From Gladstone’s “Hate By Numbers”

This week on Unsable Signal With Cube, we bring to you folks lessons on metaphysics and epistemology.   Only on the internet can I bring you the foremost mind on wormhole theory and quarks:  Gladstone.

Gladstone is both hysterical and brilliant.  He knows much about quantum mechanics and goes far beyond fart jokes, unlike myself.  He is a freelance writer for Comedy Central’s Indecision and is a columnist at Or is it .org?  Creator of the “Hate By Numbers” video series, he is currently in therapy and working on loving integers.  Gladstone  is also a prolific writer of screenplays. Like me. Want to know more? Drop him a line:

Want to know more about me?  No.  You don’t.

Thanks to Captain Freedom for arranging this totally awesome show.

Saturday Night.  11:00 P.M.  E.S.T.  Drop questions in the box.

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2 Responses to “Gladstone!”

  1. Michelle Says:


    I do hope I do not get called away this Sat….

    My husband would LOVE this show…can’t wait to get the replay of it for him…

  2. Cube Says:

    The illustrious Mr. Gladstone is one helluva get. It’s a damn shame he’s such a nice fellow. There are going to be a ton of listeners because he has the entire universe as friends on facebook.

    Maybe we should dig up Ms. M. to interview…. hahahahahaha

    What I’ve found, between Tommy, G. Xavier Robillard, Ethan and Dylan Ris, and Matt Lewis (and Caleb), is how fortunate I am to have great people who help make the show as good as it gets, but, everyone is a really good person. Wait till you guys meet Dennis DiClaudio at Indecision and perhaps some other writers at AOL.

    Also, I’ve had the opportunity to interview Alex over the weekend aas well as John Ziegler and Max Blumenthal. That was great.

    This will top them all I suspect. He’s incredibly sharp and a must read.. I’ll put up some of his artwork later. Click on the links and watch Cracked Hate By Numbers he created and writes.

    I made my bones at Indy, so, I am more into the comedy than hard news. I said “hard.”

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