Unusable Signal With Cube: John Ziegler! Tonight! 11:00 P.M. EST UPDATE!


Tonight, we interview John Ziegler about his brush with Starsky and Hutch.   An incredible panel will discuss this week in politics to lead us off.  Tommy and I are back tonight with Max Blumenthal of The Daily Beast.  It’s like a smorgasbord of tube show delicacies.   BREAKING:  Matt Lewis of AOL’s Political Machine will be joining us as well.  If you are WADE, and have not figured out the latter link is for “Unusable Signal,” you might want to click on it.

UPDATE:  From The Comments:

  1. Michelle Says:
    April 18, 2009 at 10:56 pm | Reply editlol

    live blog from here?

    ok, Im a newbie still to all this blog and radiotalkcomputer stuff…

  2. Michelle Says:
    April 19, 2009 at 1:51 am | Reply edit

    1. Great show Cube!

Holy Shit!  Holy Shit!  Holy Shit!  Holy Shit!

Well.  Now I know what exactly what it feels like to scrape my testicles against a cheese-grater.  What do they call that party?

So like, here’s my own, very relevant, take:  Apparently Max Blumenthal and John Ziegler are not going back to Cali to have a gay marriage and overturn Prop 8.

Who gets caught in the crossfire?  Me.  Cube.  An inanimate object floating around cyberspace!  Who’s this about?  Me.  That’s who.  Who do I trust? Me!  Who I trust, is my own business!

But I distress

The first hour was great.  Probably the best first hour in the annals of tube show history.  Max was insightful on a host of issues.  Specifically, I very much enjoyed listening to his analysis about some dude with a Hummer named, “WAR,” and his bestest friend Sarah Palin.

Max has an uncanny ability to analyze the political calculus and support his arguments with facts and a style that is persuasive.  He also has the uncanny ability to stick his middle finger up in the air at my upcoming guest.

So, John and Max are having a bit of a tiff.  A spat.  A splif A lover’s quarrel.  Yes.  That’s what I’ll call it.  “A lover’s quarrel.”  I do hope they reconcile.

John and Max were supposed to be separated from each other or at least hosed down between segments.  I just listened to a replay of the show.  They were.  But, something funny happened on the way to the close quartered locker room style studio here in Paris and there was almost a knock down drag out fight with bare knuckles and grease and thumbtacks and barbed wire and flying abortions and honey and glass like in Bloodsport 2.  Or something.

Before Max left the show, he dropped some hurtin’ bombs on John.  Parting shots.  Something about John Ziegler, President Obama’s children, and the show sucking for having him on.   Well sir, I know the show sucks, but objectively, you chose to dig at Ziegler and then jack that security guard in the jaw on your way out of the studio.

Max, why do you put me in the position on having to say the truth?  The truth stinks.

Clearly, Max was not being serious.  These two have an ongoing battle where Max’s intent was to talk shit about Ziegler as he left our Parisian headquarters.  This, I could not have predicted.  Plus, it’s not within my reasonable ability to put a muzzle on my guests when there are only nanoseconds before unforseeable sniper fire from the brush and a hang up in this Hanoi Pit Of Hell. Max did however make some callous remarks about John.

Should Max take him head on?  That’s his choice.  Maybe I think he should, but, that’s not for me to judge upon reflection.  His decision was to drop three or four nukes on John and then leave him steaming.  The reasonable argument against what Max did is that he’s basically a coward.  His argument in response to that would go something like this,  “Mr. Ziegler is an alien from another planet with herpes and I couldn’t give a shit how he feels.”  I get it.  Obla Di Obla Da.

Oh schadenfreud!  You used to be a cool word until everyone learned about you and that dead hooker from Vegas.  Max takes pleasure in the misery of Ziegler.   Likewise, Ziegler takes pleasure in the misery of Max.  Isn’t that cute?

Ziegler of course had the reaction of a teddy bear who drank a glass of wine spiked with four Quaaludes.

Ziegler was a great interview.  It started with his justified reaction to Max.  I’d be pissed too.  Max needled him and left before he could respond.  Max wanted that reaction it would seem and got it.  This reminded me of fighting with my little brother when we were kids.  For the record, I do not take any responsibility at all for this.  I could not “allow” something to happen when I had absolutely no idea Max’s segment would end as it did.  And, if you wanna blame someone for that, blame me.  Not Tommy.  I’m just the dumb tube show host.  Shit.

Meanwhile, I was just curious why the Po Po beat the living daylights out of Ziegler worse than O.J., but something short of Rodney King.  This was the LAPD according to John.  Guess what?  The fuzz were completely out of line.  I stand by John.

