AOL’s Political Machine In The Tank For Obama

Change You Can Believe In

Change You Can Believe In.

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85 Responses to “AOL’s Political Machine In The Tank For Obama”

  1. Cube Says:

    You think WADE had a stroke?

    Check out the comment award. Ryan won today.

  2. Michelle Says:

    where is it?

    what did you do with it?

    • PCL Says:

      It’s just all wrong. And we were SO happy too. (snif) I think this could be the makings of a great subject for Cube’s US show next Saturday (and yes, I will actually be home for it this time). We could have a wake for PM. LOL!

      • Michelle Says:

        I know huh, PCL…

        this just sucks…Its all the trolls fault…if they would have just played nice, but NOOOOOo, they didn’t wanna!


        Im pissed…it was so easy to just pop on, and pop off at someone…now I actually have to WORK to post!


        Cube, by the way, if you look on the emails they send you to confirm, there is a password on the bottom…when you post again, click returning user…thats how I got it to post without going back and forth..

        who’s idea was it anyway to jack with PM?

    • Voice of Reason Says:

      i am so confused…i saw the new website over at what was the Political Machine…new format interface is not good…i may not return there…leave it to the 21%…

      • Michelle Says:

        Glad you made it here, Voice…

        I don’t like the new

      • PCL Says:

        Hey VOR, how the hell are you? I’m getting used to the new format, just hate the 5 comment/page crap. I see the trolls DID figure it out after all–nasty little buggers.

        Don’t give up on PD–just play around, you’ll get it.

  3. Michelle Says:

    comment award where?

    comment where?


    this isn’t right…not nice to do this to someone with OCD…


    • Cube Says:

      It’s on the right. By the blogroll and music. What do you think of the new layout? I’m down with it, but, I keep having to goto the email everytime.

    • PCL Says:

      I thought he was talking about Ryan getting a comment award on PD (the new PM).

  4. Michelle Says:

    thats fucked up

  5. PCL Says:

    LOL, Michelle!

  6. Michelle Says:

    I just got rid of AIM, and its still giving me issues…

    so, I have no idea how Im going to post now, without going to email

    I don’t like it CUBE, not yet anyway…

  7. RyboSlybo Says:

    And what did I win? I will take a BJ from Patricia Murphy…

    Can you make that one happen for me Cube?

    By the way I did tune into Unusable Signal Saturday Night but could not get the chat to work and was having trouble with the audio cutting from a time to time. Kind of pissed me off but was still a good show. Just wanted to let you know I was there. Also want to call in but was on my home PC and I need to replace the soundcard as it is fried… I can’t justify taking the soundcard I use at the Studio because it was purchased by the band at the cheap price of $1300, for a fucking soundcard, can you believe that? It is the shiz nizzle of PC sound for recording. I will pick up a cheapo for my home PC…

    The new PM is ok… Like PCL was saying earlier it is cool that you can reply to comments but only 5 comments to a page? That blows in itself.

    Actually I am requesting a new prize… How About Liza Porteus Vianna on one ball… and Patricia Murphy on the other??? I have two balls! One for each of ya!

    Next time you talk to Tommy tell him to get a haircut… fucking hippy!


  8. Michelle Says:

    thats funny, I don’t see anything about music Cube, but I do see PCL and Bong (Ryan) on the most recent comments area…

  9. PCL Says:

    Ohh man, Ryan–you must have some good shit in that bong today!

  10. Michelle Says:

    this bites!!!


  11. RyboSlybo Says:

    I believe this is the comment they were referring to…


    3:25PM Apr 27th 2009

    Ah yeah the Reps have had a rough run at it for sure. I guess that’s what happens when GWB single handedly destroys the Republican party and phony ass Conservatives like John McLame throw an Election. However I would not point to Meghan McCain as the savior of this party when everyone knows she is a Republican in name only. Oh… that’s most republicans these days… LOL. There is no longer an opposition party.

    Bigidy anyone?


    See what an ass hole I am? ; )

    Oh yeah hit that shit!

  12. PCL Says:

    Cube was talking about HIS site here–the comment award is part of Cube’s blog, not PD. Look over at the side there past the recent comments part–keep scrolling, you’ll see it.

