmm? I’ve had with this fucking issue. And, if you read or paid attention to the show, I stayed neutral throughout. But, that’s far too much to ask of you sometimes. If I’m rude, sorry. You pissed me off. You also, don’t know shit. You weren’t there. Neither was I.

    Read Plato’s The Apology. The first thing I ever talked about. The one thing I know is I don’t know everything. It’s called Socratic Wisdom. Point to me one time, ONE TIME where I’ve been inconsistent or say that I agree with anything! I’ve purposefully remained neutral throughout. I merely ask a question above.

    It’s clear the founder of Tommy’s Fan Club may need to resign.

    I’ve never been more offended by a post in my life.

    So, Why did I post Mr. Rogers? You always know right? To encourage them all to get back together! To encourage each party to empathize with one another.

    But no. You have to go into places. Immediately you know something? You were there? Or, for that matter, I was there.

    Sometimes, you err on the side of silence on matters. I defended against attacks on people. People have feelings.

    As I calm down by the end of this, I hope you will realize, I like try to empathize with others.

    I saw your post over at PD. You know. The one where you could’ve said nothing or voiced an opinion castigating Tommy when HuffPo still points to inconsistencies.

    Socratic Wisdom: I know I know nothing. There’s always more to know and learn.

    Perhaps you don’t have all of the facts. I know I don’t. I know this. I defend attacks against AOL see huffpo Melinda and Tommy and You and Michelle and Everyone Here.

    No more on this.

    I warn you now. Do not go there. This issue is done with here.

    Perhaps I should replay some of your posts where you laud Tommy. Paragraphs of praise. One article, and you know everything.

    It’s none of our fucking business and I wished I never posted a damn thing about it now. Every effort I make to lead people not to reach to conclusions is wasted.

    Here you need to read in between the lines. Also, this is an attempt at a comedy blog.

    I interact with all the readers. You especially. Who do you think you are? I think you me an apology. As for Tommy, I’ll leave that up to you. I like you PCL. You know this. But, from that question you believe WHAT? Give me a fucking break.

    • PCL Says:

      Excuse you. I wasn’t speculating on that at all, Cube. In fact, Cube, I would never do that–particularly the part about the friend out of a job.

      Furthermore, you have not cornered the market on giving a shit as to whether a friend has lost a job and has no way to care for his/her family–to that, sonny, I say get the fuck in line. We have ALL known or know someone who has lost or is even going to lose their job and be in the same position you spoke of. These are very tough times for ANYONE out of a job–not just here on the blogs.

      My point, and I will grant that perhaps I was not clear (which is often the case between you and I), is that your possible understanding of what you consider ‘funny’ and the love for your friend may have may have given you an inner-conflict. Oops, I guess that word ‘may’ might indeed imply I speculated–sorry. There was no malice intended, Cube. Seriously.

    • PCL Says:

      My dear Cube,

      Respectfully, you are wrong about me–you are as wrong as you can be. I took no sides in this fight about Tommy, for the very fact that I DO NOT KNOW ALL THE FACTS AND I WASN’T THERE. Furthermore, I gave Melinda the benefit of the doubt on her explanation strictly from a business point of view–something, I do know shit about. If she was lying, I knew nothing of that. I have read some of the claims that she lied, but I just don’t know, Cube. I can’t make a judgment of who said what or did what in this case, just because I am a friend of Tommy’s. I’m sorry if that upsets you, but I can’t let even that influence me. And I thought you of all people would understand that. And for the record, I have made no conclusions about any of this–if you read that into anything I wrote, then I was clearly misunderstood. I am sorry for Tommy, as well as ALL the other writers from PM–you will never UNDERSTAND what PM did for me.

      I am aware that Tommy has a little boy, and I’m so sorry he was let go–let’s not forget that I did comment on many, if not most of Tommy’s articles. Cube, I have people in my own extended family out of jobs–to imply that I can’t sympathize with that particular situation is just wrong on so many fronts.

      As for my resigning my presidency–no Tommy, no fan club. Simple really.

      No I don’t know everything, Cube. And neither do you. And it is obvious to me, that you don’t know me at all, and vice versa. As for apologies, I am sorry for the misunderstanding and the toll it has exacted on both of us.

      And on that note, I’m done. Really done.

      • Cube Says:

        Ok then PCL. You can think what you’d like. You are free to. However, just, you attributed your thoughts to me. Unfairly.

        Also, the post you wrote on PCL was opposite to what you wrote here.

