Whatchoo Talkin’ ‘Bout Michelle Obama Watch!

Hey!  Leave Alec Baldwin and I alone.  We never bothered you Michelle Obama Watch!

I always feel like, somebody’s watching me.   Check out Michelle Obama Watch’s, “Michelle Obama Blog Buzz.”   I totally dig voyeurism, but, these KGB agents posing as horologists will never get it.


It ain’t paranoia if someone actually is watching you.  Alec Baldwin, welcome to the club!

I have never watched 30 Rock so I have absolutely no idea of what this show is about. Or why  Oprah Winfrey, Jennifer Aniston, Jerry Seinfeld, Al Gore, James Carville, or Michael Bloomberg have all made guest appearances. Maybe its a good show – I have no idea. But, I do know that it is a very sad commentary about our society when it is thought to be a good idea for the First Lady to appear on a sitcom as the love interest of a man who can’t seem to keep a job and known for “declaring that he’d funded a “gay bomb” that makes enemy soldiers want to have sex with each other“.

Personally, I don’t want to see current, former, or even wannabe leaders of the free world or their spouses entertaining me on television. Apart from the fact that I find it inappropriate at best, it lends itself to the likes of Alec Baldwin sinking to an unconscionable level of utter disrespect.  Bottomline [Ed. Note:  the other “bottomline” is you can not spell “bottom line.”] here is that Alec Baldwin is out of line with the mere suggestion that First Lady Michelle Obama appear on his show just like he was out of line when appearing opposite Sarah Palin on SNL.

Show some respect Alec! Show some respect!

Posted by SjP of Sojourner’s Place.

Yeah!  Take that you smart Alec!  Nevermind someone with the audacity to never watch your show and criticize you!   I mean, the reporter writes anonymously, so obvioulsy he/she/it is credible like me.  I scoff at your record as a right-wing analyst and writer for a well-known suppressor of liberalism and women’s rights who would never support Michelle or Barack Obama.   Show some respect!

First Ladies never appear on situational comedies!  Especially ones where the central character runs for governor of California.  Alec (may I call you Alec), you are some Jerk!

Well, I have to go now Michelle Obama Watch, because, I’m due back on the Planet Earth.

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48 Responses to “Whatchoo Talkin’ ‘Bout Michelle Obama Watch!”

  1. Cube Says:

    Trivia: Who is the red-headed kid in the Different Strokes episode? I think I know. Hint: If I’m right, I’m pretty sure he’s the same red-headed boy in another Woody Allen film not linked here.

    There are several Easter Eggs. The blog has been getting raided by them, so, I raid back with Raid. Alec shows no “RESPECT” and is a “JERK.”

    Muwahahahahahahaha! Alec is a spawn of the Anti-Christ. His brother is more in line with Michelle Obama Watch.

  2. Michelle Says:

    so, this is an anti Michelle Obama site?

    and YOU’RE on it??


    love those spiders on the internets lol

    can’t remember the red headed kid…

    • Cube Says:

      I’m on it. But, it’s not clear what they are. They seem to be everything Michelle Obama. Like, everything. They make no sense if you read the quoted portion of the article on Alec Baldwin’s shame — which clearly I agree with. He should be stoned. With very small rocks.

      They seem to love Michelle in a sick way. There was a Palin contribution area, it went away now, but if you look at the screen cap, you can see half of her melon from your porch.

      Click on the “About” tab if you visit their blog. Their blog is found by clicking on one of the easter eggs. Easter eggs are the links I hide in there. Right before the screen cap is one of the eggs. I just don’t understand what’s going on over there. Honestly. It’s very weird.

    • PCL Says:

      Love Rodney and Sam–the only hollering I like, and it makes me laugh to boot.

      Nice entry, Cube.

      • Cube Says:

        I can watch all of those over and over again. Thanks for clicking. You’ll find (especially in the Ziegler thing) I use Easter Eggs to show people sort of what I’m thinking. Usually it’s a song, or a movie, or something just weird. This one is loaded with great ones. The last “Planet Earth” is my favorite.

  3. Cube Says:

    I was wrong. Thought it was Seth Green. And, the Woody Allen flick he’s in is “Radio Days.” Maybe this is his lost twin though. How great was Different Strokes? Those were the daze. I have always state I am a former Alex P. Keaton Republican. I actually was moved by this episode when I was a kid. And Mrs. Reagan. I didn’t try crack until I was 12.