  13. Michelle Says:

    I don’t even see Tommy’s picture on there…


    or Calebs…

    and Mark Ipomeanie, looks like a pinhead…

    he’s much better looking in a close shot…

    • PCL Says:

      Tommy’s is there–don’t know about Caleb’s. Maybe this is all Caleb’s fault and he got ‘banished’, LOL!

      Go to most recent and then click on all recent stories and you’ll see the stories from today.

      • Michelle Says:

        Thanks, I found this lil leprechan ass…


        wow, this is weird…gonna take some time getting used to for sure…

  14. RyboSlybo Says:

    Sorry Folks… I’m a dumb ass.


    Thanks for the award CUBE!

  15. PCL Says:


    Okay. I’m good now. Thanks for allowing me to vent, Cube.

  16. Cube Says:

    Anyone notice one of the tags on this blog? I didn’t put that there. Ninjas?

    I really like it. The comment area I hope will get expanded, but, other than that, it’s great.

  17. Michelle Says:

    Well, seems that WADE figured out the new format…

    foiled again….

    new format sucks by the way…

    just thought Id say that again…

  18. Louis IX KingofFrawnce Says:

    I’m not sure if I can handle all this work it takes to leave a post.
    If y’all never hear from me again,
    know that I’ve enjoyed ever minute of it.

    but if it turns out that it’s easy to post here, then disregard the previous paragraph.

  19. Louis IX KingofFrawnce Says:

    mon dieu—— that was so easy.
    hope I don’t get another addiction.

  20. Louis IX KingofFrawnce Says:

    cube: you ARE the wizard of oz

    pcl: there’s a new pinot noir that’s out. it’s from Russian River valley and uses burgundian grapes. read about it in a new gulf coast magazine.
    they say it’s the valley fog that makes it better than the ones from north central france. it’s called Le Clere or something like that.

    michelle: I don’t know….It was always so fun watching you tear someone a new one. I may miss the harpies and their repetitive repetitions.

    monsieur le bong: it’s jazz fest, you’d feel so at home. you could just breathe.

    • Cube Says:

      Hey Louis and Michelle!

      I’m in trial today so I may not be able to write an article for a bit. Unless the judge decides to get her dog groomed, I’m going. But, I worked that angle. I’ll know sometime soon.

      Thanks for coming by Louis. It’s nice having conversations with people whose brains function. Be on the lookout for stupid articles where we can come here to just make fun of politics. If I can provide some of my political and legal insight into something, I will try not to and opt for a fart joke.

      Looks like WADE figured out how to post on The artist formerly known as PM. Pity.

      @Louis: You don’t have any problems posting here right? It’s pretty easy. No passwords are prompted I hope.

      Michelle? If I can make it easier in any way, just tell me. Customer is always right. Unless you disagree with me.

      Still have plenty of time for the Cubic Comment Award…

      PCL figured out how to post YouTube videos in the comment section. I was wondering when someone would figure out I left that option on for you guys. Just paste the embed code if you find something funny.

      Have a great day, and, wish me luck to walk this gangster out the door!

      Hi Voice of Reason. That’s my middle name. Tell people who are cool to come here. If WADE comes by, I’ll just give him his own rant box. Or, kick him to the curb.

      • PCL Says:

        I can assure you that I didn’t figure it out–it just did it. LOL. I just cut and pasted the link from youtube.

        And good luck on your case.

    • PCL Says:

      Louis! Mon ami, I don’t know that Pinot as of yet. The only LeClere I know is out of France. But the Russian River Valley does produce some excellent Pinots and they have a great festival coming up in October.

      And this is an easy blog to post to, oui?

    • Michelle Says:

      heh heh Louie…glad someone got a kick out of it…

      its a nasty job….but me and PCL, we just had to do it!!


      Glad to see your lovely moniker here…

      maybe we can send in for dolts for your entertainment…heheheheh

  21. gimmeabreak Says:

    Hey, Cube – its Denise Williams. You’all don’t like the new site? I love it. I’m hoping the worst of the commenters will get confused and leave (excepting you all of course!)

    • Cube Says:

      Hi Denise!

      I like the new site a lot actually. For whatever its’ worth coming from an anonymous shape in cyberspace, I think it’s great!

