Michael Steele Admits To Being A Socialist

Socialists Welcome Michael Steele To The Party

Socialists Welcome Michael Steele To The Party

On Sunday’s Meet The Press With David Gregory, Michael Steele was asked how he felt about the R.N.C. considering a motion to rename The Democratic Party to “Something, Something, Socialist Party.”  In a dramatic turn of events from his prior statements concerning Socialism, Steele remained consistent and tried to cast a wide net  encompassing a  philosophy espousing many viewpoints.  Surely that is not The Republican Party I know.

The Grand Old As Dirt Party Chairman rebuked Republicans for “name-calling” in this regard, but did comment on  Tim Kaine having a “freakish eyebrow.”  Like Michael Jackson avoiding his father’s punches, Steele moonwalked away from Dick Cheney’s comments concerning his preference for having Rush Limbaugh in the party over Colin Powel.

While Steele might be having a hard time pitching a tent, clearly that is not the only problem of impotence the Republicans have.  The constant infighting being aired for all to see is basically free advertising for Viagra or for more favorable writing on the hate mongering bafoon, Ms. Califonia, who is moving on to working with the blind.

Clearly, Michael Steele’s breaking ranks with  Cheney, Limbaugh, Palin, and other R.N.C. leaders means he is against them.

Ergot, Michael Steele is a Jane Fonda dry-humping, gay, commie, liberal, Gulag-dwelling, terrorist-loving, scumbag Socialist.

Like me.

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8 Responses to “Michael Steele Admits To Being A Socialist”

  1. Noah "Redface" Rodriguez Says:

    I can’t believe they let a dirty, filthy, tree-dwelling…socialist into the party. There goes the neighborhood.

  2. Michelle Says:


    I fear, we have been socialists for decades

    remember Nixon, and his programs he so wanted?

    Nixon was a Socialist!

  3. Michelle Says:

    Socialist Socialist Socialist!!

    its the new body snatcher scream!

    point and identify

  4. Michelle Says:

    hehe Louie

    its like that isn’t it??

    mouths gaping open in horror….

    speaking of Steele…he his getting some face time today…

    he states

    President Obama is leading this country in the wrong direction and into bankrupcy…

    aren’t we already there?

    and we were heading in the wrong direction before the election, mass majorities of people said so….

    Mike talkin’ smack…

    pez head that he is…

  5. Michelle Says:


    The Democratic fraud being thrust upon this country???

    (thats rich coming from a Republican)

    The era of Republican apology for past mistakes is over??

    yeah, when we the people say so, asswipe!!

    Oh Steele…you shoulda just stayed in your hizzy…

    • Louis IX KingofFrawnce Says:

      Michelle, did you catch the part in his speech where he says, the republican hooneymoon with obama is over.
      these guys are better than a sitcom.

      • Michelle Says:

        all I can say Louie, is…

        shit for brains…that just about sums it all up for me as far as all his blabbering went..

        I didn’t know there was even a first date?


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