Yakety Sax Versus Everything

Dennis DiClaudio, Headmaster At The University Of Indecision, wrote an article falsely criticizing a Sarah Palin ad which criticized Mitt Romney:

Unless I’m just being dense and missing some huge piece of symbolism (Romney = Bear?) here this somewhat inscrutable homemade video — presumably created by a Sarah Palin supporter — doesn’t appear to say very much.

Respectfully, I dissent.  *For the record, I don’t believe I’ve ever disagreed with Indy.

Anything with Yakety Sax works.  Even for discombobulated bear prowling political Mitt Romney/Sarah Palin jogging videos…

How about Yakety Sax and 9/11?  Yuppers.

Or Yakety Sax and little children playing soccer and maybe getting blown up by landmines?

Yakety Sax and Saving Private Ryan…

How about, Yakety Sax and Nazis?

Yes.  Even the often mislabeled “Benny Hill Theme Song” works for Nazis.  I mean, the Hitler youth never looked so adorable.

**For those wondering where the line of comedy is  Wanda Sykes allegedly crossed, I would suggest they mark it on the big map of comedy line drawing found in every handbook.  So, which ones cross the line?  Normally, I don’t explain satire or sarcasm, but, I would hope everyone knows certain 9/11 tunes are warm and fuzzy as a categorical rule.  The point is, making something out of nothing is just that.  Both sides need to smoke a doob and just laugh.  Wanda was great.

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8 Responses to “Yakety Sax Versus Everything”

  1. Michelle Says:


  2. Cube Says:

    “Humph?” is right. Some work, some don’t. Perhaps none work.

    That, is a winner. I’ll post it later.

    Discuss. I’m writing an article about this and a “joke” Caleb told.

    The 9/11 one… umm…… people make Wanda out to look like that.

    The landmine one made me cry laughing (why? actors).

    Private Ryan? too long. actors make a difference.

    The nazis? Too long. Could be done though.

    The point is, another man’s meat, is another man’s poison sometimes. Wanda didn’t cross any fucking line. People need to chill. The 9/11 video. That crosses the line. Not a hard call there. You sit there. When I first saw it… I just sat there.

    That chick blowing up in the soccer game gets me though.

  3. Michelle Says:

    Wanda was just fine…..

    I just don’t think I’ll ever get to a point, where I can find humor in that day…even with the music…it just disappears…and the images come through…

  4. Michelle Says:

    But Wanda’s joke, didn’t come across to me, as a 9-11 joke…

  5. Cube Says:

    Aside from the numbers 911, you’re right.

  6. Michelle Says:

    its just all so fucking hysterical..


  7. Louis IX KingofFrawnce Says:

    Did I see Benedict in one of those clips?
    it was hard to tell in black and white.

  8. EAM: From The Pat Buchanan Broadcast Network: Mika Brzezinski’s Dad NWO Manipulator « Cube Says:

    […] for Mr. Buchanan who believes in the total domination of the world by a few money whores:  Yakety Sax works much better when you accuse your host’s father of casuing the destruction of the free […]

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