Torture By Bug Is Dead!


What’s this?  Since when did President Obama come out in support of Terrorist Entomophobiacs?

The U.S. Justice Department … released censored versions of some previously-secret legal memos that outlined what could and could not be done when interrogating terror suspects during President Bush’s administration. Much of it by now is old news: waterboarding (which represented the “threat of imminent death” to a suspect but wasn’t considered torture because there was no evidence it caused lasting mental harm), keeping detainees naked for some time, making them stand in stress positions. But others include slamming them into walls, keeping their cells cold, prolonged shackling, and putting a caterpillar into a detainee’s “confinement box.” (Suspect Abu Zubaydah, bin Laden’s lieutenant and a top Al Qaeda offcer, had a particularly nasty fear of even harmless bugs.) The techniques were used on 14 high-level suspected terrorists.

YOU CAN NOT BE SERIOUS! What about the rights of caterpillars?  Specifically, the rights of caterpillars who kick terrorist ass.  The line is not so blurry.  Sometimes, torture is justified.

Oooh!  It’s torture!  Mr. President, this form of interrogation you call “torture,” others call fun.  I am comfortable in my skin knowing that sticking a bug in a hole with a bigger bug to attain information is not torture.  It’s a short comedy film.

Even if bugging out were somehow considered “torture” by any sane interpretation, that does not dejustify its’ use on BIN LADEN’S FUCKING LIEUTENANT.  At least, that should be an exception.

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4 Responses to “Torture By Bug Is Dead!”

  1. Michelle Says:

    I mean, why toy with these assholes…if they are guilty, without a shadow of a doubt..put them in the system…public trial..then execution…

    they will not give you accurate info…at least not enough that it should be trusted when keeping us safe…

    but we can surely send them to their maker…spitspot…finish them…stop dicking with them…


  2. Michelle Says:

    besides Cube…everyone knows, the best way to get over a phobia, is to face it…

    how much info has he delivered in how many years with us now?


  3. Cube Says:


  4. Impeach Justice “Torture?” « Cube Says:

    […] Don’t listen to that nonsense Judgy Wudgy!  Send The Times a dead bug wrapped in a newspaper. […]

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