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I Feel Like Sally Fields. With A Penis.

May 8, 2009

Best tweet not sung by a pedophile who got off the hook:

  1. TheInDeciderTheInDeciderGladstone and Cube on the Radio (Just Like Donna Summer)

Too coolGladstone tomorrow night and Indy writing our stupid tube show up?  A word G. Xavier Robillard might splatter would be “nerdgasm.”

Dennis DiClaudio once referred to himself as a “total dick” in response to a commenter on Indecision who called him (shocker) a “dick.”  If memory serves me correctly, it was some poster named “Jim” — a contrarian and Ron Paul dry-humper.



Proof At Last! Official Defect In Certifcate Of Live Birthi

May 8, 2009

birth certificate

The Charlotte Observer proves with hard boiled reporting and the dauntless pursuit of truth, that the demise of print media is not upon us.  From Charlotte, by way of Kenya, by way of Indonesia, by way of London, by way of California,  by way of Hawaii:

No father is listed on the birth certificate of a child who a tabloid newspaper claims is linked to former Sen. John Edwards.


“Padre Cutie: Victima O Pecador”

May 8, 2009

Horror movies seem to be a recurring theme this Friday The 8th...

Greek to me.

“Victim?”  “Sinner?”  I don’t know.

BREAKING (Not really. I already tracked down this information and so did other conglomerate media-types like Cube.  So, I really don’t understand how blogs ever can really “break” news unless it’s original reporting.  I’m actually writing “BREAKING” in ALL-CAPS and boldface type as I go along.  It just looks better despite being cliche and untrue):

Because the policy of this particular cyberzine is to respect the privacy of Father Cutie’s mistress, I can not tell you her name is “Ruhama Canellis” or that she lives in the “300 block of 20th Street” in Miami.  You see, other newspapers report on what other television stations reported here.  Those hacks are the ones who burn the identity of Father Cutie’s sex slave and put her on video.  I am only reporting on what another newspaper reported another television station was reporting.  Totally different.