Fire Olbermann!

Matt Lewis asks us about Garofolo and whether she embodies “liberalism.”  No.  But, let’s not forget about the Sportscenter anchor turned faux intellectual — Keith Olbermann.  Noted Feminine Hygiene Product (immorally called a “douche” at times).

Garofolo flies in the face of liberalism. Actually, she flies in the face of sanity for purposes of advancing a cause. No, she’s just insane. It’s all in the eyes. Look at her eyes. They’re wild. Vacant almost. They are only potential harm to the Democratic Party.

Objectively, Olbermann has become an extremist and the antithesis of that which he accuses his counterparts to be. Don’t you remember this guy from Sportscenter? He was always trying to one-up whomever was next to him. The worst person in the world segment is in and of itself contrary to not only liberalism, but moderate and conservative ideologies. C’mon. How in the world EVER can Bill O’Reilly be the worst person. That horse is so dead and beaten it’s been to the glue factory and back for recycling. It’s kind of not right to single someone out and call him or her the worst person in the world. I know it’s shtick. But, I personally know someone he branded and he couldn’t have gotten it more wrong.

Fire Olbermann. He caused harm at the DNC. I won’t forget that. It’s not like people have it in for say… Anderson Cooper. However, FOX is essentially the flip side of the coin of MSNBC. I just hate Olbermann’s fat head. Why Garofolo is relevant at all is beyond me. Really. Run.

At least Drescher is doing something. I want her and Franken debating in the Senate P.S.  So the argument goes now that I’m a hypocrite.  No.  Olbermann tolerates and does not question her position even once.  I’ve had it with him.  And, for the Blue-Ray DVD recording device, I’ve been against Olbermann since before the DNC.

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35 Responses to “Fire Olbermann!”

  1. Splash Says:

    “Garofolo flies in the face of liberalism. ”

    I’m not so sure about that, Cube. I found that, during the election, those people that were not died in the wool liberals, independents leaning left say, were not so quick to so flippantly thump the race card. They were much more reasonable in their analysis of what someone said and why they said it in relation to the actual definition of racism.

    Died in the wool liberals, ESPECIALLY O-bots, were a whole different story. They threw racial accusations around like racism was defined as a non-liberal American. GaroFOOLo is the epitome of THAT O-bot and, unlike the handful of cases of actual racial hatred at Conservative rallies (and similar ones during the general election), cases of O-botic idiocy were a dime a dozen.

    It is good that someone like Olbermann will showcase such a text book definition of that O-botic lunacy; it is a reminder of who they are and a possible wake up call for Liberals that would rather be known as the free thinkers that a lot of them are.

  2. Cube Says:

    I think in the Liberal dictionary it says not to be a stereotyper and racist.

    She is the bastardization of liberalism.

  3. Splash Says:

    The liberal dictionary to define liberalism. How quaint. I think that is how liberals want the world to see them, but it is far different in the real world.

  4. Michelle Says:

    Im glad Im a moderate….lol

    I like baths too much, to be a dyed in the wool Liberal…to me, thats a throw back to hippies…

    I don’t care for the extremes of anything…I like it right down the middle…a little from here, a bit from there, and all is good…

    I do however have a tendancy to vote Democrat, however, I did vote for Reagan…I liked what he had to say..I liked his style of handling things..and I was a kid…soooooooo…lol

    Its easy to see, the extremists in politics, are doing their best to divide this country…and its the moderate minded folks that have to keep this from happening, we must show, its no longer acceptable to berate others, nothing wrong with pointing out facts mind you, but send the message well, don’t muck it up with emotions…lol

    easier said than done, yes?

    • PCL Says:

      I’m glad I don’t wear these labels at all. Things are getting ridiculous–extremists is right, Michelle. Do these people even enjoy life anymore? So much anger and hate–not a good fit with me.

  5. Michelle Says:

    Hi ya Splash….thanks for hanging with us “liberals”….we do need balance at times ya know…lol

    you don’t seem twisted…so I trust ya…


    but I’ll keep one eye on ya, all the time, k?

  6. Cube Says:

    I consider myself a moderate to left as I’ve said, however, the true philosophical definition of “liberalism” does not embody Garofolo. Or Olbermann. Neither does true “conservativism” and Rush though.

    Those poles are just that. (See Tea Bag Jokes).

