EAM: From The Pat Buchanan Broadcast Network: Mika Brzezinski’s Dad NWO Manipulator

pjb-banner-donate01If Patrick J. Buchanan’s blog, “right from the beginning,” is not part of your daily routine, you’re obviously a gay, time-traveling, black dude.

Everything was going far too reasonably well to my grave disappointment.  I clicked on Pat’s head located prominently on my desktop so as to hastily take me to righteousness.  I had been derelict in my duties and did not check Pat’s blog at the beginning of my day.  I mean, I want to be right.  Don’t you?

First post:  Total puff piece.  It can be summed up as follows: Barack is great, but the rest of the Democrats are the spawn of Satan.  Especially that bitch Pelosi.  So far, so good.

Second post:  “Jim Crow Liberalism.”  This article is about Whitey swinging from a tree.  Ok.  I’m with ya’ Patrick.

Third post:  “VIDEO: Emergency Broadcast: New World Order Ahead.”  No.  No. No.  No.  No. Emergency.  Stranger Danger!  Stranger Danger!

I have to tell you, whenever the score from Requiem For A Dream begins to play, I immediately think of sawing off my arm and watching a big, black, dildo being shoved into Jennifer Connelly’s ass in the name of smack.  Oh, and electro-shock therapy.  Contrary to what you might think, I only really enjoy the visions conjured up from that serene film.   But seriously, if you haven’t seen Requiem, you wouldn’t understand why I curl into the fetal position, take a shower, and scrub myself all bloody-like.  Basically, we’re gonna die.

Of course I know the New World Order is here.  Duh.  But, what I didn’t know was that Mika Brzezinski’s father was in on the plot to “manipulate” the planet and rule the world.   Because of Patrick J. Buchanan, that shit stops right here y’all.

You can view the evidence of Morning Joe moles at the 9:10  mark of the Emergency Action Message.  Oh, Holocaust pleasantries can be found at 7:45.  It’s a hoot.

I have only one suggestion for Mr. Buchanan who “rightly” believes in the total domination of the world by a few money whores:  Yakety Sax works much better when you accuse your host’s father of causing the destruction of the free world as we know it.  I think it was Hitler who said it best: “Laughter is the best medicine.”

That, and the real N.W.O. is after the jump Buchanan…

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5 Responses to “EAM: From The Pat Buchanan Broadcast Network: Mika Brzezinski’s Dad NWO Manipulator”

  1. Louis IX KingofFrawnce Says:

    oh cubeworthy,
    this one was like reading pushkin or somebody like that.
    this piece is so beautiful.

    • Cube Says:

      Hey, thanks man. That means a great deal. I worked hard on it.

      Buchanan’s blog is ridiculous. I sat through the video and I’m like, is that fucking Mika’s Dad? So basically, he’s floating a nutjob theory (a). B, his host, where he is on virtually every morning, FATHER IS A LEADER? I doubt he even saw it. I can’t believe I caught it. Thanks for spotting that.

      @Michelle: First, look at the award. Second, thanks! Requiem is scary and awesome. I lost faith in the Oscars when Ellen Burstyn lost to Julia Roberts for Erin Brokovich.

      Darko! Loved it. My friend stole my dvd and you just reminded me. Click on the time travel link. Read the original buchanan piece through the easter eggs. Time travelling, gay, black guy. Not a joke. There’s a movie he hates about that.

      Very cool comments.

  2. Michelle Says:

    oh they do like to beat the drums of fear don’t they…

    and Cube, Requiem…. awesome flick…

    have you seen DonnyDarko? Thats another of my favs…and Crash…

  3. Semen Says:


    EAM: From The Pat Buchanan Broadcast Network: Mika Brzezinski

  4. click here for more info Says:

    official website

    EAM: From The Pat Buchanan Broadcast Network: Mika Brzezinski

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