Michelle Obama Forces Sasha, Malia, And Grandmother To Eat With Rats


That’s right you spoiled, communist, tykes!  Tonight, YOU DINE WITH RATS!

Michelle Obama has said that she and her staff recently snuck out to lunch to a popular burger joint called Five Guys on Connecticut Ave. in Dupont Circle not far from the White House. But INSIDE EDITION’s Rat Patrol found a pack of rats right outside the back door of the restaurant two nights in a row.

At another Five Guy’s location on Wisconsin Ave. in Georgetown, INSIDE EDITION’s Rat Patrol spotted an unwelcome visitor inside the restaurant crawling through sacks of potatoes kept right inside the front window. Rodents were spotted two nights in a row at the location, and are something that the Obamas and any other parent would want to be aware of. One employee told INSIDE EDITION that Sasha and Malia Obama visited, along with their grandmother, in March.

Turns out Michelle Obama may very well become an excellent First Lady after all.  And, First Mommie.

Despite some news outlets who eventually will try to smear her simply because she forced Sasha and Malia to eat rats, really, the discipline for them failing to properly train Bo on a leash was justified.  And besides, Michelle’s Mother In Law is becoming a real stiff.

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12 Responses to “Michelle Obama Forces Sasha, Malia, And Grandmother To Eat With Rats”

  1. Louis IX KingofFrawnce Says:

    That mighta Ben tomandjerry they saw in the restaurant.

  2. Cube Says:


    Look at the last sentence. That joke might be wrong. See it?

  3. Chris Says:

    Ok say you are eating food at the table…You go for a big scoop of the rice that you cooked… Then u take a bite of rice….
    How will u feel right after enjoying the rice..and telling the peron next to you “ummmm thas good”, you then see a roach crawling out the rice bowl on the table.
    The person next to you can now choose to advertise to everyone in the room…saying uhhhh…out load…and start saying you…just ate
    a spoon full of rice…and there is a roach in the rice bowl….just look at this everyone? ROACH EATER ROACH EATER……
    Or they don’t have to go that far. They can just be quite about it, and know that you probally are already imbarrased because
    you were saying ummmm how good the rice was, right before the roach came out.

    Inside edition aired a session tonight on how they have a team of investagators that go and look for dirty resturants
    They go in there with hidden cameras. They went to a resturant in D.C. to investagate. It was called FIVE GUYS.
    Five Guys was so flighty..rats and roaches everywhere..they caught them on the counter ..near the food pantry.
    They filmed it to show how dirty the place was…like vermonators..on discover channel.

    They show that part ..then they air a peace on the first lady(Michelle Obama)..the clips show her bragging about how she some times
    sneaks out the white house with her staff and they go and eat at FIVE GUYS.

    First thought I had was 1.) They are telling me..look this is your stupid (first lady)..we caught her eating with rats and roches…this is the filth that
    you elected. Eating were rats and roaches ate. She is nothing but a rat and a roach.

    Why do I think this:
    Because why advertise it? Why not keep it to themselves? Why Flaunt it?
    If you have this much power, the evidence to show that this place is filthy and everyone who goes there is filthy.
    If you find something wrong in a place, and it is that filthy,
    so filthy that anyone who associated in that place,
    was also filthy, because they didnt know it was
    filthy, and they ate, drink, worked there like nothing was wrong…..

    If I was watching this at home…I’d feel relief …Damn I’m glad I didn’t eat at that place…it was so dirty.
    then I’d think …I feel bad for the people…who ate..there and have to work there and go there because they just don’t know.

    Then you air the first lady. bragging
    and boisted about this place..

    You then will associate her..our first lady (Michelle Obama)… with that place Five Guys (RATS AND ROACHES CRAWLING ALL OVER)

    Is this what they were trying to do?

  4. Cube Says:

    When you say “roach,” I had to smoke one dude. I’m not really sure anymore.

  5. Michelle Says:


    do you honestly think, that the first lady would knowingly go to a dirty resturant?

    And she “brags” about it, to help out a local business…you know, dropping the name, to help out with business….

    They should really clean up their act…we as the public, deserve to eat at establishments that maintain good hygene.

    So, what is your point exactly?

  6. Michelle Says:

    you would be shocked to know, now filthy most places are…

    I used to clean floors on Sundays at a local diner…way back in the day…I could not believe my eyes…

    you know the little devise they use to butter the buns? well, at this place, they left it out…with the butter still in it…and with many floaters swimming in the goo…I wanted to know, if they cleaned it, so I put something I could reconize into it…and sure enough…it was there in the vat the next week…

    It was as if, they just stopped cooking for the nite, and walked out…come Monday, they just fire up the stove and start all over again…

    I have turned in so many places to the health department here, they almost know me by name…

    One of the local Chinese places, would put out their chicken breasts out by the back door, uncovered, in the sun, all day…they did this day in and day out…I worked in the same strip center…so I called the health department on them…as seagulls were flying over and dropping their lunch all around the boxes…the inspector showed up and went apeshit!

    oh yeah…Im one of THOSE…

    I gather expired food at my local grocerystore…and happily march it up to the check out …

    • Louis IX KingofFrawnce Says:

      marvin zindler eye witness news—-use to love his restaurant expose’ s.
      if you knew what the inside of a restaurant looked like you’d never eat in one.
      the best burgers come from the filthiest grills.

  7. Michelle Says:

    So true Louie…so true…

    good ole Marvin

  8. Cube Says:

    So, do you guys think the kids grandmother or Michelle’s mother in law is a real stiff or no?


  9. MADISON Says:

    THIS IS CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. MADISON Says:


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