Pat Buchanan Does Not Care For Gay, Time-Traveling, Black Men


Thank God he still loves God

At Loyola of Chicago that week, the Student Diversity and Cultural Affairs Office presented “Brother to Brother,” a film the Newman Society reports, about “a homosexual African-American who is transported in time to cavort with the allegedly homosexual Langston Hughes.”

The movie is said to be part of “a semester-long ‘Color of Queer Film Series,’ sponsored by the university.”

At Catholic Seattle University, that first week of Lent was “Transgender Awareness Week,” featuring a “session on allegedly transgender Bible heroes and heroines and ‘Criss-Cross Day’ where students are encouraged to ‘come dressed for the day in your best gender-bending outfit.”

This is surely anecdotal evidence to confirm Newsweek in the conclusion reached in its cover story of Holy Week, “The End of Christian America.”

Go to Pat’s blog to help him raise funds for a flux capacitor and save Christianity as we know it.  (h/t Gamecock, but not Spurrier)

UPDATE:  What did I tell you Buchanan???  88 MILES PER HOUR!

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16 Responses to “Pat Buchanan Does Not Care For Gay, Time-Traveling, Black Men”

  1. Cube Says:

    WHAT DID I TELL YOU! 88 MILES PER HOUR!!!! I tried to make WADE go away.

  2. Douchnozzle Says:

    “Color of Queer Film Series”???

    Clearly Chartreuse…

  3. Mike gamecock DeVine Says:

    What is ironic Cube (and thanks for the h/t) is that I actually disagree on the margins with Pat because of the false reporting and interpretation of the poll that has driven all this end of Christian America rhetoric.

    The real story of the poll is the stability of Christianity and faith generally since 2001. The drop in same was in the 90s.

    see this

    • Cube Says:

      Hey Mike,
      I mostly write humor and just loved the thought of traveling black in time to save Pat from the time traveling African American Homosexuals that are ruining the world.

      He’s sort of a “token” to quote a friend over at MSNBC, but, I begrudgingly admit to enjoying him on Morning Joe before the grind at court.

      I hope you check out the show tonight. Should be killer. What I enjoy most about writing and doing the show nowadays are all the good folks I’ve met. I wouldn’t have been able to do this without Tommy Christopher, Caleb Howe, and the folks at Comedy Central’s Indecision. You’re probably the only one who gets it. This is a respite for me from the bowels of criminal defense. Don’t get me wrong, I love trying cases and I’m very good at it, but, I’m tired of the shit after a decade plus. So, this is fun.

      You have given me some reason to like Spurrier. Actually, no you haven’t. But I do listen to you good sir!

  4. Mike gamecock DeVine Says:

    Are you a Gator?

    I will make a point to stayup and call in if allowed. Also, I would like to go into more detail about my journey with Pat over the years and gays. You would be astounded!

    more later

    I have been a guest on US before and found Fitz and Tommy to be great and fair hosts.

  5. Mike gamecock DeVine Says:

    and btw, I have always considered you one of the best at Redstate

    a must read


  6. Mike gamecock DeVine Says:

    Can I ever identify with the joys of criminal defense and the burnout over time.

  7. Mike gamecock DeVine Says:

    I write a lot of humor too, and have used it so much to get thru the days of my life that I think both of my ex-wives got to the point where they never took me seriously! They found out I was serious even with the smile and the lilt of the voice!

  8. Mike gamecock DeVine Says:

    One thing about Pat related to your post, as one that has read all his books, was greatly influenced by his conservatism on Crossfire and who disagrees with him on Israel, trade and isolationism: He is brilliant man, great objective analyst despute the 5 columns he has been writing under different titles for 52 weeks per year for 20 years and that would actually be quite tolerant and at home with gay blacks in the past!

    more later

    • Cube Says:

      Tommy’s great. I think it fair to say he along with Indecision took notice of me. Tommy took it to the disturbing level it has reached today. He handed the show over to me a couple of months ago. I do a lot of satire and blue comedy. And by blue comedy, I’m not talking Dem shit. I’m pretty dirty; hence the nom de plume. But, my satire always has a point.

      If you look around, you’ll see a pro torture article if you click on the links and are in favor of bug rights. I also have called for the firing of Olbermann (ironically picked up today at Political Machine), and stumbled onto this oddball story for humor. Later I plan on some hawkish military pieces. My mentor in law (I started as PD) was a Marine from Vietnam. He gives me this conservative streak and recently passed away. So, I carry on his hatred for pussies who are pinkos and don’t get it when it comes to national security. That’s for you Gunner!

  9. Mike gamecock DeVine Says:

    I appreciate that Cube as I was always a war hawk JFK dem and still am. Its just that we call JFK dems , republicans now!

    • Cube Says:

      They don’t make the right politico anymore Mike. The media deters good people from running. I’m talking the moderate judicial appointments to The Court, socially middle to left for me, a fiscal conservative, and a hawk on military. The Court is my primary voting issue. Also, I respect Editor in Chief of Harvard Law Review more than most. I was on Law Review, was published, but not at Harvard! And, he has a phenomenal grasp on the Constitution. He put the smackdown on the Bill of Attainder which now languishes somewhere in the Senate. Tonight, I can be mellow on the show, unless someone says something patently absurd.

      That’s why it should be fun defending Ziegler. I don’t know if a suit lies, however, it seems he was in a public forum where they used a prior restraint. Like, 1L shit. Certainly he couldn’t go in uninvited, however, there was no reason to screw with him outside so long as he wasn’t harassing guests. Also, the police acted in an arbitrary and capricious manner in defining the zone for counterspeech. It seemed like content based discrimination. I don’t even think he was charged with trespass or disorderly etc. He may have a claim under 1983. Clearly established law. State action b/c it’s at USC.

      Ever heard of the First Amendment case “Fraser?” I know the guy. Switch up to the Unusable Signal Post if you want to continue. I’d like that to get some pop…. Yup. I’m a total blog whore. Ha.

  10. xcczuqenrr Says:

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