Israel Refuses To Acknowledge Virulent Traif


What a bunch of schmucks!  While the world mistakenly calls Swine Flu, um… “Swine Flu,” one country stands alone.   One country claws bravely against the tyranny of Main Stream Media’s recreation of the dictionary.  Only Israel is politically correct (and genomically correct) to properly coin this pestilence for what it is:  the Dirty, Stinking, Mexican Flu… [Ed. Amateur Psychological Note:  Probable projection for improper slurs cast upon The Chosen Ones that of course, have long since passed.]

Although swine flu is a relatively common hazard of pig-farming, it is worth noting that, so far, health inspectors have not found infected pigs anywhere in Mexico. So why call it ‘swine flu’? The main reason is that the last strain of flu that genetically resembled this one was found among swine. But it does not have to be called ‘swine flu’. The Israeli deputy health minister, Yakov Litzman, says his country will refuse to call the disease by that name because religious Jews do not eat pork. ‘We will call it Mexico flu’, he said. What Litzman’s comments demonstrate is that the name, and image, we give to a disease is principally influenced by culture rather than science.

“Science?”  Science is so last century.  Or is it?

The reason my brethren from Israel refer to “The Artist Formerly Known As Swine Flue” as “Mexican Flu” is quite obvious: The pursuit for truth.  Not science.

We The People of The Promised Land merely highlight a sad genetic deficiency the Mexican people long have suffered from since the days of  Quetzalcoatl.  It’s true: All first-born, Mexican, males have split hooves.  Ask Moses! This unholy strain of influenza is passed to non-believers.   Plagues of this type do not come from swine.  So “not Kosher” this Swine Flu business is.

BREAKING!  THEY FUCKED THE JEWS AGAIN. And, it was reported by the self-loathing Jewish paper The New York Times. It’s now the H1N1 Virus.  Eat me.  It will always be known to me as the Dirty, Mexican, Flu.  [For the record, I love hitting the nail on the head before this sheep dag of a name change.]

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82 Responses to “Israel Refuses To Acknowledge Virulent Traif”

  1. Louis IX KingofFrawnce Says:

    now that you mention it, I’ve never seen anybody jewish at a boucherie.

  2. Louis IX KingofFrawnce Says:

    is the prize free tickets to cancun?

    • PCL Says:

      Screw Cancun Louis, push him for Cabo San Lucas–much nicer.

      • Louis IX KingofFrawnce Says:

        nooooo- cabo is quarantined.
        besides a friend called tonight and said that she’s not afraid of dying if it’s at the porto real cancun.
        and it’s only 1 hr. 45 minutes from here,
        cabo takes all day to get there.

      • Louis IX KingofFrawnce Says:

        oh I just talked to yvette again.
        she doesnt want the porto real playa del carmen.
        she wants to stay on isla mujeras.
        the prize is gonna have to include the 75cents for the ferry ride. the ferry with the people holding chickens in cages.

  3. Cube Says:

    You need to listen to Unusable Signal To Find Out.

  4. Louis IX KingofFrawnce Says:

    hey, I keep hearin’ people say that they call in on the show.
    how do I do that?

  5. Michelle Says:

    lol, PCL

    so many possibilities

  6. Michelle Says:

    when you sign in, to blogtalk radio, it will be on that page,

    you’ll see…

    Cube always has the link when he is about to go on air…

    and he ususally announces the number as well..

  7. Michelle Says:

    yes, and PCL always has good comments, and awesome giggles…


    • PCL Says:

      Awww thanks Texas. And Michelle has the sexiest drawl and really gets me laughing. It’s all good for the girls, eh Michelle?

  8. Michelle Says:

    lol, oh my….I was just thinking of the sweet sound of our CaliGal too!

    =) sort of a SharonStone sultry thing going on there PCL!

    we do have a good time, when the boys are not fighting….lol

  9. Louis IX KingofFrawnce Says:

    wait- we have to call in AFTER the show?
    what time is it over?

  10. Michelle Says:

    10pm for us Louie

    and then the after show, is when we call in…its like a vocalgangbang of sorts….lol

  11. Louis IX KingofFrawnce Says:

    mon dieu / omigod,
    in person, I sound like gomer pyle/vern with a speech impediment.

  12. Michelle Says:

    wellllll gooooollllly….I always loved me some gomerpyle!

    most endearing icon ever on TV…imho

  13. Michelle Says:

    lol, Louie, the show is over midnite our time…

    sometimes, Cube does take calls while he is on air…

    and we talk after the show, for an hour I think…

    there is only a certain amount of time alloted I think..

    • Louis IX KingofFrawnce Says:

      okay, so I call at midnight.
      Is it an american area code?
      I don’t want to wind up like my friend “X” who fell asleep on a porn line and woke up with a $650 phone line tab.

      • Michelle Says:

        as far as I know its an Ameican area code, haven;’t seen any charges on my phone bill…

        better not…

      • PCL Says:

        LMAO! Louis! You are a scream!

      • Louis IX KingofFrawnce Says:

        yeah, when he was telling me about it, I asked him how he could fall asleep like that and he said that he was really loaded.
        he sued and got some of the money back.
        his case was founded on the principle that they took advantage of him when they didn’t hear “anything” anymore.
        he lives in houston now.

  14. Louis IX KingofFrawnce Says:

    yeah, and then when I first went to school in texas, yankees would look at me for a while and then make a comment about white people that sound like they musta been raised by black people.
    “shut the do’-“

    • Michelle Says:

      well, Louie, you know what I say to that,

      fuck em…we talk how we talk…and so what if we have a flavor from our black neighbors…

      Ive been told many times, that I talk black sometimes too, especially when Ive been drinking…its the south…thats how we roll here…hahahhahahahaha

      its all good, fuck em if they can’t handle it…

  15. Michelle Says:

    but wear headphones…lol if you have young ears around…or you can get the feed over the telephone too.