        This isn’t worth a fight with us. However, I am loyal to Tommy. And, let’s see if something productive can come out of this.

        Rather than knee jerk reactions. Which is what Playboy was with censoring and everything and people calling Obama supporters “rapists.” Knee jerk.

        So, I’m moving on. Happy 100 post to me 😦

  25. Michelle Says:


  26. Cube Says:

    This will be the end of the conversation. Respectfully.

    PCL, You said it was “ironic” I realized something. Where do I realize anything. Please. Kindly. Do not go back into the area again. I added some further comments above. This is supposed to be a fun blog. That’s how I’ve kept it. Ok? Ok.

  27. Michelle Says:

    all my worlds are just turning to shit.

    • Cube Says:

      No. Your words are fine. So are PCL’s but for her claiming I know something and she finds my alleged knowledge ironic.

      I love everyone. I try to show that above. I’m shifting this debate to Mr. Rogers. I want to listen to that song again.

      We’re all friends. I’ll never post at AOL again. Ever. They fired friends of mine. You guys can. That’s just me.

      Michelle, if anyone fucked with you or PCL’s family or anyone, if you needed me to, I’d fly to Texas. Or California (PCL) or Jersey (Tommy) That’s just me.

      • Michelle Says:

        Cube, you know I love ya man…you have always just grabbed me right in the cranium and haven’t let go yet…

        but it was worlds…not words…lol

        and I get that fly to where ever you are needed thing…it shines through…

        But this is getting pretty twisted up…All I know is, Tommy got fired, and there are many stories circulating as to why…

  28. Cube Says:

    I’m not castigating an editors decision, but, you think you know everything right? How about, the only people who know are Tommy, Melinda and maybe one other person. That’s it. I know there are inconsistencies. I know a pretty good outfit that shows the inconsistencies. Huffpo. I also know, I’m loyal to Tommy. I’ll never be back at that place. They also canned Dylan and Ethan. Fuck them. I stand my friends. Not someone I don’t know. No offense to her. She won’t take any.

    Do you think any of those people give a shit about you? I do. Tommy does. We all do. They wouldn’t give to shits if someone told them you were sick or needed help. I would. And that, I know for fact.

    Now. It’s the 100 post anniversary, so, let’s all get pissed at the commercial banning gays from Truck Rallies.

  29. Michelle Says:

    I still maintain my opinion on this Tommy thing,

    They are cleaning house at PD, its a stupid thing to do, its happened to me before when companies change hands, they want their own stock. I do think her (Melinda) reasons for doing so are bogus, Id much rather her tell the truth, “we want our own stock (writers). Nuff said…all this fodder is to drum up traffic and a buzz, remember, even bad publicity is good publicity.

    The only reason I would keep this going, is for Tommy’s sake, it would serve him the best to keep this story going, which in turn keeps his name in the blogsphere, allowing more possibilities for someone that could make a difference in his situation, would actually read, hear about, and or make some sort of move in Tommy’s favor because of it. I totally understand Tommy’s plight, in it myself…so I know, you better turn over every stone to make something happen, as long as its favorable for Tommy to have this story circulate, count me in on making my opinion known on the subject. Until I hear from Tommy that he wants it dropped, its on my radar.

  30. Michelle Says:

    Cube, incase you hadn’t noticed,

    I don’t take direction too good…

    sorry, can’t get too passionate about gays not being at truck rallies….

    but being told or warned…can’t really tell if that was directed at “everyone” or not…

    and whats the beef with PCL, she is doing as she always has, stating her opinion.

  31. Michelle Says:

    Now, stop fussing, kiss ass smack whatever, and make up!

    Thats an order from the CubeFanClub Prez!

  32. Cube Says:

    Hi I replied to your post Michelle and Pcl message is up there too. Going to listen to Mr. Rogers. Let’s move on. Enough.

    The last thing I will say, is with response to “cleaning house.” Read the Huffpo piece. She made an inconsistent statement. Also Tommy was told, unless he is lying and he is not b/c he has emails they were going to move him up.

    What’s not on AOL By the Way.

    Melinda’s piece about Playboy was not about Playboy. It was about Tommy. Yet, “Woman Up” does not discuss this? What? Tommy writes an article first to expose the story and they CENSOR IT FOR ASTERISKS? I SAW IT! THERE WERE NO CURSE fucking WORDS.


  33. Michelle Says:

    Ahhh, sniff, sniff

    we’ve had our first cyberfight….

