India Tells Democracy To F*ck Off!

Up Yours Voting!

Up Yours Voting!

From my coffetable, I bring you the fruits of my voracious hunger for all things Democracy and a snipet from The Times Of India:

THIS TIME round, show them the middle finger. You may have reason to, as a seasoned voter who’s seen very little change on the ground after the heady speeches, promises, eye candy and campaigning dust fly in your face every five years.
The Election Commission is ensuring your message goes out loud and clear — they are giving your index finger a go-by, and painting your middle finger with indelible ink instead. A Commission official said the change was necessitated by the recently-con
cluded elections to local bodies in some parts of the country. “Since these voters will still have their index fingers marked, we decided to uniformly mark the middle finger of the left hand,” he said.
Not everyone’s amused, though. In many places, politicians
and celebrities smiled and posed for the cameras after casting their vote, but realisation dawned much later. A Pune-based Bollywood celebrity said, “I did not realise it when I posed for the cameras. But when I saw the photo, my pose appeared to be in poor taste.”

I did not realize it when I cut and pasted this quote, but apparently The Times of India said “fuck you” to my font button.

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2 Responses to “India Tells Democracy To F*ck Off!”

  1. Michelle Says:

    hahahahahhaha they become more westernized everyday….lol

    too funny..

  2. Louis IX KingofFrawnce Says:

    you know there are so many people over there that their elections go on for weeks instead of a day.

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