A Change Is Gonna Come (UPDATE: Unless You’re A Fag)

UPDATE:  The queer guy lost.  Satire a jinx.   So is Queen.

Score one for haters of the gay, time-traveling, black dudes demographic.  Don’t forget to cheer them on.

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35 Responses to “A Change Is Gonna Come (UPDATE: Unless You’re A Fag)”

  1. Noah "Redface" Rodriguez Says:

    What have we learned tonight? Americans are still deathly afraid of catching “The Gay”? The unwashed masses still have shitty taste in music? Or, as the learned tonight in Las Vegas, don’t always bet on a ‘sure thing’?

  2. PCL Says:

    Wow! You have got to be kidding me?? Unfuckingbelievable! (No Noah, none of this is aimed at you, I’m just stunned!)

    This will be one of those times when the American Idol runner-up outdoes the winner.

  3. Cube Says:

  4. Michelle Says:

    Idol was on again?


  5. Michelle Says:

    oh and Cube, Queen rocks!

    no one does an Epic Ballad like Freddy


    have you heard Innuendo?

    great for chillbumps

  6. Michelle Says:


    I didn’t know I could do that??!!??

    I just expected a link!

    Cube…that is so cool…

  7. Michelle Says:

    oh great, Cube…you got me on a Queen FlashBack…

    sigh…those were the days….


  8. Cube Says:

    wtf? It didn’t work. PCL posts them on occasion. I never disabled it. Try again with another one. He played with Queen (less dropped dead fred).

  9. Michelle Says:

    its the first time Ive ever had that happen…it posted the video, not the link…

    I guess I just didn’t catch it…

    I love Queen…it was Queen, Foghat, Fleetwood Mac…all was make out music with my now husband…

    brings back some memories for sure…lol

  10. Diana Says:

    Hello, gals & guy! Ask Cube how outraged I was on Twitter that Adam lost. I had to go back & delete a few of my more foul-mouthed and outspoken updates, lol. Adam was so superior to Kris vocally and with his stage presence it was ridiculous! I will never watch Idol again – I made the mistake of breaking the boycott I made the night Chris Daughtry was voted off 3 years ago & now I reinstate it! Speaking of the BEST Idol contestant ever, who I saw live, here he is with his cover of “Innuendo” (dedicated to Michelle):

  11. Michelle Says:

    This one is nice, but again, of the later days, when you could tell, he was saying goodbye…

  12. Michelle Says:

    Awesome, Diana…love that song…chills, chills, chills…

  13. Diana Says:

    Michelle…..did you see Idol two weeks ago? You would’ve loved it! Janis Joplin, the Beatles, Foghat, Aerosmith, Styx & Led Zeppelin. High school music. The rock shows are the only ones I can stomach, sorry to say.

    That was sooo cool how I didn’t need to embed that video like I have to do on AOL 🙂

  14. Michelle Says:

    oh and Diana, this Daughtry guy, looks like our bartender friend…lol

    was a hoot a couple years back, hanging out with him at the clubs downtown…lol

    and Simon sux!

    what does he know….

  15. Michelle Says:

    I missed that Diana, may have to go back and see if I can find clips of it, love that music…

    and I think the embedding is cool…

    we all be so special here in CubesWorld…lol

  16. Michelle Says:

    Im still trying to figure out that twittertwattershit!


    I can’t see how to get to TweetDeck!

    I feel so…so…DUMB!!


    but put a flower in my hand, I’ll create art…lol

  17. Diana Says:

    They did “We are the Champions” on Idol tonight, too. I’ve been waiting for someone to post it on YouTube, so that I can post it for my friend on Facebook. Like you, Michelle, she’s a HUGE fan! Same age as I am. Don’t know why “Fat-Bottomed Girls” sticks in my mind since high school….and the poster that came with the album 😉 Tommy and I love to sing “Bohemian Rhapsody” a capella, in harmony….comical.

  18. Diana Says:

    Go to TweetDeck.com and download their beta version of the application. It’s so convenient! I’ve been wondering where you’ve been 🙂

  19. Michelle Says:

  20. Michelle Says:

    I did that already…and the only way I can get the active page to show up, is to download it again and again..


    Im tellin ya…me and puters, a one nite stands at best…don’t want to know too much about each other…lol

  21. Noah "Redface" Rodriguez Says:

    Is this the greatest Queen song ever? Yes, it is.

  22. Michelle Says:

    cuz we make the rockin world go round!

  23. Michelle Says:

    Noah, is there a BAD, Queen song??


    They were way beyond their time…

    and Freddy kept his voice, from the beginning, to the end…never weak.

    Id say, this is probably one of the tightest bands ever..never a bad concert..

  24. Michelle Says:

    ok, I remember it being spelt Freddy…

    or has it been THAT long?

  25. Michelle Says:

    bicycle race, Diana?


  26. Michelle Says:

    I feel so





  27. Michelle Says:

    Hey Cube…funny that you had that earlier article about this Idol guy…

    the Iranian part of it…lol, Mercury was Persian….lol, which Iran likes to call themselves.

    some degrees of seperation there in your story…funny.

  28. Diana Says:

    Check out this tweet from one of Tommy’s buds!:

    Okay…here’s a new gallery of six erotic photos I’ve taken. NSFW, and so on… if you like it, RT or otherwise share http://tr.im/lXpu

  29. Michelle Says:


    thats some friend…

  30. Michelle Says:

    welp, thanks for the trip down memory lane…

    he was a beautiful man…and so is this kid from Idol..he’ll probably go on, and be better than the winner even…

    something in the eyes…..

  31. Michelle Says:

    nite loves….

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