Republicans Whig Out!

From The Whig Party: Cineribus Nascitur:


Take that Republican Party!  The vestiges of The Whig Party, now that they’ve gotten all techy up in our grill, are predicting (albeit with cheap screen caps) The G.O.P’s demise.  Much like Van Gogh, The Whig Party paints the death of The Republican Party in somber colors — a 1970’sish car careening off a cliff into a fiery pit of Hell.  Or something like that.

Yet, it’s The Republican Party who seems to like hacking off body parts.

Does Arlen Specter’s defection from the Getting Old Party spell doom for our Rabid Republican Rivals?  Will the G.O.P’s recent slide down the scientific polls of Americana cause a rebirth for a party that can not even properly spell a homophone for a hairpiece?  Their primary constituency?  Do you like bizarre allusions to Batman?  Tune in next week.  Same Rat-Time.  Same Rat-Channel.


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34 Responses to “Republicans Whig Out!”

  1. Cube Says:

    If anyone gets the quintuple entendre in the Lynch link, you’re smoking some serious shit.

  2. Michelle Says:

    lol Cube…

    you love you some Isabella doncha?

  3. Michelle Says:


    oh boy, a challenge…

    you know how I love a challenge….


    I suppose I need to view the entire movie again, to appreciate all the layers…

    unless all 5 are present in your clip…

    Laura Dern did seem very innocent all in that pink top…

    Lynch is such a sickfuck…lol

    happens to be one of my husbands favorite directors…go figure..

  4. Michelle Says:

    Isn’t her mother Igrid Bergman?

  5. Michelle Says:

    Well, I guess, everyone is turning blue these days, after all, Specter looks better in blue…even though he’s still a loose cannon…lol better he’s our loose cannon…

    I wonder who will be next?

    Im saying Arnold may shift….not that it would advance him politically…but I think, he is embracing more of the ideology due to the state of his state…lol

    The Fringe is becoming more defined.

  6. Cube Says:

    No, but you’re onto something with Blue. You need to look into the politics behind everything. And, the other links and what they might have in common or might not. At least five things… Focus on the story then get out of focus Michellesan.

    Remember too… comedy blog. At least, an attempt at one.

    Hint: What is the Lynch movie? What is found in the grass? Why is blue important in politics? Who else had an issue with the same thing in the grass? What happened today?

  7. Michelle Says:



    hey, Im likin’ that Alex’s style over on DD….Kudos to Tommy, she has an excellent slant on the state of things…

    ok…Cube, you make me think too much sometimes…lol I get lost for quite sometime within your links…lol

    you’re good man…you’re good…


  8. Michelle Says:

    Well, I know you prefer blue humor Cube…part of the reason we love ya so much!

  9. Michelle Says:



    funny, they ain’t saying a word about him switching parties to save his seat….

    so we got the rogue on our side now…so what…don’t mean he will do anything differently…he is after all Arlen Specter….

  10. Cube Says:

    Disclaimer: Comedy Blog

    If she ever slums it over here, should I card her? She’s really funny. Tommy introduced her perfectly. With the intro to “A Clockwork Orange.” I’m for free will and all, but, I really hope she’s not the same “Alex” who hits people with chains, wears oblong jockstraps, and assaults old ladies up with a ginormous, furniture, penis.

    There was something unsettling to me about that comparison and an innocent girl not scathed by D.C. at all. She has already fallen under his spell with this pig lover thing.

    I have taken a stance. All pigs must die. That is where I draw the line with Dose. This is necessary to save the planet. Al Gore agrees perhaps.

    • Michelle Says:


      The same only in name, Cube…and that she is young…alot of the young kids these days are “street” and are very wise, like Alex was in the flick…even my kids think that character was da bomb…lol

      She is a very good writer..

      Card her yes…because then we’ll have to clean up our language and shit…

      and you wouldn’t be able to do porn here anymore…


  11. Michelle Says:

    and of course you would say all pigs must die…

    you don’t do pork….lol

  12. Michelle Says:

    Floyds Pigs are ok though…

  13. Michelle Says:

    lol NJ Housewives…those shows crack me up…lol

  14. Cube Says:

    Go back up to the hints…

  15. Michelle Says:


    I gotta hit the sheets….

    brain is mush….lol

    too deep for me tonite…

    see how I just go off on tangents…lol

    GoodNite my good friend…you do make this all fun and amusing…


  16. Louis IX KingofFrawnce Says:

    I’m always getting these blogs a day after they’ve come out.
    but on the bright side, my united kingdom AOL correected itself.

    • Cube Says:

      That’s b/c they’re pretty cool over there. This article made the news today (Oh boy. About a lucky man who made the grade…).

  17. Cube Says:

    @Louis: Did you read Tommy’s article in PD? They linked this story! I wonder if the G.O.P is going down. Aside from tea… too easy.

    • Louis IX KingofFrawnce Says:

      I read it yesterday. that’s how I found the link to your jewish pig flu article about mexico.

      • Cube Says:

        Sweet! Good comment yesterday man. Hope you tune into the show. I’m working on the guests now. We’ll see… could be another crazy one. We had on a great panel a couple of weeks ago. And, John Ziegler.

  18. Republican Party Identification Nears the Mendoza Line | Christopher Howell Says:

    […] bad are things for the Republican Party? The Whig Party is taking shots at them. That’s just embarrassing, like being taunted by Sanjaya Malakar at the American Idol […]

  19. Cube Says:

    Why Christopher Howell is a great journalist:

  20. Pittsburgh Steelers Linebacker James Harrison Trades Obama For 5th Round Pick And A Psychologist’s Wet Dream « Cube Says:

    […] you might see in his actions from president to president, rumors have surfaced he intends to join The Whig Party.   I mean, it could be argued this is a brilliant P.R. move to rid the country of the horrific […]

  21. WADE.... Says:

    Come out of your cave Commie Sack of Dung! just checking on you Cube….what’s up HOMO?

    —-> )!(

  22. Michelle Says:

    WADE, believe it or not, glad to see you hanging with us “commie sacks”



    • PCL Says:

      I don’t know why, but the title of ‘commie sacks’ just makes me laugh.

      WADE, look at my new pic. That’s the Eiffel Tower (albeit the mock one in Vegas)–what self-respecting French would accept any other title other than ‘socialist sack’?

  23. Michelle Says:

    I had to rub my eyes, thought I was seeing things when I saw your name here!

  24. Michelle Says:


    any sack’ll do, PCL…

    Im just “honored” that WADE has graced us with his pressence….I think he kinda likes us, in a twisted sort of way…

    and he will soon see, that we love him too, in our own twisted way!

    All are welcome in Cube’s tent (and thats not the pants tent either, WADE, so don’t get ‘cited…)

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