Obama Software Developer Linked To Shaking Babies (h/t AP)

Are you kidding me!  HOW DARE HE!   Impeach Obama Now! What kind of State is this?

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8 Responses to “Obama Software Developer Linked To Shaking Babies (h/t AP)”

  1. PCL Says:

    Okay, that’s just disgusting. It is tasteless–and goddamn it, what if it lowers Apple’s share price? I have shares in Apple–I will be so pissed off if that happens!

    Damn, when is Obama gonna get some decent connections who aren’t douche bags?

  2. Michelle Says:

    um…y’all…he didn’t develop it…they were just interviewing him…lol

  3. Diana Says:

    Hey, guys. Obama’s also culpable for the fall of Rome, the Bubonic Plague, and all other catastrophic historical events….didn’t you know that? The big bad black boogeyman who’s going to cause the ruination of modern civilization, according to these doomsayers/doomsdayers. Ugh! Yeah, I think Michelle’s right, he had no part in developing or implementing the disgraceful application. I have a twisted sense of humor myself, but there is nothing funny about it. NADA. Good luck with the stock shares, PCL 🙂

    • PCL Says:

      Hi Diana,

      Apple is down $1.50 for the day 😦 That’s BOGUS!!

      I’m sure Obama will also be held to the fire for that Swine Flu that has virtually shut down Mexico City, and is here in Texas, California, and New York. Scary stuff. I remember a few decades back that being a scare. I even remember getting the vaccination for it, they used those ‘hypo’ like guns to inoculate us–very Star Trek like. Hurt like a mudderfucker!

  4. RyboSlybo Says:

    Not a cool ap. But I don’t even own an I-Phone. And I thought the President was into Blackberry’s so I’m sort of baffled what he had to do with this…

    That swine flu sounds like some weird shit PCL. Reminds me of When Old Yeller got bit by the wild pigs and he got the hydrophobe and died… Always makes me cry, never fails…

    Peace and Bong…

    • PCL Says:

      That movie makes everyone cry, Ryan.

      The Swine flu is real, go to CNN’s website–it’s probably under Anderson Cooper’s stuff, or it could be in the headlines. I saw the story on Anderson 360 on CNN tonight. Scary.

  5. Cube Says:

    Finally. AP. A beacon of hope and Tommy Christopher’s favorite news outfit gets it right. Obama is a baby shaker.

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