    Hi Michelle.

  7. Peggy Says:

    I must confess, I went to a Tea Party. Completely unplanned. I was invited by a dear friend. She is 76 years old and devoted Obama follower, or at least she was. When we talked shortly after the stimulus bill was passed and the budget was in the works, her first reaction was “WTF”. Guess the Tea Party was her second reaction.

    However, I didn’t understand until last night that our attendance was triggered by an overgrown limbic brain pressing on the frontal lobe, thereby disrupting our brain function. Neither of us was aware we were either mentally deficient or neurologically defective. I don’t have the heart to tell her about this problem since she has other physical difficulties to contend with. But, I plan on making an appointment with a neurologist at the earliest opportunity to see if this can be corrected.

    I plan on calling in tomorrow night if my synapses are firing correctly and I am able to put together a coherent sentence or two. This could make for some interesting conversations.

  8. Cube Says:

    Hi Peggy! Of course you can. My take on this will be further explained. I don’t agree with the blanket statements, but, I do think there is not a unified voice with a substantive point of view other than a “Network” mentality. People are mad. I do think the tea party was horribly marketed for reasons I have already exaggerated a tad. One thing I gathered was it was not any kind of protest that can be explained in a sentence uniformly. From what I watched, it wasn’t so much against Obama as it was government. I think this could backfire on the GOP because they have no control over it which is fine by me.

    The radical tea-baggers need to be called out. However, to paint them all as racist is beyond reproach. However, not many black folks at the Tea Parties. That indicates a divide. Also, the numbers may not be relevant.

    I had friends who went. They aren’t racist. You went. You and your friends are not racist. That Olbermann did not challenge her on this is what infuriates me.

  9. Splash Says:

    Michelle Says:
    April 17, 2009 at 11:58 pm | Reply

    Hi ya Splash….thanks for hanging with us “liberals”….we do need balance at times ya know…lol

    you don’t seem twisted…so I trust ya…


    but I’ll keep one eye on ya, all the time, k?

    No worries. I am always on the lookout for those on the lookout for me. That was an interesting insight into your political take [the post just above this one], but I look at The Big O’s actions and they are extremely liberal. So if you don’t like extremist how do you justify your seemingly total support for The Big O’s radical liberal policies?

    I’m impressed (and surprised) by your support of Reagan, but don’t pass it off as simple youth. Youth fascinates me, however, now that you are older has your overall take on Reagan changed that much. I think that the greatest thing Reagan did was to tap into the strength, vitality and wide open hope that young people have when they take on the whole world at one time and he brought that feeling to the surface of every American, young and old. He was able to transfer vision to everyone, including Democrats; I was one of those.

    And I don’t kid myself. Sometimes people need a good berating. I know I do from time to time.

    And, Michelle? I am twisted. I conceal it well, but you be sure and keep that one eye on me.

  10. Splash Says:

    Cube Says:
    April 18, 2009 at 12:41 am | Reply

    I had friends who went. They aren’t racist. You went. You and your friends are not racist. That Olbermann did not challenge her on this is what infuriates me.

    It’s not even that Olbermann didn’t challenge GaroFOOLo; he went along in agreement and embellished the idea with a “your so right” or two.

    It is no different that that CNN beeotch in Chicago. Here mind was made up how she was going to spin her three minutes before she even asked the first question and the beeotch back in the studio was ready with the assist.

    The Lame Stream Media is getting pretty bold and open with their bias. I suppose they are feeling safe under the umbrella of the current make up of government. That is a false security that they had better get over quick. Nothing will hurt the Dems more. This new grass roots movement is made up of people who inherently distrust the Lame Stream Media, but if they start being joined by people who didn’t hold that view until they see more arrogance on display like that of GaroFOOLo, Olbermann or those CNN beeotches.

    It’s a brewing problem for the left and, as we saw in the several days leading up to the massacre of liberals at the RNC by a green Sarah Palin, a difficult problem to contain rein in once the horses get away from you.

    • PCL Says:

      You’re so right on about the LSM getting pretty bold and open with their bias–Neil Cavuto should NEVER have gone to Sacramento. Tsk tsk Fox News.

      This new ‘grass roots movement’ is a movement all right.