  16. Cube Says:

    If you look, the Unuable Signal link is on the right in the “Blogroll.”

    This story is about the proper name of the virus. I still must kill pigs. Israel’s statement is hysterical. I love being right. Sort of. Pigs are somehow to blame. As are split hoofed Mexicans.

    Tommy linked the Whig story at PD. Check it out!!!

  17. Michelle Says:

    LOL, PCL…people are funny…

    its funny, I really didn’t think I had a twang, until I could hear the echo on this damned radio show…lol

    but you are a sweetheart for saying that…lol

    but you forget, Im a fighter…lol so, we wouldn’t have to run…

    heh heh heh…

    I’ll teach ya a move or 2…

  18. Louis IX KingofFrawnce Says:

    well I was hoping it was an accident,
    but it looks like premedicated attempted murder.

  19. Louis IX KingofFrawnce Says:

    somehow I don’t picture michelle running,
    unless she just got in a good lick and needs to go around the corner and laugh really really hard.

    • Michelle Says:

      hahahahaha Louie…

      me and the hubby have gotten in and out of some crazy times…

      we used to run with bartenders and waitresses…lol

      we went to a local bar for live music, met another couple while we were there, they were not from here, so they wanted to see a couple of more places, we took them to a niteclub, afterhours dance place…and the girl, started some shit with another girl that hung out there alot…

      so, they left real quick, and we were riding with them…so, we left behind them but they were ahead quite a few clicks…

      me and the husband, are standing outside in the parking lot across from the club, then I see this huge crowd exiting the club, and coming after us…becaus they knew we were with them…

      I never talked so fast in all my life…

      then this huge guy from out of nowhere, came up behind Cliff…and all I could say was big one in coming…lol

      it was kinda cool..keeping the crowd from the monsters…lol they wanted to kick that girls ass…

      • Louis IX KingofFrawnce Says:

        was that at a Club Iguana function,
        and the out of the female out of towner got into a fight by asking some stranger if she had already talked to her lawyer,
        and the stranger said “what for?”
        and the female out of towner said “well, about your hair.”

        if it is, I saw that fight.

  20. Michelle Says:

    there is no hope for us…


  21. Cube Says:

    I have to go to sleep guys. I hope you liked the article. Louis is a pure genius. He’s the only one who commented on it! Ha. Now you basically know how to get in the running for the esteemed prize! Make substantive jokes about the subject matter. I fell like a peeping Tom. Michelle running. PCL falling. Louis, get these kids in line and comment about the naming of the virus and how stupid it is.

    The new name stinks!!!!

    🙂 Night

  22. Michelle Says:

    lol Cube…

    I think the whole thing is BS…


    just kill the mexican pigs, Cube…

    sorry, we hijacked your thread…

    our bad…

  23. Michelle Says:

    badges, we don’t need no stinkin badges, we’re the Mexican Flu…

  24. Michelle Says:

    funny Cube

    but the Mexicans call it Canadian Flu…

  25. Michelle Says:

    hell, PCL…I have Mexicans in my family…lol

  26. RyboSlybo Says:

    Fucking great article CUBE! I was saying Mexican Flu all along! I mean when the Flu pandemic broke out from Spain (Ithink thats right) Did they not call it the Spanish Flu? Whats the big deal?


    • Cube Says:

      Thanks Ryan. It’s now letters and numbers. I want to call it, “The bullshit flu that doesn’t kill as many people as the regular flu, flu.”

      • RyboSlybo Says:

        Out Fucking Standing!


        It is fucking weird how much everyone is freaking out about this BullShit flu when the Flu Flu kills what? Thousands a year in the US?
        Why the distraction? Is something else going on we should really know about but don’t? Who knows… I don’t really give a shit anymore… I just hate being sick. Better take some more natural medicine….


  27. Michelle Says:


    no,it was Tantra..and the woman was hitting on this hot chick…and she dissed her, so she called the hot chick at bitch…she didn’t like that

    that chick was wack…she had bad extentions on…I could see where they were glued to her head, smokin bod though…lol and the guy she was with, started taking off his pants on the dance floor!!


    guess you could say, he was getting into the vibe of the joint…

    • Louis IX KingofFrawnce Says:

      hahahahah——I’ve seen chicks in those glue-on’s.
      it wasn’t the same fight, the chick I saw slug the stranger had a B-52’s beehive.
      Lord mais monde, taking your pants off on the dance floor—-
      that is so hackneyed and tired,
      when I did it, I was on a table top.
      …..none of us had the mexican flu.

  28. Cube Says:


    To celebrate, (Ryan will understand this code) I’m going to call my guy and post something funny I found on that retarded mind control device known as Twitter. My whore, “rawls” works it over there. If you like dead comedians, you might like the next post. Give me about 20 minutes.

  29. Cube Says:

    Yeah far out. I saw the guy.

    Also, I only have one contact lens in. It’s hard to see. There were almost 600 web hits for some odd reason. Pretty, pretty, cool. I just realized, stuff gets put in the spam folder sometimes. Spam. Does Spam have pig in it?

  30. Cube Says:

  31. klugster Says:

    Why not call it the Mexican flu since that is where it started. Funny site i laughed so hard.

  32. Cube Says:

    Why not call it the Dirty, Stinking, Mexican Jew? I mean flu. As a Jew, with Mexican ancestry, I can say that.

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