No matter what John Ziegler might say to anger the left, I will defend to the depths of cyberspace his right to say it.   Voltaire’s line had to be updated.  My apologies to a dead man no one knows much else about except for that line.

Ziegler was handcuffed, pushed, and bullied by the government.  For wanting to speak.  Outside.  On a college campus.   This is called counter speech.  He intended to whisper sweet nothings about Katie Couric outside the building where she was being given an award for journalism.  WHO GIVES A SHIT!  That’s his right.  The State engages in a prior restraint, violate “clearly established law” under U.S.C. Section 1983 as it applies to the First and Fourth Amendments.


The cops also violate the “Total Sheep Dag” Clause in The Constitution.  “The Street Corner” is the place where speech is afforded the most protection under the First Amendment.

Now, it was a little gray to me as to what happened insofar as Ziegler and “trying to get into the building” at USC.  Listen to the tape of the show.  Which isn’t a tape.  Do you hear any inconsistencies?

There is also the issue as to whether John is engaged in “commercial” speech or “political” speech.  John comments that he was not there to get publicity but, would not be upset if it came his way.  Or thereabouts.  It’s not my intent to satirize that.  However, if a court finds it was “commercial” speech, the amount of protection he is afforded is not as strong as it would be if it were pure “political” speech.  Ziegler rightfully admits this.  Tommy’s analysis on this during the show, that it was not “commercial” speech because he was handing out his DVD’s or only trying to without compensation, is wrong.  That no immediate pecuniary interest was realized or intended is not the test.   For whatever it’s worth, I think he went there to be a rabblerouser.  That’s his right.  He went to protest Katie Couric and her being honored for anything.  That’s his right.  Forget about going inside the building and pulling a “Code Pink.”  My analysis deals only with what I could discern:  Ziegler’s speech outside the event.  He did not actually go inside and crash the party.  There is no charge pending for say, Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer, Resisting an Arrest Without Violence, Trespassing, or Disorderly Conduct.  No matter how absurd you or I might think he sounds (he let me call him an “asshole” which was nice of him actually) that’s his damned right.  Why the Left won’t defend him on this, if true, is beyond me.  Well, it’s not, but I disagree nevertheless.

I also must mention the sheer testicular fortitude of John Ziegler.  This man, agree or disagree, puts his money where his mouth is.  I like money.  And, I hope he puts his mouth where the money is.  Why?  The guy’s got balls.  Big ones.  Not the one’s at Tea Parties.  I respect that.  This guy made a movie and tried to take down power.  As his is right.  One man.  That’s it.  It’s a great story in and of itself.  It is.  It’s actually (shhh…) kind of an American story.

“Oh what the fuck Cube?”  Someone said.  “Ziegler’s a bastard and no one should defend him.  And, since you’re defending him, eat me.”  How about this, “Suck my balls.”

I suggested he talk to the ACLU.  They have agreed with far more toxic First Amendment Cases than this.  Ziegler has retained counsel.  Now, here’s where I’m a bit curious.  Why did he speak on the show?  Why was he not advised to remain quiet so as not to furnish a record of his remarks?    I am not disputing his account at all.  The evidence all seems to jive with his rendition of the facts.  However, now is a record.  Any inconsistencies, will be picked apart by lawyers I’d venture to guess.  I can’t believe he gave the interview, but, I don’t see anything he said as being problematic aside from matters we cannot see (such as his attempts to get inside — however slight or non-existent).

In sum, let the fellow say what he wants.  Really, it is worth all of this?  To those who do not like John Ziegler or what he has to say, don’t listen.  I haven’t watched his movie.  It’s sold out at Borders.

In fact, the police, USC, and according to Ziegler, The Left, The Right; everyone leave him out to dry.  That’s crap.  On this issue, it is what it is.  The Left would gain more credibility by defending his rights.  It takes all the wind from his sails as well.  But, I’m just a tube show guy.  I know that I know nothing.  Someone drank Hemlock for saying that. But, everyone’s a know-it-all.  I know I’m a non-know-it-all.

Why does this happen from a human psychological perspective to Ziegler?  The “this” being not many come to his defense.  He is a gadfly.  As I said last night, emotions cloud people’s judgment.  They forget the basics of the Constitution and do not defend him because they cannot separate the issue he deals with from his warm and cuddly disposition.

An overreaction and loss of senses.  I’m guilty of this.  Aren’t you?  And You?  And the leper midget next to you?  Some fellow spoke obtusely about this.