  34. Cube Says:

    FINE. hugs. No more. Please. It upsets me.

  35. Michelle Says:

    I read the orginal story as well, Cube…I saw no curse words..

    and I did find it ironic that Melinda, used the said offending term in her piece about it all…

    I smell shit, Im just sayin…

    Im not a lawyer, so I’ll just keep my lil feelers tweeking on this, something is rotten in denmark…

  36. Michelle Says:

    ok, fine…sorry…didn’t see your lastest command…


  37. Michelle Says:

    might I suggest, you remove the articles, as to not move others to comment on the subject.

    and Im done.

  38. Splash Says:

    We are just one great big happy fucking family with no FUCKING tax cut!!

  39. Louis IX KingofFrawnce Says:

    ohhhh lawdy,
    what reaction to PD has been bred.
    who would have thought that it could spawn this much acrimony amongst Tommy’s fans.
    everybody’s running around the comment section like a bunch of characters in a 19th century english novel.

  40. Cube Says:

    It hasn’t. People are quick to reach conclusions before all the facts come out.

    The only difference is PCL, alone, not only contradicts herself within this post, but also, didn’t wait for the evidence. Sided with a person she doesn’t know. Publicly. And then, tried to attribute her thinking to me. Now, more evidence is out there. PS PCL, before you go act as attorney for Tommy and file your lawsuit which is frivolous, you might want to know Tommy doesn’t want one and there is none. But since you have switched over from suing AOL to defending someone you don’t know, ehhh what’s the point.

    You won’t admit you’re wrong to judge. You haven’t read all the facts.

    • PCL Says:

      You know Cube, I wasn’t going to respond to this anymore–but I really have to on this one. WTF are you talking about?

      My point has all along been that I don’t have the facts. I wasn’t in on any discussions between Melinda and Tommy. I have no fucking clue what has been said. I didn’t side with anyone except from a strictly business standpoint–I do know about making decisions that effect the lives of those who are employed by me. That’s all it was for me. You are making waaayyy too much of this.

      As for acting as anyone’s attorney–I wasn’t aware that I was. And, I am quite aware that there was no grounds for a lawsuit–I live, work, and am an employer in California, remember? I never once talked about suing AOL or Melinda. I did say that perhaps whatever state PD operates out of, they might have privacy laws that prevent employers from talking about ex-employees. But that was before Melinda started talking about the whole thing, so I really don’t know.

      I would admit I’m wrong to judge, Cube–but that’s what I have been trying exactly not to do! And you’re right, I still haven’t read all the facts. I don’t know why you seem to want to fight with me on this–I urge you to reread your post tomorrow. Things might be a little clearer for you, because right now, I feel rather strongly that I am being bullied–and the hair on the back of my neck is rising.

      • Cube Says:

        PCL, I’d like you to kindly look at what you wrote at PD. Ask yourself, honestly, did you go to all the websites I’ve been going to, and then I’d be curious to see what you write at PD. Go click on the link to Ed Morrisssey of Hot Air in the New article. You will be blown away.

      • PCL Says:

        Cube, what is the point anymore? Nothing I do is going to suffice. I wrote a few things over at PD–which one? The one where I said I was satisfied with her explanation of Tommy’s termination? I was–from a BUSINESS point of view. Look Cube, as I said over there (or was it here, shit I can’t even remember anymore) as an executive who has to on occasion make some changes that are not popular with my employees, vendors, and even my customers, I understand where it SEEMED she was coming from. This was before all the allegations of lying.

        And I am trying to get to the facts, such as they are. But, I’m also trying to be objective–to NOT let my friendship with Tommy interfere in my endeavor. I commend you that you operate differently–I can’t afford to.

  41. Louis IX KingofFrawnce Says:

    so, the reason that tommy is nolonger with PD is because they had to make room for writers that nobody reads?

    • Cube Says:

      Hey Louis! Go read Ed Morrissey’s article in the link on the new article.

      There is an interview with Melinda.

      Reports from at least two other websites which have her in apparently inconsistent statements.

      Ed finds statements inconsistent and calls fer her to APOLOGIZE TO THE READERS OF AOL! That was my ALL CAPS WADE IMPRESSION )!(.

      Another writer, Moe Lane, finds inconsistencies and other nonsense.

      Plus, Tommy factually accuses her of lying about the story.

      There are objectively inconsistent accounts without Tommy’s statements.

