Sunday Funnies: Sam, Rodney, And Me.

A little bit about Rodney and me after the jump…

“Nicky, Take care of this.”

You can visit Sam on  Rodney was one of the first comedians on the web and his wife has kept his work alive on Next week remind me to tell you guys on the show about growing up with Uncle Jackie.  Family friend, a riot, and had a legal script for weed.  His birth name was Jacob Cohen.

I miss him very much.  When I was in law school, after years of not seeing him, he was kind enough to write me the following email in 1997: “good luck in lawyer school.”  He introduced me to Ted Knight, Bill Murray, and others from Caddyshack when I was seven or eight.  I remember him loving ice cream and needling my Mom for not having any in the freezer.  His belly was hanging over his shirt, he was a slob, and I loved him.

I wrote a pretty nice litte story in the comments if you’re interested in response to PCL.

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28 Responses to “Sunday Funnies: Sam, Rodney, And Me.”

  1. PCL Says:

    This may very well elevate you to ‘god’ status, Cube.

    • Cube Says:

      I’m actually getting all emotional just thinking of the childhood moments I had with him. He was wild. But very kind to me and my little brother who didn’t know who he was the first time meeting him.

      When he asked my little brother if he wanted an autograph, he said, “I dunno.” Rodney laughed. Mini-Cube had no clue who he was. The autograph read, “Thanks for askin’ — Rodney Dangerfield.”

      I was a sicko and knew exactly who he was. I remember being pissed. He seemed more enamored with my brother b/c he was so clueless. Now, as siblings, he wasn’t some innocent babe in the woods as far as I was concerned. Total dick got all the attention and he didn’t even know who he was!

      I on the other hand stayed up late to watch him on Carson. Sneaking out of my room to watch Johnny any time I could (this is before ON TV or HBO). Rodney was on a lot and I got to know the comedians at an early age. I was the one not getting respect that first day.

      Things started off poorly. My Mom suggested I bring him a Miller Lite to sign. She just knew a Sharpie would work. Christ. I remember it like yesterday. Whether the pen worked or not I would never find out.

      Rodney immediately dismissed the pen and empty beer can I previously drained into the kitchen sink at home. So, I got him some notebook paper and he signed mine, “Here’s some respect.”

      Typical. Mama Cube and mini-cube ruined it all. I was gonna be his little sidekick. I coulda’ been a contender.

      • PCL Says:

        Cube, I gave you shit for this one (all in jest, I assure you), atypical of being the youngest child. But all kidding aside, I would love to hear your stories about Uncle Jackie–that beats politics any day!

        Caddyshack is a cult classic–I absolutely loved Bill Murray in that flick.
        “…’s in the hole!”

  2. Michelle Says:

    ahhhh Cubie….

  3. PCL Says:

    Poor Cube. However, due to such a whiney soliloquy, your status of ‘god’ has been denied.

    We will be awarding it to mini-cube instead.

    Sorry, Cube–I can only say we ‘youngest’ are just plain ornery.

  4. PCL Says:

    I know (head hung in shame), I am truly sorry (evil grin emerging), I promise to never do it again 😉

    Yeah, my older siblings never bought that shit either.


    • Michelle Says:

      I too, am an older sibling… I know alllllll about you!


      • PCL Says:

        LMAO!!! What can I say? Hey, you don’t see me whining about the shit they did to me! Oh the horrors of it all!
        @PCL: Hi, this is Cube busting into your comment. Perhaps PCL, it’s not whining, but, your occasional inability to grasp satire!

        Do you really think I’m whining, or perhaps making fun of my mentality when I was seven?

        This is not Poltical Machine.

      • PCL Says:

        What next Cube? Gonna tell my daddy? Oh boo hoo! And you wonder why……

  5. Michelle Says:

    hahahahahahah PCL

    you are one tough cookie my friend!

    there is 10 yrs between me and my sis, so I never got to ‘hurt” her…lol

    but boy she sure would turn on the scream machine to make my mom “think” id done something to her

    lil shit!

    and she played that on me on her wedding day too!!

    brat and a half she is, dancing in her 3000 wedding gown, singing to me, its my day, ha ha I got what I wanted…lol

    I had to laugh, after all, she married a man who likes to wear womens clothes

    • PCL Says:

      LMAO!!! There’s three years between me and the old lady I call my sister–the one I almost killed by strangulation. Thank goodness my brother managed to pull me off of her–we’re incredibly close, now. I basically have to take care of her cause she’s dumb as a rock. But hey, whatya gonna do? She’s blood.

  6. Michelle Says:

    PCL, I can’t stop staring at that pic my kid sent me…Im so sick, Ive made it my back ground on my desktop

  7. Louis IX KingofFrawnce Says:

    no matter how old one becomes,
    one still has to be the patient older brother to all of one’s petty, immature, selfish, irresponsible, smart mouthed younger siblings.
    that’s just the way it is.

    • Michelle Says:

      or older sis, as the case may be, Louie


    • Cube Says:

      @Louis! Thank God you get satire. See PCL’s above comment I had to bust into.

      @PCL: Muwahahahahahahaaha!

      Do ya really think I was literally still upset with my bro or perhaps making fun of my thoughts as a kid….

      • PCL Says:

        Try to imagine my tone, Cube, when I say this:
        “Louis! Thank God you get satire.” LMAO!
        Now, do you really think that I think you are literally still upset with your bro? No Cube, I don’t. However, Freud my have a different take on it. I’m just saying….

    • PCL Says:

      True, Louis. And sometimes we youngest ones are pushed into having to be the more mature, patient, responsible, and unselfish member of the family–simply because one’s father sees something in the youngest, that is clearly lacking in the oldest.

  8. Cube Says:

    I demand return to God Status. To all little brothers, the older brother is right. Stick it!

    Wow! Funny this article got some pop. Name dropping helps.

    Oh yeah. Check out some of the sites on the blogroll.

    McSweeny’s is the premier site for writers. Unparalleled.

    Mary’s Nut House is a pseudo-cyber buddy of mine from Comedy Central. She is a great writer. Not just good. GRrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat.

    Cracked you know about and Rodney is up there too. Enjoy. And, it’s not politics over Mary’s. It’s about writing and her observations. You ladies will love her. She is a genius on the economy and a master wordsmith.

    A lot to learn.

    She’s awesome.

    @PCL: “Hey… Tell the cook this is low-grade dog food.”

  9. Michelle Says:


    we older siblings rule

    the others just drool


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