  11. Splash Says:

    PCL Says:
    April 18, 2009 at 3:24 am | Reply

    You’re so right on about the LSM getting pretty bold and open with their bias–Neil Cavuto should NEVER have gone to Sacramento. Tsk tsk Fox News.

    This new ‘grass roots movement’ is a movement all right.

    You may be right, about the movement, but we’ll just have to wait and see, huh?

  12. Splash Says:

    I cannot understand this liberal slant, pretending they don’t know the message,m clear and concise: They are against outrageous taxes for nothing more than wasteful runaway government spending. That theme runs throughout every event I have viewed and it is why they are called tea parties. That is why The Fair Tax people have been at all of them.

    The rest is just liberal fear of what this could become and the slanted coverage is the LSM machine at work to assist their liberal masters and spread the O-botic program.

    That is why these people with additional messages (that are there because they want to reach that crowd) are sought out by the Lame Stream Media in order to discredit what they fear is coming.The LSM also tries to find an unsuspecting or verbally helpless (but excited) person (usually a country bumpkin type) to poke fun at.

    Do you remember the lady at a Big O rally (which was the best day of her life) that was just so excited that she wasn’t going to have to pay her mortgage anymore or put gas in her car? Do you think everyone at that rally said that kind of stupid thing? Of course not, but she was the one she used to discredit. The left is doing the same thing and acting like it just isn’t that hard to find these examples. And it seems to be working on some people (eh-hem.)

    Finally, you cannot expect a new movement, especially one this grass roots to be that organized or that clear. As it grows the organizing will gel an eloquent leader(s) will emerge and the message will become more precise and much clearer.

    I can’t wait.

    • PCL Says:

      LOL! Touchy aren’t we? Okay, so that’s what they’re all about, huh?
      Do these people not want to pay any taxes?? So are these people against all in government or just the Liberal side? And just out of curiosity, do you think many of those people were in danger of losing their homes? Because my understanding is that these ‘tea parties’ all started after Rick Santelli’s rant about the government’s rewarding bad behavior by helping people who were at risk of losing their homes? (NYT 4/16)

      And doesn’t a huge chunk of taxes go towards entitlement programs–and weren’t there a lot of senior citizens at these ‘parties’? And hasn’t Obama recommitted himself to Entitlement Reform? (NYT 4/14)

      And haven’t a lot of these people given into fear over government encroachment into their personal lives? Now fear is one hell of a potent motivator–the Bushies used it really well.

      I guess all of this is why I was confused by the ‘clear and concise’ message they were trying to convey. Oh, and thanks for clearing that up for me.

  13. Splash Says:

    That is not confusion about clear and concise, those are arguments/debate over “Why would you support this?”

    You asked a question; would any answer have been touchy. At the risk of being called touchy again, here you go:

    These people know that taxes are necessary, but, in reality the government would not need most of what it steals if it confined itself to it’s constitutional boundaries. Neither were the original organizers of the Boston Tea Party against all taxes; look at that – a strong similarity! Hmmm.

    They are against ANY intrusive government – liberal, conservative, MR, alien, foreign – you name it; they want their inalienable right to pursue life liberty property and happiness.

    I don’t know if any of these people are on the verge of losing their home, but they are against any and all pail outs personal or corporate, banks, insurance companies or auto industry. All of them. The Rick rant was a good summation of how they feel. You can usually recognize a part of their message by seeing it ridiculed in the Lame Stream Media like Santnelli was.

    Yes, a HUGE chunk of taxes goes towards entitlements – that is a part of the waste when governments takeover ANYTHING they are not constitutionally mandated to take over. It is called Mandatory spending – money we have to spend every year regardless of and before any other action a presicent or congress wants to take. The part of Mandatory spending attributable to all entitlements now stands at $1.3 trillion AND GROWING!

    The Big O recommitted to Entitlement reform, but what does that mean? We saw his commitment to SPENDulating our economy. That cost us $800 billion and untold ADDITIONAL deficits for our children’s children’s children. We saw his commitment to spending and more and bigger deficits in his $3.8 trillion budget that congress will surely grow to over $4 trillion. His commitments concern me and I think they concern the older folk that attended these rallies OR THEY WOULDN’T BE THERE, right?

