Gay, Foreign, Mulatto, Terrorist, Dog Inks Book Deal


Yes.  It’s true.  Bo is a terrorist.  Just ask Landover Baptist ChurchThis Church is also a hub for unused innuenedo from yesterday. (h/t Me)

3 Responses to “Gay, Foreign, Mulatto, Terrorist, Dog Inks Book Deal”

  1. Michelle Says:

    And that chuch has the gaul to call itself, TRUE CHRISTIANS???


    fuckers, everyone…

    and even by their own admission, and their little list of who Christ will condem…funny, I thought ONLY GOD was able to do that…

    according to their own list…every poster there, is hell bound…


    Hypocrites!! in the true sense of the word…

    I wish God had email, so I could forward that piece of shit site to the man.

  2. cube1122 Says:

    Michelle! THANK GOD YOU CLICKED ON THAT LINK. They really think the dog is a terrorist at that church. I was just googling around and stumbled upon that church. What the fuck is right!

  3. Michelle Obama Forces Sasha, Malia, And Grandmother To Eat With Rats « Cube Says:

    […] she forced Sasha and Malia to eat rats, really, the discipline for them failing to properly train Bo on a leash was justified.  And besides, her Mother In Law is becoming a real […]

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