Forgive Me CBS For I Have Sinned. Maybe.

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While Father Cutie does not want to be the poster child against celibacy, he still channels Richard Chamberlain in the CBS interview.  Just like star-crossed Thorn Birds, Father Cutie (which is a much better name than “Father Ralph”) is conflicted about his love for God, Church, Catholicism, and his courtesan.  He also shares Father Ralph’s penchant for using his finger as a rectal thermometer on the beautiful and very private beaches of Miami.

Father Cutie consistently articulates his view on theology that’s been upheld since time immemorial: The vow of celibacy for a priest is sacred, but boning a woman can be optional.

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4 Responses to “Forgive Me CBS For I Have Sinned. Maybe.”

  1. Davis Says:

    how can anybody resist?

  2. Michelle Says:

    and just think, this whole celebate thing started over money…

    after all, if a priest were to die, and if he were married, he would have to give up some of the church’s money to go to the wife…

    can’t let that happen…

    lol, Cube…I got the award for “humph”?

    hahahhahahahah thanks dude…

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