  4. Michelle Says:

    Its an intresting site,

    followed the About a bit..

    its a repository of anything on the web, that has MichelleObama’s name on it..

    they have spiders, that go out on the web, and bring it back…you got caught by the web!


    too cool…

    man, if this isn’t making the world an even smaller place, I don’t know from what anymore…lol

    • PCL Says:

      Man, what a friggin weird day, right? Thank god I hit the highway for a bit–road rage can’t compete with the blog rage at PM. All over misunderstandings too.

  5. Michelle Says:

    lol PCL

    headed out the PCH?

  6. Cube Says:

    Those weirdos there, and this article about Baldwin is retarded BTW (I mean, their links are all backwards and what the fuck is the gay bomb?), censored me.

    I didn’t say one rude thing at all. I posted the NANCY REAGAN ON DIFFERENT STROKES MINISODE! Alec Baldwin? Are they that inane? This guy is a chief writer on Huffpo, a great actor, a great activist, and has fully supported Michelle and Barack in the past. Like few others.

    Maybe you might remember… HIM RUNNING A BUS OVER PALIN WITH TINA FEY? Or the countless times he’s defended The First Family (go find an episode of Real Time w/ Maher)

    Unreal! And, they’re tracking me, which is what the article was only going to be about, until I found this baseless wormhole.

    • Michelle Says:

      Thats the internet for ya Cube…

      its all connected…

      and, I love Bill Maher…don’t always agree with him…but he puts it out there, and sometimes, its just reality…

      like, the number of voting atheist and agnostics and of the like…according to Maher…its a sizeable percentage, and a sizeable block of voters…

  7. Michelle Says:

    I dunno, Cube…and Im not sure I wanna know…

    Caleb just didn’t seem to want to accept, that there was no argument from PCL or myself over his article…Im really flat on extreme points of view and extreme anything, even reporters, that includes those like Limbaugh too..I put it all in the same bag, all sides…its all the same to me, once they become shrill and combative…

    I felt like, everything I would say, would be used against me somehow…lol but then again, I could just be reading way too much into things..

    I justs hope, all involved will resolve and move forward, and enjoy each others company again…Im hoping that Tommy is being synical…and not serious about it, but eh…who knows…

    Its a great group of writers…they all have such a strong voice, you included Cube…and there are plenty of readers to go around…lol

    would be a shame to see such a small reason to squabble, ruin the ties and connections made between all of you guys…you all seem to click so well…work it out…its worth it.

    leave the petty to the petty…take the high road…all that good shit..


  8. Peggy Says:

    What IS going on at PM. Just got back and saw something on Caleb’s blog about Splash’s tirade being deleted? Noticed early today it was getting kinda testy but how bad was it? Thought everyone was friends. Hope they don’t quit talking because they disagree on a few things.

  9. Cube Says:

    It’s not really Caleb. It might be a Fembot posing as Caleb. He just needs to be hugged.

    Don’t worry, tell him to come over here for a fair fight. Also, before I knew him, we’d go at it. He has to defend the “cause” there, and, if you engage him, he will fire back. I’m not saying he makes sense, but, I’m pretty sure he voted for Obama twice.

    • PCL Says:

      Cube, I think it was really Caleb. I gotta say, I reread the whole thread–I think Caleb overreacted with Splash. Caleb also thought Splash said something last night on the show, and he didn’t. Listen to it. The most ironic thing about all of this is that they are both Conservatives. And Tommy, dear Tommy, is acting like a true friend and one can’t fault him for that–and I can’t fault him for much of anything on account of being his Prez. and all.

      And I guess I might as well spill right now–it all started over my ‘comment’ that the reporter and the guy in the link that Caleb provided were both biased. That, for reasons unknown to me, set Caleb on my ass. Michelle and I both tried to reason with him, but he was having none of it. Then Splash jumped in and that’s where we are now….did I miss anything gals?

      • Michelle Says:

        Nope, you nailed it my girl…

        However I will say, Caleb is adament about his position, and he feels he was done wrong, on his story…

        I gotta say, its his world…

        now, I also say, they should go work it out, email or something like that.. neutral ground.

        time to chill I say…

  10. Michelle Says:

    hahahahah Cube…

    All Splash did, was point out some obvious things…I didn’t see anything out of sorts that he posted..he didn’t make anything up, at least from my point of view, but I wasn’t 100% focused on it either…

    alot gets lost in translation on the internet…and misunderstandings are rampant…

    I kinda figured it was that way, Cube…and Im sure, as I get to understand his writing style, I’ll be able to read between even Caleb’s lines…lol

    he’s a good kid…no matter what…

    all I can say is, work it out guys…life is short, and this is the small stuff, don’t sweat it.

    listen to your auntie Michelle….lol

    • PCL Says:

      And now, Caleb has deleted Splash’s last entry I guess and says he can’t post on Caleb’s stories anymore. Geez. I can’t even comment on this anymore.

