Unusable Signal With Cube Lineup


I.  The Torture Debate

-Empirical Proof

-Normative Analysis

-The “Ticking Bomb” Scenario

-The “Train Switch” Hypothetical

-“Torture Warrant” Theory

-What Constitutes Torture?

-The Problems With Criminal Prosecutions As A Matter Of Law

-Bybee, Pelosi, Attorneys, Officials, Agents, New York Times Article.

II  Trolls

-The Psychology Of Trolls

-The Ravings Of Lunatics

-How To Send A Troll Back Under Their Bridge

-Tunnel Vision And Myopia

-Protecting Your Privacy

III.  Obama And The Case Of Shaken Baby Syndrome

IV.  Glen Becks’ Tea Party At The Alamo

-Minute By Minute Account As LiveTeaBlogged By Yours Truly

VII.  Ziegler!

VI.  Tommy Chong

VII. Not Tommy Chong And Other Real People

Leave suggestions in the comments.  Other guests may show up, and like last week, The lineup is subject to change.  And when the show changes and gets naked, you guys watch.  Like perverts.  Yeah.  Perverts.

11:00 PM E.S.T.

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