Video Showing Why A White Guy Should Know Not To Say The “N” Word In A Black Area

Last night, as a guest on Italian Tomatoes and later as host of Unstable Signal, I had to explain to a white guy why he got his ass kicked in a Black bar for calling a patron the “N” word.

Perhaps you want to reread that last sentence.  I’ll wait.

That I didn’t pull the plug on all of the listeners earlier is my lone regret.

You Cannot Be Serious!  You don’t do that!  You’re wrong!  That you don’t see it, boggles the mind.  This fellow was a Marine, so, I tried to show some deference to him, nevertheless he was upset his black friends didn’t defend him.  Ummm…

All due respect sir, I wouldn’t help you out either!  There’s no defense, none, for a white guy using that word in the face of a black man.  None.  I suggested reading Black Like Me or To Kill A Mockingbird.  How fucking brilliant am I?  Maybe I should have done an oral interpretation of Paradise Lost. Here’s what I was really thinking.

I love the mute button.  And the fellow honestly, subjectively, thinks he did nothing wrong.  Or does nothing wrong by uttering that word on the air in the manner he did.  As cavalierly as he did.  He doesn’t understand empirically why it’s different when a black person uses the word with another black person.  He went on a rant of such ignorance, I was aghast.  I’d get popcorn and watch you get your ass pummeled.  Sir.

Another lady tried to justify the words’ use because of some “original intent” argument concerning that word.  Sorry I cut you off.


You may be a nice person, naively thinking your views on life are hunky dory, I’m here to tell you, you have much to learn.   There’s no other meaning or connotation that word has.  And, I don’t care what the damned original intention or definition of that word is.  It is unlike any word in the English language.  A white person saying that to a black person is indefensible.   Please.  Go to the ‘hood like Rex Kramer, and explain how it’s a term of endearment.

The Marine tried equating the “N” word to a “term of endearment” used with Marines called, “Jarhead.”  No.   This is insanity.  Does America have a history of slavery with Jarheads?  Was there some mass cross burning for “Jarheads” I missed?  Did Bull Connor have a thing for unleashing German Shepards on “Jarheads?”

Holy Obama do I love that “mute” button.  I can run the show.   After a half hour however, my switchboard goes down on Blog Talk Radio and upon listening to it, my voice somehow got completely cut out for a solid twenty minutes and that fellow went on some nonsensical rant.  I tried pressing the phone buttons frantically to shut him down.  I even tried keying in the tune to “Mary Had A Little Lamb.”  There is something to be said for a fully functioning mute button.   Finally I was able to pull the plug.  Aftershows suck.  I don’t need people telling me to allow others to utter the “N” word in a particular fashion that is plain ignorant.  And, when someone gets their own show, they can run it as they please. All day!  Click.  The best sound from that “show.”

Wanna know why you got your ass kicked sir?  Because what you said was wrong and retarded.  I regret not being there to laugh.  No offense.  Like, YOU DON’T USE THE “N” WORD IN A BLACK BAR AS WHITE GUY!  Here’s a test:  Would you utter the word to a black man here?  If not, don’t use the word in any context (aside from to explain why one ought not use it perhaps).  It’s not rocket science.

Actually, why not go on a “Black Bar” tour?  Go up to black guys.  Use the “N” word.  I’ll film it.  Nothing will happen I’m sure.

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6 Responses to “Video Showing Why A White Guy Should Know Not To Say The “N” Word In A Black Area”

  1. Douchnozzle Says:

    Are you really that desperate to find anyone who will come to your site?

  2. Cube Says:

    Well, I get plenty of traffic Douchenozzle. From inside and outside PM. They link me in their articles sometimes and So has Comdey Central. I get stellar guests on the show like, Matt Lewis, Tommy Christopher, Caleb Howe, Me, John Ziegler, Max Blumenthal, G. Xavier Robillard but…

    Why am I talking to a Douchenozzle? Do you want to come on the show Douche? I’m interviewing trolls. Should I email you? Also the listener wanted to see the video from Bob’s show.

    But I digest. I’m a whore. Sue me.

    And, sorry to have called you a troll. Douche?

    Thank you for commenting.

    Suck my balls.

  3. thescoop Says:


    • Cube Says:

      That video was really good. I couldn’t even get some of these folks to understand that it happens in the Black community let alone get to step two perhaps. Some tried to justify other things. First, I needed to explain why the white dude got knocked the fuck out. That’s not too hard.

  4. arnon el casey Says:

    If you make that “Black Bar” doc, I will def take a copy-frickin hilarious!
    Next time, maybe suggest that the white guy properly lynches himself, gets dragged by a car, anally raped with a broomstick, etc…since I doubt his ability to read and comprehend.

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