I Feel Like Sally Fields. With A Penis.

Best tweet not sung by a pedophile who got off the hook:

  1. TheInDeciderTheInDeciderGladstone and Cube on the Radio (Just Like Donna Summer) http://tinyurl.com/q2jmqy

Too coolGladstone tomorrow night and Indy writing our stupid tube show up?  A word G. Xavier Robillard might splatter would be “nerdgasm.”

Dennis DiClaudio once referred to himself as a “total dick” in response to a commenter on Indecision who called him (shocker) a “dick.”  If memory serves me correctly, it was some poster named “Jim” — a contrarian and Ron Paul dry-humper.

Normally, I might have had some kind of PTSD reaction and tried to slit the throat of that bastard Zip from the shit who was trying to snipe at someone I admire and when I have those flashbacks from my days in ‘Nam and fucking Wagner starts playing and things tend to run-on and someone could very easily get you know, thrown off a bridge.  But, I learned something that day.

Dennis is not a “total dick.”  He’s really a front-court jai-alai player.  Dennis can cradle a fast-paced goatskin ball placed on the inside wall and whip it back at lightening speed putting the opponent out of his misery.

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One Response to “I Feel Like Sally Fields. With A Penis.”

  1. Why I Love Hating Letterman’s Apology « Cube Says:

    […] Remember kids, this blog is about me.  Gladstone is a friend of “Unsuable Signal” and one of the funniest guests […]

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