“Conservative” Defecated On Self, Pink Floyd

Who sings Comfortably Numb?

Let’s keep it that way.

By the way…  “Chimpsy’s” video was posted March 7, 2008.   You see, what had happened…

Wonder if this stain is still on the network I’m taking over.  Someone should check into that so I can talk smack about him.  I shouldn’t have to do all the work.

Hail To The King Baby!  I mean Chief

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3 Responses to ““Conservative” Defecated On Self, Pink Floyd”

  1. Diana Says:

    Racist scum. His voice defecated all over Pink Floyd’s song….I wish he and his ilk would drive themselves into “The Wall,” while they’re at it, desecrating the Floyd boys. Teacher evidently did leave those fucking idiots alone. Piece of monkey shit.

  2. PCL Says:

    AMEN! Diana!

  3. RyboSlybo Says:

    Man those Cons really fucked up a good Pink Floyd song, you do know this is my favorite band of all times! I couldn’t help but laugh at parts of course… “The Liberals Can Suck My Cock” had me rolling!

    Yeah I don’t know what these guys were thinking, as if the images of Barrack smoking a J are going to piss me off. If anything it just makes me want to sit back with the President, light up a big fattie, and ask him…
    “So what’s up with all this socialism shiz bro?! “Are the Chicago Bulls really your favorite NBA team?” Are you enjoying this tasty bud as much as I am Mr. President?”



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