    • Michelle Says:

      I don’t get it…I must have missed something…

      but I can understand, if someone goes too far, in your opinion, in “your house”…

      I just hope they work it out…

      I support both, care very much for both…and want the best for both…

  11. Cube Says:

    I gotta tell ya, It’s been so much better since I started this thing. Anyone is allowed in, but, it’s nice when neurons work. PM is a wretched pit. If you see anyone who wants out, they can come here.

    That’s a nice way of saying, um, work it!

    You don’t have to. But, I don’t read the comments there as much since this and only really comment on Indecision. You can find that in the Blogroll. And Daily Dose. Minority Report is right wing, but the people are very solid.

  12. Cube Says:

    I’m purposefully averting my eyes. I love that scene with Woody and Walken. I’ll watch it again.

    This Michelle Obama Watch inspires the mass reproduction of twin beds.

    Did I just say that? If this were a strict political blog, I should be hung. But, this is a comedy/satire blog in case you haven’t noticed. I don’t do the real news. The real news does me.

  13. Michelle Says:

    hahahahha Cube

    twin beds?


  14. Michelle Says:

    yes, humor good…

  15. Cube Says:

    This is a comedy blog in case you haven’t figured it out. It’s like the bastard offspring of Indecision. I like some fun with the news. News is starting to sound like “noose.”

  16. Cube Says:

    You guys would really love Indecision. There’s no sniping. It’s hysterical. And, if you tell them I sent you, a guy named Dennis will get you on the Daily Show. Make sure to tell him I said that! Ha.

  17. Michelle Says:


    I love being co neck ted…


  18. Cube Says:

    Indy’s a lerning place fer me.

    • PCL Says:

      What are you learning? How to handle crazy heated discussions with humor? That was wild last night. Thank god for the chat room–we even had ol’ Bob laughing during the AfterShow. That was so cool.

      Hey, when I posted my comment at Indy–I inserted a link to here. Hope you don’t mind. Just trying to get the blog out there–I have a feeling more people are going to be needing a respite from PM.

  19. Splash Says:

    PCL Says:
    April 20, 2009 at 12:54 am | Reply

    And now, Caleb has deleted Splash’s last entry I guess and says he can’t post on Caleb’s stories anymore. Geez. I can’t even comment on this anymore.

    To any of you who defended me last night … thanks, from the bottom of my deleted, banished heart. Let me just say this don’t worry about me …

    …SAVE YOURSELVES!! Don’t be doing this whole, “Leave no comrade behind” bravery thang and going and getting your own selves banished from the Sacred pages of Caleb’s stories. If what little I did could do it, then defending me cannot serve up any justice – only more oppression and suffering at the hands of the thin skinned …

    … but I appreciate it.

  20. Splash Says:

    Actually, PCL it was most of my entries. He missed a couple, but deleted all of the cyber-trail that would lead anyone to conclude that he over-reacted. I am not saying that I was blameless, but what he did was shameful, silencing one of his own kind (politically speaking) just because he decided to get his panties all in a wad personally.

    I mean you no offense, Cube. I know Caleb is your friend and I hope it doesn’t somehow lead to me being banned from your radio show in a way that is beyond your control. If you think it would be in your best interest then I won’t call in (Tommy said I am no longer an invited guest outside PM). I wouldn’t want to interfere with your success. You’ve got a good thang going.

    Your show was great last week and eerily ironic to what happened to me last night.

  21. Cube Says:

    Thanks everyone. Splash, I don’t know enough to comment. Maybe a “cooling off period.” Click on the link in the show for “reconcile.” I always try to have a positive outlook on things. Also, leave some funny comments. Laughter is the best meds dude. This is after all a comedy blog.

    Pull my finger. MICHELLE OBAMA WATCH: BLOW ME!

  22. Michelle Says:

    Splash, all will be well…

    sometimes, I just don’t get it anymore…


  23. Splash Says:

    Cooling …

  24. Cube Says:

    Ok. Good. Now, let me once again try to steer this on point. AOL is feuding with Baldwin because he ripped their homepage. I don’t like AOL messing with my homie.

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