Change Will Keep Things The Same — Justice Souter To Step Down


Aside from some different plumbing, do not expect any shift at all ideologically on the Supreme Court.

Given [President Obama’s] first appointment to the high court, most observers expect Obama will appoint a woman, since the court currently has only one female justice and Obama was elected with strong support from women. But an Obama pick would be unlikely to change the ideological makeup of the court.

Despite the brilliant reporting of Supreme Court guru and expert Nina Totenberg, the real reason Justice Souter, 69, is stepping down is to protect his home from eminent domain by his angry hometown citizens.  Their proper outrage stems from a ruling he made in 2005 concerning “land snatching.”  Oh“Takings” Clause!  You were never forgotten as Santa’s ugly cousin.

The Court loses a great mind and independant thinker.  You do remember who appointed him right?

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12 Responses to “Change Will Keep Things The Same — Justice Souter To Step Down”

  1. Cube Says:

    On a personal note, this is sad. I had a great opportunity in the early 1990’s to privately meet with him for a Q&A in chambers (actually, I met also with Justice Thomas). The man is brilliant. Moreover, he was so kind and gentle. He has a quiet way about him. Unassuming. Sharp.

    Thomas was great too. To take significant time with us is a rarity few experience. I just disagree with everything Thomas has ever written except for one case I’ll talk about some other time.

    People don’t realize how important balance on The Court is. This is my number one voting issue for President. It’s actually the one thing Bush Part II got RIGHT. By “right” I mean all the way to the right.

    Have a great day, and I’ll see you… IN COURT!

  2. Davis Says:

    I think he should nominate Nina

  3. Louis IX KingofFrawnce Says:

    exxon valdez / pubic hair on the rim of your coke can.
    souter / thomas.

  4. Cube Says:

    Someone suggested Obama nominate Anita Hill. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

  5. RyboSlybo Says:

    Why would he select a woman just because there is only one woman sitting as judge currently, or select an african american because there are to many white judges? Why not select a person regardless of sex or color and select the person who is best suited for the job? Why does it always have to be about pandering to a minority? Just pick the person who is best suited for the position whether it’s a woman, a white man or a black man. Just pick the best fucking person for the fucking job you fucking ass clowns! FUCK!



  6. RyboSlybo Says:

    How bout Obama selects Sylvester Stallone?

    Didn’t he play a judge in a movie or some shit?

    Oh yeah… Judge Dredd!

    I AM THE LAW!!!

    Bigs n Shiaz!

  7. Cube Says:

    What’s up Ryan!

    I just got into a pissing match with this dumb bag of turds at Political Daily:

    Here it is…

    @Bob: Who is simply wrong opines, “Again, the opportunity to appoint a SCJ to fill a vacancy is a win for any president. I’d wager every president who’s had that opportunity would agree.”

    Oh yeah Bob? How much kid! Let’s go ask George Herbert Walker Bush if he thinks appointing Justice Souter was a win. ARE YOU ON ACID? Even Bush admits he was wrong now! Souter was a total LOSS for Bush. You’re just arguing to argue. So, Souter was a “win” for Bush? Whatever you’re smoking, pass it.


    Is this guy retarded? bob? This is not the same bob from our show. It can’t be. What does he get, “enchantment” points for simply picking a judge? Dude, if you read this, shut the fuck up. Own up to a loss when I disembowel you for the world to see. Poopy head.

    • RyboSlybo Says:

      Nicely done Cube!

      I’m trying to stick with PD but it’s just not the same…

      I can’t find the same bunch of ass clowns I used to love to piss off on a regular basis…

      Oh wait a minute…

      I Love Pissing Everyone Off!!!

      I do not like how you can’t go to most recent without posting a comment, or you can’t select a certain page like you used to with PM… And some of these new writers are something else…

      Did you read that article about the new Black Princess movie Disney is putting out? Hey that’s cool I don’t give a shit what color our princesses are. But the author simply went on a bitch fest about the whole issue.

      On a site called Politics Daily??? WTF???


      and keeping tearing those ass holes a new one!

      Nobody does it better than you Cube!


  8. Cube Says:

    I’ll pass it along to TBTB Ryan. I wish it had the “more recent” features as well. Give it a chance I say!

    Oh yeah… For dome reason, you got dumped into the spam box I never knew I had. Some other comments did as well, so if anyone feels like I moderate shit, I don’t. I’m sorting through a bunch of comments from random places. You should see some of this stuff. People have been posting (now the comments are there). I don’t moderate anything. This blog does it on its own. Now, I’ll pay more attention. Sorry dude. Thanks for the compliments. I have to agree with you. I do kick stupid hacks asses at PD and it’s fun. We like it.

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