    Yes, fear is an important motivator. That is how we got duped into the $850 billion Fail Out Plan. Fear may have been used by W, but Liberals wrote the playbook. For years they have scared the elderly into thinking conservatism was going to steal their SS checks, Poor people into thinking conservatism was going to starve their children, that conservatism was going to give all their money to rich people, that conservatism only gave tax cuts to the rich and somehow supported that by taking money from those WHO DIDN’T HAVE ANY MONEY TO BEGIN WITH. It doesn’t even make logical sense and they were all at the very least half truths and at the worst out and out lies.

    Fear.There are some things that need to be feared: Radical Islam, Iran, North Korea Bin Laden and, yes, Iraq. Let’s not leave out Russia and China. If you tell people they need to fear something that they indeed should fear that IS NOT fear mongering. If you say something like “If congress doesn’t act on my [SPEND]ulus bill and act now, we may slip into a recession from which we may not recover” THAT is fear MONGERING, especially after we saw Fail Out money disappear, bank lending remain frozen and we didn’t fall apart even though we were told we would if we didn’t act.

    We had no need to fear bank failures, we have been through them (in mass) before. Recessions too. And this one STILL has not eclipsed Jimmy Carters fiasco. We had no need to fear the failure of the auto industry, cars would still be made, bought and driven; Bethlehem steel went under, but the US still makes steel, more than ever before. Industries come. Industries go. It is the nature of the beast. Artificially propping them up through government intervention is foolishly throwing good money after bad. GM is going down; what of our $9 billion?

    Gone. Flushed. Wasted!

    • PCL Says:

      Well, ya know, I can be a little touchy myself now and then (ok, actually hardly ever) so here YOU go:

      I certainly don’t like government waste any more than the rest of America. Do I think the fucking tax dollars I just recently paid are going to good use–some yes, some no. I was a little pissed during the Bush years that so much blood and money was being WASTED in Iraq in a war that we were duped into through that great motivator–FEAR. Yes, FUCKING FEAR. It happens to be a wonderful way to work the masses. It even worked on Liberals and even me right after 9/11. I give the Reps props for recognizing that tool. But then they decided to give a tax break–yeah you all thought that was great. Who cares if it went against history and basic math.

      So the teabaggers don’t want government waste–but they do want their SS shored up. Well guess who the lucky saps are that get to do that. I would gladly pay more FWT than FICA, I think I have a better chance of getting more bang for my buck with FWT than FICA. Maybe all those people won’t mind if we stop paying FICA–after all, it’s a tax too. In fact, catch that first word in it? ‘Social’, my my my my. Funny how they don’t mind everyone paying that, right? Even though those of us paying it now, may never see it. What an investment, huh?

      How do you know that what Obama did or does is going to fail? Where is your proof? Don’t give me shit that is based in the past, give me something that can refute the economist that are saying it was necessary and might not even be enough, now. Better yet, give me any type of government economic policy that has withstood the test of time. Or better still, how about you give me your game plan if you were in the White House. I mean, I admit I’m no economist–I won’t even do my own books for my corporation, I leave it to the experts. So, President Splash, what would you do?

      You know while you go google all your shit for your argument, google what I did today: The psychological differences between Conservatives and Liberals. It was eye opening and helped me understand the bullshit going on at PM, and other places. It doesn’t say one is better than the other, it just talked about why they are different. And I understand that now, although, I kind of already did.

  14. Splash Says:

    PS –

    There was a lot of talk from the people at the rally I attended in DeLand, Florida (700 people) about discontent with the spending levels under W and the Republican majority. It has not escaped these folks that the problem is both Republicans and Democrats. That may explain why there were both Republicans and Democrats (as well as independents) at these rallies.

  15. Splash Says:

    Yes you do.

  16. Splash Says:


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  18. Pipe down, Garofalo... Says:

    Pipe down, Garofalo. While they were probably a few racists here and there at some of these protests (just an educated guess), to paint them all the protestors with one brush as racists was foolish and naive, not to mention wrong.

    You ended up doing what you condemn those on the right for doing, generalising and mocking those who disagree with you.


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  22. dave Says:

    Faux intellectual? You’re an idiot. Olbermann was a sportscaster from 1992-97. He started on Countdown in 2003.

    As if people can’t learn anything or change at all in six fucking years.

    • Cube Says:

      It’d be nice if your point had a semblance of reason to it. Yes. “Faux intellectual.” I can see you refute none of the issues raised in this article. It would be easy to call you a drive-by hack. So there.

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