What would a perfect Cube do?  Admit the guests are just that.  Guests.  If I could be a better host, and learn from this, I will.  One thing I have learned is not to have mortal enemies on the same show no matter what the breakdown is.  Bottom line, the dust up was not Tommy’s fault at all.   I should have known not to have them on one show.  I didn’t see that.   On the other hand, that was unreal tubes radio.  The listener had fun.   As evidenced in the chat room and by the responses here.  From now on, Unusable Signal will have to have a Jim Crow policy.  (See, supra Axis I Diagnosis of Tube Show)

Caleb Howe at Red State was on.  He had a view on Max.  He called him a “dick hole” and hung up.  He also tried to assess some culpability to me for not referencing an equine pore.  No Caleb.  Sorry.  That bluster is unfair.  The thing between John and Max is what it is.  Further, I did state explicitly it was not right for Max to have said what he did.  But, don’t think for a second I have an obligation to spin that shit into vinyl for Red Planet.  You may comment on it.  This ain’t my war.  Those two are mortal rivals and I’m not getting into what clearly is a personal issue between them.  Furthermore, I’m not going to commit a logical fallacy and make a hasty generalization about Max and say this is representative of anything significant philosophically as a whole.  Nope.  That’s your gig.  Taking a minor issue and blowing it up into something it is not.  I haven’t read Caleb’s article yet, but, I will make a small wager he does not side with Max and tries to paint the Left with a brush from his isolated comments.  C’mon Caleb.  My spinal cord is still attached to my brain stem.  Unlike the disconnect at Red Planet.

Matt Lewis was just as I suspected: A gentleman and difficult to argue with because he is so nice.   What a  jerk huh?  He’s very reasonable.  How dare he?

You want to know what I learned from this show?  I think I’m ready to start the party of Matt.

And now, back to my regularly scheduled G.I. issues

P.S. Thanks to Max, Matt, Caleb, Tommy, and oh!  John Ziegler for coming.  I had fun and I hope no one wants to take out a hit on me.  You guys were all great and it was a privilege having you all on.

I am petioning the APS for an update in the DSM-V for an Axis I diagnosis I copyright named, “Tube Show Seriousity Disorder.”

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34 Responses to “Unusable Signal With Cube: John Ziegler! Tonight! 11:00 P.M. EST UPDATE!”

  1. Cube Says:

    No joke. This show is going to be unreal. Until that is, we fuck it up. If anyone wants to liveblog the show here, be my guest. If you have questions you’d like me to pose to any of my guests, go right ahead. If you have gas, ulcers, or stomach bleeding, please see a doctor.

  2. Michelle Says:


    live blog from here?

    ok, Im a newbie still to all this blog and radiotalkcomputer stuff…

  3. Michelle Says:

    Great show Cube!

  4. Mike gamecock DeVine Says:

    Cube, sorry I missed the show. I simply fell asleep.

  5. Cube Says:

    Nothing really happened Mike. Quiet. Hanging out in the dark with crickets chirping.

  6. PCL Says:

    Ziegler’s right to express his views, is indisputable; his manner in which he presents his view, is simply annoying.

    That being said, it is always easy to support a really cool or nice person when their rights are being threatened–it is the Zieglers of he world who truly test where we stand on our own beliefs about the First Amendment.

    But, a ‘dick’ with rights is still a ‘dick’.

    One question, Cube: Does it make any difference that USC is considered a ‘private’ university?

  7. PCL Says:

    Oops-left off a ‘t’ on that ‘he’

  8. Cube Says:

    I wold say no in this situation because the streets are open to the public and the area is a forum for free speech. Google, “time, place, and manner restrictions.” There is also State Action.

  9. Mike gamecock DeVine Says:

    I agree with that Cube, and based on what I know, which is little, it appears that the burden of persuasion lies with the police that acosted him.

  10. Michelle Says:


    this is what it amounts to…

    the guy (Ziggy) has made a reputation for himself…and rightly so, its his right…but he must realize, with that, comes the other side of the coin. You may not always get the respect you think you deserve…

    Im not for “harrassing” of citizens, I think the police and those acting as, have gone off the deep end with it. I just moved out of a small town close by here, because you couldn’t even drive down the road, after a certain time at nite, without being pulled over…and if you are working a job, that puts you out at any given time, day or nite, that can be a problem..I don’t think “they” should have the right to just pull over, and ask for ID…especially when you are doing nothing wrong, but driving to work…

    This happened to my husband time and time again, they would even go as far as to look into his truck..and ask questions about the things he was transporting..