      NewsBusters chronicles this as well.

      So Does HuffPo.

      Yet, One is willing to jump to conclusions when, Melinda didn’t even read Tommy’s post when it was put up on the front page. Not only that, she claims it did not clear editorial staff when that’s not the way things work with the front page.

      The Apology is an apology for telling the truth and seeking wisdom despite Socrates knowing Athens will kill him. It’s his defense of spurious charges.

      I’m just saying, look at all the facts. Not just Melinda’s article, which doesn’t make sense. Read the Huffpo article. Critical of her. Red State. Hot air. Moe Lane. Newsbusters. Collegepolitico.

      • Michelle Says:

        Ive been sayin all along…

        Smells like BullShit to me!!

        She is fuckin’ lyin for the reasons, like I said before…tell the truth.

        She fired them to make room for those writers that she wanted in her stable, and its her right to do so, but don’t pull some bogus shit on Tommy.

        She didn’t expect the uproar over this, oh sure sure, its not “jounalists” sending her comments, but it is readers…and guess what Mel, its the readers that keep a site like the one you are editing for keep rolling along and its what keeps them relevant…at least Tommy kept the site that much..

        fuck this noise…really…what the fuck

      • Louis IX KingofFrawnce Says:

        oh, hey,
        everybody’s here.
        yeah, I read that interview,——the comment section was the funniest.
        and yes, —-finally—- someone mentioned the free for all that AOL’s live chat/comment used to be.
        and I still think Whodaddy is wade’s father.
        so …anyyyyywayyyyy…..
        who reads PD anyway.

  42. Michelle Says:


    its all so fucking hilarious.

    yep, Splash big happy famdamily

  43. Michelle Says:

    Im just going on my gut on this one…

    Im pissed cuz alot of the good writers I enjoyed have seen the ax.

    I think its bogus BS.

    Thats my position, and Im sticking to it, I don’t care the “facts”, fact is, they are no longer there, nuff said.

    Stomping foot, hands on hips…make me…I dare ya, try it..many have and failed.

  44. Michelle Says:

    I hear ya sistafriend…

    what is up wid dis shit?

  45. Michelle Says:

    Cube, I HAVE been reading all of these stories, for the past few days


    thats what it is.

  46. Michelle Says:

    Cube, have you stopped to ask yourself, that possibly PCL is able to see other facets of this situation? After all, that has been PCL for as long as I have been posting with her. She sees it from a perspective of a business owner. She in no way tossed her support to Melinda, therefore tossing Tommy under the bus.

    • PCL Says:

      Thanks, Michelle–my point exactly. I do understand Cube’s anger, and I think he really misunderstood some of my postings, but these things happen–particularly when we care about someone who has literally had the rug pulled out from under him.

      • Michelle Says:

        yep, PCL, our Cubey is hurtin’ on this one…and I know what you are saying. We all know, that this internet thingy is horrid in getting our points across totally sometimes…thats why I like face to face conversations, so much is lost on a text screen, so much can be misconstrude…

        All we can do is wish Tommy the best, and Cube, this too shall pass, Tommy will make it work. His kids will eat…he will work again. They will survive as a family, millions of families in this country are going through the same thing, it makes us harder, faster, stronger in the long run.

        Tommy is working this to his advantage, best thing we can hope and do for him, is to keep this story breathing…

      • PCL Says:

        I know he is–I understand that. And you are right, so much is lost in translation on a text screen.

        I too think Tommy will be okay, probably better than before. I know it sucks right now for him, especially having kids–and it’s no consolation knowing that he is not alone, but that’s the truth of it. There are so many out of jobs.

        Mon amour de ma vie made a good point when I was telling him about all of this tonight–none of what we do will re-employ Tommy with PD. There is no point in fighting over who said what, it won’t change anything.

  47. Michelle Says:

    Stop the Madness

    • Louis IX KingofFrawnce Says:

      c’est triste!
      I tell ya’.
      now that Tommy’s gone from AOL, I’ll have a lot of free time to do other things.
      that dweeb that was always wrong about every last thing marc/k impomeni is blank, too.
      he was sooooo tired, his stories were always busted as BS seconds after posting the blog.

  48. Michelle Says:

    lol, true that, Louie…

  49. Michelle Says:

    in a word


    Ive been in my line of work, and have a very good pedigree of work, Ive won national contests, taught and judged in my field…when a new sheriff is in town, they want their posse…and no matter how good the old one is…they want what they want…

    and she doesn’t have the nuts to say it, AOL was intrested in keeping Tommy, but she has other plans, and she obviously has the power to do so…

    now what?