      To quote me, “I really like it. The comment area I hope will get expanded, but, other than that, it’s great.”

      So much for tag: “Alec Baldwin’s Silent Ninja Association.” You see, I thought him and his band of ninjas from HuffPo went on some covert mission with throwing stars and office supplies to silence a bunch of my favorite writers at first. Then I realized The Artist Formerly Known As Political Machine just had an Extreme Makeover and likes to get kinky. Which is good.

      For those who don’t know, Denise is the shit. For an Eggles fan.

  22. Louis IX KingofFrawnce Says:

    yes mon dieu/omigod,
    it’s easier to post on here than anywhere else.
    I just spent over 30 minutes just trying to get tommy christopher’s blog to scroll.
    it’s the only place that I’ve found that I can just click the link to get this blog.
    I tried to search engine the http address for your blog but it gave me everything but this place.
    so I just find tommy’s column from a couple of days ago and click on your link from your post in the comment section.

    so, how do I get here without having to go thru that other S-L-O-W, time consuming site?

    • PCL Says:

      Louis, ‘bookmark’ it or list it as a ‘favorite’. Cube does have the easiest blog to get to, but Tommy’s is easy too. I just bookmark everything I want easy access to.

  23. Louis IX KingofFrawnce Says:

    that pinot is brand new.
    from the article, I got the impression that this is the first year it’s offered.
    the 2 sisters who have the vinyard are the daughters of …kendal-stafford..(?)…or something like that…..if I remember correctly—–
    anyway I recognized their parents’ when I read the article.

    remember, the french say you aren’t guilty unless you’re caught.

  24. Louis IX KingofFrawnce Says:

    I have th worst time with tommy’s.
    the 2 or 3 posts from me that you see on his site represent hours of attempted postings.

    • PCL Says:

      I had a little difficulty on Tommy’s at first, too. It got easier once I created my profile on

  25. Michelle Says:

    I love your format, Cube…

    you have built a perfect mousetrap…

    hi Denise! Im sure we spoiled PMers will come around to the new digs…but some bugs need to be worked out for sure, to make it more assessible to returning posters…

    Its so good to see my family here, (snif)

    • PCL Says:

      I know, I am so heartbroken without the Hag Sisters and the B.O.B.s–(snif!)

      • Louis IX KingofFrawnce Says:

        okay………..I know I’m setting myself up here………
        what’s a B.O.B. ?

      • PCL Says:

        LOL! Louis, it stands for Band Of Bitches (I know, I am soooo bad).

      • Michelle Says:

        But its so damned perfect!

        fits to a T


        no PCL, you are soooooooo good….heh heh heh..

      • Michelle Says:

        and Louie, me and PCL were not in that Band…

        we were in a league all our own


        along with others of course…

      • PCL Says:

        Nobody who has ever posted on Cube’s site was ever a member of the B.O.B. or was one of the Hag Sisters.

      • Louis IX KingofFrawnce Says:

        band of bitches……..
        that goes for the guys too, not just crystal and bonbon/truth,

        that was really funny to see that glitch that didn’t allow you to change screen names
        and see bonbon pretending to be Truth,
        then commenting/agreeing with Truth’s comment in the next post,
        and ….
        …both posts listed under the name ‘bonbon’.


      • PCL Says:

        Crystal and bonbon are the Hag Sisters–they call each other sis, and they are a couple of hags too. LOLOLOL! I am not usually so catty, but those two are nasty!

    • PCL Says:

      And Truth, PAYNE, WADE–all seem so subdued now. I kind of miss their evilness. And I’m completely lost without my number one bantering opponent–Splash. (snif, snif!)

  26. PCL Says:

    Okay they fixed the 5 comment/page at PD to be 20 comment/page. Be careful posting the comments though–they remember you alright, unless you hit the returning user button, and if not, your comment will show up as your email address. They’re getting the bugs out slowly but surely.

    • Michelle Says:

      Good Job, PCL…

      I feel we have so much influence…hehehehhehe

      now, they need, a most recent comments button per article…hahahhaha


      • PCL Says:

        Do you realize that now we don’t know if we are still on WADE’s list?