    And I think, this is what Ziggy is trying to align himself with, this type of treatment, but he must realize, he has brought some of this, on himself..he is now what you might call “a target” especially when he puts himself into situations.

    Cube, Tommy, Caleb, you guys put together a great show last nite, I know it took alot of legwork and hard work to make it all happen, even with the kinks..it was still a great show! Don’t get too up about the overlaying of the guests, it made for great “tv”…lol….you know, even this is good in radio…its created a buzz so to speak…

    It was not planned to go down the way it did, everyone knows that, but shit happens…make the best of it.


    Love you guys, mean it with all my heart, hate to see you all upset with each other, but I know…you will all work it out and all will be well..

    Keep up the good work guys, you have created a great thing here…

    And we are still listening, reading and watching..WE are counting on you all to make this happen…

    • Cube Says:

      Hi Michelle, PCL, Splash and Mike,

      You have a right to be a dick by protest if it was, as it seems, a “street corner” open to the public. There’s no evidence of “harassment” in the legal sense of the word. He has a right to be an asshole to the extent it does not go outside the First Amendment. Not only does it seem that way, but, the area was specifically designed for counter speech. by the police. We can’t have this b/c of what’s called a “chilling” effect on speech.

      Click on the links I did. They are funny if you read the whole thing. I know it’s long, but, I’m sorta proud of this bad boy. It lacks a bit of the backdrop, but, I laugh when I read it, and, I’m tough to get going actually. The liveteablog is the other one that gets me going.

      I just woke up after writing this. It is funny I think. I woke up, wrote this, conked out, what day is it?

      • PCL Says:

        True, he has the right to be a dick–and he exhibited that right on live radio. But, again, that is his right. I tuned him out, and had to listen again in the archives today.

        Max, was so out of line with his parting shots that I can actually understand Ziggy’s outrage. That you got put into the middle of it, Cube, well that goes with the territory of being the host. It may not be too cool, but it is what it is.

        I don’t agree entirely with what the police did–but I think Ziggy made it worse than it had to be by resisting. And in LA, cops are a little ‘tense’, resistance is not advised. There are better ways to voice one’s disdain for them than Ziggy’s choice of physical resistance.

        I agree with Michelle, I hope Ziggy comes back–and doesn’t holler so much. I would like to hear the side of him that Tommy obviously likes. I’m open to hearing him–at a lower volume.

        Again, great show and do keep the AfterShow.

  11. Michelle Says:

    Oh, and please relay to Mr.Z….that we appreciate him coming into the “lions den” and appearing on the air with you guys…

    Hope he does come back, its healthy to see all views…

    • Cube Says:

      I doubt he’ll be back. Unless they subpoena the show. I didn’t take Max seriously when he lobbed those missiles at John. So, I don’t think there is a case for defamation, plus, Ziegler is a “public figure” another oddball First Amendment issue, so he is held to a very high standard because he knowingly injects himself into the spotlight. Further, it is clear that I came down immediately and cast aside the darts Max threw and they were clearly not adopted as being right. They will also pick this thing apart in the suit Ziegler has against USC I’d suspect.

      If you click on the links, I guarantee you will pee on some. I especially like my really, run on sentence re: close quarters and Bloodsport 2.

  12. Cube Says:

    @PCL: I take full responsibility for everything on the show. Max ought not have said what he did. I said that.

    I liked Ziegler and maybe he’ll return, but, I really doubt it. Not after Max being on. As I said in the article up there, as you said PCL, it is what it is.

    I actually liked Ziegler a lot. But, his feud with Max is beyond salvation. His comments were hyperbole I think, but, it came out so fast there was no way to dump it. Nor do I have any knowledge as to the veracity of what he said, just an intuition that it was a cheap shot designed to evoke reactions from all of us. Which, made for good radio at the expense of Tommy.

    Me? No biggie. I stand by what I wrote. I take blame. The guests are just that. Blame the dust up at the one hour mark on me.

    I didn’t get all the guests. Tommy did. Hindsight is 20/20, but they shouldn’t have been on at the same time. Even a five minute buffer wouldn’t have helped that. I was told before the show to keep them separate, did the best I could, but, once Max learned Ziegler was on the show and didn’t want to debate him, no way to stop it.

    Also, you need to put yourself in the shoes of everyone. Max has a history with John we don’t know of. This isolate instance, which is just a fucking fight between two dudes who don’t like each other, happened not because of Tommy. Not because of me. It happened because Max chose that route. And, I’m almost certain he has no regrets. Go read the hypothetical response in the article (which I don’t care, is long and kicks ass and is a riot) from Max and the alien with herpes.