    • PCL Says:

      If she has a direction she wants to take PD, it is her right. I’ve had to fire people for similar reasons (“It’s just not working out”). Sometimes those decisions work and sometimes they don’t.

      I said I was satisfied and understood her reasons for doing what she did. However, I never said I agreed with them. Time will tell if her decision was on the mark–and if it wasn’t, next time it will be her head on the chopping block.
      Regardless, I really really miss Political Machine and ALL their writers.

  50. Michelle Says:

    I still say Melinda Hambuger is full of shit!

    Liar Liar pants on FUCKING Fire!


  51. Diana Says:

    This is the first time I’m laying eyes on the comments on this thread and I have to say that I feel sick to my stomach with disappointment and disgust. Read my comments on Cube’s most recent post! Cube knows a hell of a lot more about this situation than anyone else around here, despite all of their baseless theories. And I know even more confidential details than Cube does….imagine that, waiting for facts to emerge BEFORE jumping to conclusions. I have kept quiet about this for far too long out of respect for Tommy’s wishes, but I’ve had it! Cube….YOU’RE a true friend 🙂

  52. Diana Says:

    I agree with Cube 100% !!! You most certainly DID throw Tommy under the bus and on the worst forum possible, Henneberger’s! Didn’t you notice that she was reading the comments section closely, as evidenced by her own comment there? Same goes for Splash and the trollscum brntrewesl, who kept going at Tommy over and over again like some rabid pit bull. Have you people even had the “pleasure” of reading the cruel things that have been said about him, despite the preponderance of comments supporting him? Read HuffPo, Hot Air, NewsBusters, Media Lizzy, WashPo, USA Today and even MH’s story! Even small time bloggers are weighing in on this.

    As far as all of your confidence and baseless reassurances that Tommy will land on his feet, how the fuck do you know that?! Why, because he’s so talented, brilliant and witty as all hell? Don’t you people realize that this is his DREAM in life and that this woman singlehandedly ripped it away from him in a very cold, calculating and unjust manner (pink slip via e-mail…WTF?!). They gave him every indication that he would be spared the axe when it befell the other bloggers (except for Lewis, Knowles & Weber). He has proof of that. It was cold and calculating how she timed the other firings to coincide with his firing. It was ALL Melinda! Others within the company support & like him, but they are constrained by the terms of her contract. Why else would they try to help fit him in elsewhere? Anyone with half a brain would come to the conclusion that she’s a liar, given all the discrepancies and contradictions which have come to light. For Christ’s sake, she can’t even make up her mind as to the real reason for his termination! I was sitting right next to him during his conversation with his new editor and the subject of toning down his language never even came up, much less his refusal to do so! It was a very amicable chat, which ended on a positive note, encouraging Tommy to continue writing his Playboy follow-up piece. The guy didn’t even know that Melinda had fired him for four hours after she did it! Whatever happened to giving the person whom you like, respect and value a little benefit of the doubt….a leap of faith, if you will? This entire experience has, to some extent, tainted my faith in humanity (another case of backstabbing at the hands of a personal “friend” has also come to light). Hyperbole? Perhaps, but just think about it…I know all the facts (yes, some remaining confidential involving others at AOL), so why else would I be so adamant in my defense of Tommy if he wasn’t in the right here?!

    • PCL Says:

      This is a rarity for me. This whole situation actually would not allow me to sleep. I had to dig, all thanks to Cube. Cube was right–I did not have all the facts. I made a conclusion based on info that was prior to the postings on Tommy’s blog about the possibility of Melinda lying. I had not seen the Huffpo and Hot Air piece until now. (And I sent both you and Tommy emails about this) I made the conclusion about Melinda’s decision, which I sincerely thought was a business decision, prematurely. I was completely flawed in my assessment of the situation–I own that. There is a preponderance of evidence to suggest that Melinda was, indeed lying. I am so sorry for the pain this has obviously caused you.

      I, and others here, did not have privy to the info you had. You get inside info, we do not. But still, I just didn’t see the stuff on Tommy’s blog about Melinda. And again, although I erroneously concluded that Melinda terminated Tommy for business reasons, does not mean in any way that there was any lapse in like, respect, or value in Tommy. I understand what happens in business, it can be very ruthless. I had no idea of Melinda’s seemingly ulterior motives.