      • PCL Says:

        And there are so many stories now (and usually all about the same thing), and so many authors–I’m overwhelmed!

      • Louis IX KingofFrawnce Says:

        well we’re on wade’s list in cyberspace for posterity.

        that’s an aspect of subatomic particle theory to contemplate.

        but what about pundit,
        what’ll become of pundit.

        oh –this is just like after katrina

  27. Michelle Says:

    Its just all wrong, PCL…lol

    its a great place to read articles…but to blog, not so much….

    I did see one of the writers on MSNBC this morning…

    WADE almost seems human now…lol…like they deballed him or something…lol

    • PCL Says:

      I know, they pretty much neutered Wade, Liberaldawgsqueez, and Truth. Yeah, those guys were a pretty nasty bunch–but come on!!

  28. Michelle Says:

    Caleb eluded to some changes coming to the site, that was the weekend that was so odd…

    I just assumed they were resetting the thing, like they did back during the strawpoll days…

    • PCL Says:

      And where is Caleb? Is he not going to write for PD? We have lost some of our little ‘family’ in all this. (snif!)

  29. Louis IX KingofFrawnce Says:

    they didn’t mention the lanselotti.
    it seems like it was the kendal family.
    and thanks for the warning abut the email address.
    I already still get regular emails from Bertha, Fkergolin (?) etc. from the days before hidden email addresses.

    yeah, I thought for a minute that our electronic coffee clatch was over, or at least seriously crippled.

    has anybody seen which way the wind blew Kathy?
    wade ‘n’ all them were getting tedious.
    the same ole same ole all the time.
    they were tired.
    even arlen spector was tired of them.

    • Michelle Says:

      Kat was still posting on PD, Louie…Im sure she will find her way here sooner or later, and I see Crystal even figured it out…bonbon as well…

      I seem to be the only one having issues with it…lol

      can’t get but maybe 1 out of 5 posts go go through…

      So, the clatch is safe for now, thanks to Cube…lol

      and we hit Tommy’s site too…so actually if we look at it, the only thing that was taken away, was our ire….lol

      I can survive without it…. poision I tell ya they are, poision!

      • Louis IX KingofFrawnce Says:

        I took pcl’s advice and only use ‘returning user”
        ( or something to that effect)
        button for casting my comment.
        it works every time – as easy as this one.

        however, it sometimes lists your screen name as the one ‘you’ used to use when you first signed up,
        in my case it automatically used the screen name I first signed on with years ago……….
        I was shocked to remember that old screen name myself.

        it automatically signed my comments under the screen name I used before Louis IX,
        even though I typed in “Louis IX etc.”
        with my original password.

        and bonbon didn’t know or notice that
        and kept pretending she was bonbon answering to Truth’s comments.
        but the screen name appearing for both comments was “bonbon”.

        it was surreal,

  30. PCL Says:

    Did you notice that bonbon and Crystal are getting fed up with the new format? Crystal even gave out her email address in one of her comments. They are going to be looking for a new site. HAHAHA!! Love the Hag Sisters!

  31. Louis IX KingofFrawnce Says:

    I saw that.
    I almost email’ed her myself.
    they are 2 lyin’ creeps alright.
    those 2 pathetic losers.
    that’s some malade galette, I tell you.
    could you imagine being trapped in a nursing home with bonbon as your caregiver?
    what was that stephen king movie with cathy bates and james caan?

  32. Cherry Cola Says:

    Hi Cube, Thanks for the link to get here. You are inspiring and fun! I am impressed with the site man, good work! Nice seeing Michelle, PCL and Louie too.

    I decided that I wasn’t going back to PD and admit I keeping peeking in to see what’s up over there and notice that there are way less people posting now. The most commented on articles are at the top and many pieces with no comments article after article. Time will tell if it is successful or not, but to change without warning and then be expected to like it is (for me) the first reason to turn it off.

    Cube, you have always been funny, satirical and witty and I hope this site takes off. Keep up the good work.