    But, you don’t snipe and run. I can understand it by empathy. Put yourself in the shoes of both actors (Max and John). Sit back. You will understand why this happened. It’s old school. I wish they would have a legit debate. I have a format and was a former national champion debater. A master debater they say.

    I just feel bad for Tommy. He works very hard at being kind to all. I replay the whole thing over, and, I’m convinced that the show was great (the two hours) thanks for all the compliments btw, but, genuinely am pissed I couldn’t talk more with Matt Lewis. I’m pissed Tommy is in the crossfire honestly. No way to stop it given the personality dynamics I should have been more attuned to. Those two should never have been on one show.

    That being said, the show was kick ass. Wait till we all testify in court.

    • PCL Says:

      I knew somewhat of their volatile history, and I can only empathized so much due to the fact that I don’t think like a guy. And as you said on the show, this is what you guys do, it’s not what women do–well, at least not this woman.

      I really don’t blame anyone for anything, except Ziegler for the hollering. My disdain for Ziegler started from watching him in that so-called dating video–sorry, Cube, the guy is arrogant as all hell. But, to be fair, Tommy had a valid point about the guy’s success, and I would be amiss not to acknowledge that.

      Let me know when it’s getting near time to testify–I’ll go and get myself lost in the South of France.

  13. Michelle Says:


    Im with you on that PCL…

    the guy, (Ziggy) should come back…and get his “trueself” more known…

    and if the “otherside”, being folks like us…want him to return, that should tell him something….that folks ARE listening…and are asking for him to come at it, with a different approach…

    its obvious, he has something to say, and it should be heard…I know how it feels, to be in his position…to be so convicted in your stance…that you feel like a lone voice…

    He’s not alone…

    he could learn alot from this…if he is willing to be open..

    its not about intolerance of his opinon, I for one, have always thought of myself as tolerant…and I do my best to treat others as I would like to be treated…

    I will repeat, I feel, he put himself in the position for detainment…with his past actions considered…

    we reap what we sow….

    use it for all that it is worth…accept where he has put himself, and make the BEST of it…

  14. Cube Says:

    That’s why, I always say “That’s right, the women are, smarter.”

    Yo. You guys have not properly stroked my ego and told me how you laughed your asses off at all those jokes in the article. Wahhhhhh….

    I’m off to the casino to play some No Limit with the boys. I really liked this article and discussion. Keep it up so I can look at something when I return tonight. Also, go check out some of the gags in the links. Like, click on “But I distress.”

    • PCL Says:

      Really, haven’t we ‘stroked’ your ego enough?

      Now go have fun, and take everyone’s money! (I myself prefer a hot Craps table).

      Will check out the links later–gotta put the top down on the Vette and enjoy our warm (79 degrees) weather.

  15. Michelle Says:


    someone is being a bigger lilshit today!!!!

    someone needs their ass smacked….

    • PCL Says:

      Gawd!! No kidding. I had to come over here for a break. Geez.

      • Michelle Says:

        what is with him anyway?

        I can’t stand, fighting for fighting sake…

        I kinda get pissed, so I just sort of zone out…I think respect is a mutual concept…

        and the young man needs to realize this…

        love ya Caleb…but sheeesh…you are like a pitbull pup at times…

        lol….we don’t all have to share the same views, to get along…

      • PCL Says:

        I know, I’m feeling bullied–and I just don’t respond well to that from anyone.

  16. Michelle Says:

    lol Cube

    have fun my friend…

    and we haven’t stroked your ego???

    do you not see how many times we post here?

    if that ain’t strokin….


    Im always laughing at what you write….

    I save some links for laters…don’t wann have all the fun at once…

    some things should be savored…

  17. Cube Says:

    hee hee go click on the links fan club leader. gotta go take peoples money. I mean, they practically give it to me. Women are Smarter is a Grateful Dead song btw.

    And, I fully subscribe to the peace theme of the Dead and the words in this song. Enjoy. The links are the best part of writing a blog.

    • PCL Says:

      Okay, Cube, I read the links. Love ‘going back to Cali’ natch, LMAO to Bush’s middle finger, and even more at ‘The Watch’ (love Pulp Fiction and the Kill Bill films too–Tarantino is so twisted).
      “That’s right the women are smarter, that’s right the women are smarter….” Love it.

      Did you win?

      Battles are raging at PM–my zen has been clouded by it all.

  18. Michelle Says:

    Hugs to my Bud…

  19. _joey_ Says:

    This blog’s where its happenning. Keep up the good work.

  20. mrred Says:

    Love this blog I’ll be back when I have more time.

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