      Don’t give up on humanity, Diana–when the facts come to bear, as you have shown here, humanity wins. And again, I am terribly sorry.

      And the same goes to you, Cube.

  53. Cube Says:

    Wah Wah Wee Wah! It’s cool. Everybody take a b. Where’s ryan?

  54. Michelle Says:


    Not to be flippant, but I have faith in Tommy’s talents, and I am going through something very simular in my own life, and I do think, Tommy will prevail and prosper like never before. Its always darkest before the dawn.

    I do not know the facts, of course not, but from what I have read, I think the whole issue is BS!

    Thats my stance, and it will not change. I have to remain positive in dealing with things like this, its working in my life, and I would hope it would work in your’s and Tommy’s life as well. I never ment to protray myself as a “not true friend” of Tommy or you or anyone else in this matter.

    I’ll be seeing my way out of this situation now, it seems that I have just made it worse by my comments

    I wish you all well,


  55. Diana Says:

    PCL….Of course I accept your apology. And Tommy doesn’t even know about this but isn’t the type to care much about such differences of opinion between friends, anyway. Thinks it’s insignificant in the grand scheme of things. You know what a tough armor he has. Sorry if I was harsh, but it’s been a stressful 5 days, to say the least. And I’ve been kept all bottled up by Tommy, so needed to vent.

    Michelle….for what it’s worth, you didn’t do anything wrong except to give YOUR friend the benefit of the doubt in her opinions. I get that. Loyalty is of the utmost importance to me 🙂

    I hope you both stick around! Kumbaya time yet?

    • Michelle Says:


      My loyalities are not only with PCL, but with you and Tommy. Im a fixer, I try to keep the sunshining for everyone. I did not want to see a riff between us all over this, we are all on the same side, as I see it.

      You must keep your chin up through this, its going to be hard. I just had to give back my car because I can’t afford to pay for it anymore. Survival mode.

      This whole thing just sucks, I wish I could give Melinda Hamburger a good swift kick in the head over this, its stupid on her part and Im not buying her explaination at all. She is a LIAR, not a reporter, not an editor, but a LIAR.

      Just know, I will have you and Tommy in my thoughts, I’ll send all the positive energy I can muster your way, so that you and your family will see your way through this swiftly and hopefully without falling too far. I know how you feel, its like a nightmare, Im there myself.

    • PCL Says:


      You are a most gracious lady, Tommy is lucky to have you. You were not harsh, only passionate–I can relate.

      Indeed, Kumbaya time–and with a few bottles of great wine passed around, I’m sure all our voices will be in complete harmony.

      Take care.

  56. Michelle Says:

    Its just too much…

    this world is scaring the shit out of me, all that I knew, doesn’t work, all of the old ways of getting by and making it work, don’t anymore.

    We have gone from 6 figures a year, down to less than 25K in less than a year, it takes adjustments and making changes that we don’t want to do, but we will survive, and so will you and Tommy, I promise, the good are never down for long.

    I love you guys, this is my extended family in many ways, but its time to fight your way out of this, if it helps Tommy to keep this story alive, and keep it on the minds of maybe someone that could really affect this situation for him, Im there, I’ll blog anywhere, email anyone I can to get this matter in a better light for him, he deserves it! This is a fight of good against evil in my eyes, and I always want good to prevail.

    • Louis IX KingofFrawnce Says:

      mon dieu michelle,
      sounds like the story I heard yesterday.
      a gorgeous mulatto girl I know went from making 96,000 to making only 9,600 this year, and now,…. may be terminated!
      re: l’histoire Tommy,
      sounds also like the story of Lillian Gish:
      she was such a popular movie star that the studio execs felt threatened by her, so even though they were making money off of her,
      they did on purpose to ruin and end her career.

  57. Peggy Says:

    I’ve I’ve been following this thread with concern and dismay. Although I’m only a third cousin eight times removed, it’s hard to watch the family disagree so harshly. You are all, in my mind, not just close friends but adopted family. It’s good that everyone has been able to express their feelings and thoughts but it’s better that, now that everything has been said, we can move on and remain friends.

    PS: Cube, I thought it was necessary to post this, not just to tell you all how relieved I am but also so you would have 100 comments here. You’re welcome.

    PPS. Louie, I keep looking at those little pictures next to your name and mine and I can’t figure something out. Are we insects, rodents or what? That’s sad about Lillian Gish. I’m old enough to remember some of her work but never knew what happened to her.

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