Liveteablogging Glen Beck’s Effort To Thwart Testicular Cancer


5:05:  Glen Beck does not give a “flying crap” about Republicans or Democrats.  Tell us something we don’t know fuckface.

5:09:  BREAKING:  GLEN BECK TELLS TED NUGENT HE’S SEXY!  Then he dunks his testicle into his mouth.

5:11: Look at that microphone Pat Gray is gripping.

5:13:  YES A RON PAUL SUPPORTER!  It starts with the FED if you ask him.  Too bad he can’t fucking spell it.  Actually, this guy is great!  He hurts the G.O.P.  Fox is retarded.

5:14  Remember The Alamo!  But pray for a drug induced coma when listening to this stain.

5:15:  OK.  Beck is basically arguing with the crowd and trying to steer them on point.  OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOS!  Socialism.  Neil Cavuto in a split screen with Beck is like an orgy of bedpans.  Even Beck can’t get Cavuto to answer his leading questions.  Don’t worry.  The Answer is NEXT!

5:19:  Oh.  I should probably tell you this.  Glen Beck is on MSNBC.

5:20:  FOX runs a “Preparation H” Ad.  Need I say more?


5:23:  Why is The Alamo significant?  We’ll never know because fucksticks run the soundboard at FOX.

5:24:  Yeah.  Hold that big, black, rod baby.

5:25:  From the crowd, “mmmmmph.”

5:25:  “I have a feeling something big is growing at the Tea Party.”  — Glen Beck.  This really is too easy.

5:26:  Time for an alleged bong hit.  I hope my writing does not start to seem paranoid.

5:30:  Damn Jimmy!  You changed!


5:33:  I am saddened.  Penn just showed up.  “A quintessential libertarian”  This guy is an Aristocrat.  Now I know why he’s there.

5: 36:  No one is here.  I’m switching sides.  Suck my balls.

5:40:   Jannie Turner.  “Hollywood Star.”  She’s up there with Meryl Streep.

5:41:  Beck is talking about Sarah Palin.  This means 40 new stories for Tommy.

5:43   Joe Horn.  Not the football player.  The one who looks like an old, hick, version of “Corky.”

5:45:  Ted Nugent just shot a load upon learning Joe Horn shot some people at his house.  The crowd immediatley engages in a massive Roman orgy with lube, fucking, sucking, tea-bagging, Rusty Trombones, Strawberry Shortcakes, Dirty Sanchezes (is that how to pluralize that?), Reach Arounds, and velvet carpets with Rush Limbaugh’s fat head on it.

5:47:  Please support your local Girl Scout Chapter.

5:48:  In case you are tuning in later, I’m on my alleged 13th bong hit.  “Cat Scratch Fever.”  PUMA POWER!

5:50:  Beck “Time for people to drop the party.”  Jizz in my pants.  Beck to Penn:  “IS THIS TIME FOR A THIRD PARTY?”  Yes it is.  I’m sure the G.O.P. is loving it.  Like I loved that crab infestation in my pubes last September.

5:54:  I cannot get mad at Pen.  He is the producer of my favorite documentary, “The Aristocrats.”  He is also the producer of my favorite literary creature:  IRONY.

End of Glen Beck Show Thoughts:  The show was produced horribly.  Sound was off.  Message was offer.  Nugent was offest.

Glen Beck would ask that you look to your neighbor, introduce yourself, keep the spirit going, and  SUCK CUBE’S BALLS BITCHES!

Please feel free to comment on my comments of Glen Beck’s show.  I will post some of the videos of it later.   That double negatvie title is slowly beggining to make sense to me.

BTW:  Fuck you Internet.  See you in DSM V.


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9 Responses to “Liveteablogging Glen Beck’s Effort To Thwart Testicular Cancer”

  1. PCL Says:

    LMAO! Cube, you missed your calling–you should be doing comedy. Too funny. I gather some of this will make it to Saturday’s show, right?

  2. dianawink Says:

    OMFG!!! You have me ROFLMFAO, Cube! Damn, where are my Depends when I need them? Sorry I was late to the party (as usual). There are so many gems in this live blog, that I wouldn’t even know where to start! I haven’t heard anyone compared to “Corky” in such a long time, it’s timeless. No shit! That teabagging pic is priceless. See you in DSM V….is there a cure or treatment for GB’s Obama Derangement Syndrome? ECT sounds about right.

  3. cube1122 Says:

    That was too easy ladies. Hi!

    I always had fun with liveblogs on Indy. I wish I had thought of it to give notice.

  4. cube1122 Says:

    Thanks also BTW. Next time I do a liveteabaggingrustytromboneblog, I’ll give some time.

    It’s really cool when you guys can comment along when watching the show.

  5. cube1122 Says:

    I am confident there will be a new mental illness tied into the web in the upcoming DSM actually. I deal with a lot of forensic psychologists as experts and I’ve actually spoken with him a great deal about it after I saw the video of the fat bastard talking about mind control devices.

  6. Peggy Says:

    I still say we wouldn’t have had all these tea parties if someone, anyone, had given Splash his FUCKING tax cut. Where does he live? Maybe we can start an online petition to his state’s governor, legislature and also the local mayor.

  7. Michelle Says:

    lol Peggy, I got mine…

    maybe Splash isn’t looking at the deductions on his paycheck correctly…lol

    between the husband and myself, we gained an extra 120.00 per month, and in our current condition, thats a gold mine!!

    but I must protest my taxes being raised!!

    (confused look on face)

    like a Repub at a teaparty, on the gay side of town…oh my…

  8. Unusable Signal With Cube Lineup « Cube Says:

    […] By Minute Account As LiveTeaBlogged By Yours […]

  9. Rodger Mcquesten Says:

    Thanks for this good collection of comment forms. There are some great ideas for the next redesign.

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