    • Cube Says:

      Thanks Cherry Cola and everyone. That’s really cool. You, PCL, Michelle, Ryan (aka RyboSlybo), Tommy, Caleb, Denise, Peggy (who is always great on the radio as is everyone until hell breaks loose) weird screen names I forgot, Pundit, Splash, TMR, Bob, oh yeah, Voice of Reason (not to be confused with Voice of Reality aka Cat Truth (what kind of fucking name is “Cat Truth”), LouisKingofInternet, (crap, hope I didn’t forget anyone). And also PCL and Michelle again because they have always had my back…. This is like a shitty oscar speech.

      I’ve been getting a lot of traffic here since it started up, and, it would suck if most just came and didn’t comment. You guys do. Thanks.

      Ironically, this was just a gag thread with PM changing the site and Obama’s theme of change. Of course, it’s getting lit up like the pirate article I started with and some other ones that got a lot of comments.

      That being said, I feel I must defend Politics Daily. All the writers we care about (which for me is all of them, including Mark) are still there. Still much to learn from new people we didn’t read but who are really great writers. So, I’d encourage sticking around there and here.

      Believe me, you can get lost at some of the other blogs. I’m fortunate to have built up a cult following (is that what this is?) of great readers and writers. PD is really great. The writers interact with the bloggers which is why I like it so much.

      I try to interact with everyone here. I’m a blogger (I guess) but, a writer with the paranoia that any writer has. So, when I get validation that I don’t suck and people laugh, that’s great. But, let’s all stay with PD huh? The people there who write (like Denise, Tommy, etc) all care like us. As writers, they need validation too. And, they all are awesome IMHO.

      The joke of this article was how we all want “change” and I find it somewhat ironic the “change” in the article freaked everyone out. Not me. I like the new look over there. Especially since they went to more comments per page which I think some of us suggested. They hear us. And, if you address your concerns on how to make it better over there, I’m sure they will listen. Look at it. It looks real.

      When I started this thing up, PCL was begging me to paint it and whatnot. I took her advice (she’s far smarter than I am and of course women are always right). There’s music on the right to listen to if you click on the Pop Out Player. But, Carville once said, “keep it simple, stupid.”

      So, this is a comedy/political blog. I like the zingers. Come here to chill and make jokes (like in the wonderful Death To Pigs article). If you don’t click on the links, you’re missing the fun. Please keep on writing at PD. Ok? At the same time, please leave some great jokes with points to win awards here. Yes. I will give out awards on the air for Unusable Signal. Big. Big. Awards. From me. The voice of the internet! (hahahahaha) I’m an idiot! Thanks guys. Now, tell me why pigs must die in that article, or the whig article, or the gay Specter article thing. Pass this along to those who are cool. Tell them to bookmark it. It can be fun. Laughter is the best medicine right?

      Ok? Ok.


      • PCL Says:

        And just when do Michelle and I get paid? It’s the first of the month and nothing in the mail, WTF?? I would like mine in cash, preferably in Franklins only.

  33. Louis IX KingofFrawnce Says:

    okay, now it gets wierd.
    I turn on my computer this afternoon and instead of american AOL,
    I have AOL-united kingdom.
    no politics or science news tabs to click on.
    no comment sections to the news stories,
    most stories about the UK.
    and when I googled “tommy christopher” ….it gave me no tommy christopher pages.
    same with ‘political machine”—–none relating to any blogs.

    • PCL Says:

      Really, Louis? No problems here. I did have a problem, or rather AOL did, last week sometime–I think they were updating something.

      Hope you don’t got some bad juju going on there, Louis.

  34. Cube Says:

    Weird. Whats up Louis!!! I’m going to blog on the…. PIG ARTICLE. Did you hear the PSA?

    • PCL Says:

      Cube–PM needs a ‘wake’ and you’re in a position to do it. There are a lot of people really ticked off by the new format–I am actually kind of liking it, except the new barrage of emails telling me people have responded to my comment, which I don’t mind when it’s from ‘friends’.

  35. Louis IX KingofFrawnce Says:

    oh cube, I’ve got to get to that pig article. you are always correct about everything in the most hysterical way.

    but yeah, I can only get tommy and politics daily if I haven’t signed into my email,
    and if I do sign onto my email, can’t even get tommy Xtopher or poltics daily to google up. I only get united kingdom AOL.
    if I were the paranoid conspiracy theory type I would have a paranoid conspiracy theory about it.

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